Sippy Rx Review

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Does your child throw a fuss when it comes to taking their medicines? Liquidated medicines are a very direct and important medication that the child might need during an ailment or while growing up. This is where Sippy Rx can be useful. When children throw a tantrum while having medicine and you push the child to have it, you might end up feeding the child improper dosage which might be totally ineffective.

How does Sippy Rx Work

Imagine if there was a way your child would gladly accept the medicine and drink it without any fuss. Well, you can stop imagining and see it happening in reality with the new Sippy Rx.

The concept behind the innovation of Sippy Rx is that children may never say no to their favorite drink and that is the time it acts to insert medicine in their mouth without them knowing about it. The revolutionary sip bottle has a patented design that consists of two major sections; one is the main cup which holds the favorite drink and the medicine tank that is molded under the lid area.

The two separate containers of Sippy Rx have different sippers that are paired together in a way that kids will not come to know that they are consuming both the liquids at the same time. Sippy Rx have the sippers combined in such a way that the tasty drink flows in the front of the tongue and medicine is delivered to the back side behind the taste buds to make sure it passes unnoticed.

Sippy Rx is transparent to provide viewing of how much medicine has been consumed by the kid. Also the medicine tank is sealed with a silicone cap which makes sure that there is no leakage of the medicine whatsoever. This doctor approved Sippy Rx is highly durable to last any kind of tension that might be applied by kids while playing with it or dropping it on the floor, etc. Sippy Rx is BPA free making it safe for consumption and is absolutely the best possible way to deliver the proper amount of medicinal dosage to kids.



What do I get?
Get 2 Sippy RX for $19.95 plus $5.95 s&h. Official website



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3 thoughts on “Sippy Rx Review

  1. My son hates taking liquid medicine, even the better tasting one. I bought the SippyRX cup and followed the recommended instructions and it worked as advertised.

    Let your child use it a few times before adding the liquid medicine for a few reasons. 1. they cannot associate the cup with liquid medicine if there aren’t any in it. 2. your child needs to learn how to drink the fluid correctly by inserting the full nipple. He figured it out after the first cup of juice and knew what to do from them on.

    I added the liquid medicine the third time and he drank all of it and did not detect the medicine. Don’t rush the deception process!! It is a brilliant idea and it works great if you follow the instructions.


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