Silk’n SonicSmile Sonic Toothbrush REVIEW

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About Silk’n SonicSmile – Silk’n SonicSmile proclaims to be an efficient sonic toothbrush that helps in removing plaque, making gums healthier, and teeth visibly whiter for a total dental hygiene.


How does Silk’n SonicSmile work?

The sonic technology in Silk’n SonicSmile alleges to produce 31,000 vibrating brush strokes per minute to clear tartar build-up and leave the teeth cleaner and plaque free. It is suggested to use Silk’n SonicSmile for 4 minutes a day, 2 minutes each in the morning and evening.

Useful Settings – With its 5 settings, Silk’n SonicSmile promise to offer whiter teeth and healthier gums. The White setting is for reducing stains, Clean is for removing plaque from sensitive teeth and gums, Massage is for gently massaging and cleaning the gums, and Polish is for polishing the teeth. The Study setting helps users to get used to electric brushing by gradually increasing the vibrations over the first 12 uses. Such fanciful settings do make Silk’n SonicSmile a perfect toothbrush; user reviews will expose the truth.

Innovative Design – The waterproof body of Silk’n SonicSmile maintains to have an IPX7 rating for use in shower and bath. Its comfortable body comes with detachable brush heads. The smart interval timer in Silk’n SonicSmile states to provide an automatic indication after 30 seconds for switching the quadrant of the mouth while brushing. More shall be revealed once Silk’n SonicSmile is reviewed. This toothbrush declares to be rechargeable via induction charger and runs for up to three weeks on a single charge. Did you find Silk’n SonicSmile helpful? Send us your reviews.


Silk’n SonicSmile Reviews
Percy Holloway, a reviewer of Silk’n SonicSmile reveals that its head doesn’t snap on properly and feels very flimsy. He noticed and shared in his review that Silk’n SonicSmile makes a really loud sound as it vibrates and feels like a fistful of bolts rattling inside an old can.

Another customer named Iris Davis asserts in her review that Silk’n SonicSmile doesn’t make her teeth feel clean. It vibrates a lot unwantedly the whole feeling of its build is that of a cheap, throw-away material.

A Silk’n SonicSmile review by Benny Ross discloses that it’s poorly built for the amount of money it charges. The vibration is not sufficient for cleaning the teeth thoroughly.

Elsie Hudson complains in her Silk’n SonicSmile review that the charger doesn’t work as a holder for the brush and lacks a countertop holder. She also states in her review that Silk’n SonicSmile is small and is tedious to use.

One Silk’n SonicSmile review by Inez Frank calls it a disappointment as it fails to store battery charge for as long as promised. Her review also warns that the vibration in Silk’n SonicSmile can be a little too much for the teeth and the adjustable speeds don’t really help.

Another Silk’n SonicSmile review by Otis Carson exposes its poor design and says that the on/off switch’s location and push button style is placed oddly where the thumb is to be placed. As per his review, he kept accidentally switching Silk’n SonicSmile off while using. He calls it a bad ergonomic design and states in the review that Silk’n SonicSmile would have had done better with a slider switch instead. His review also calls the automatic off feature of Silk’n SonicSmile irritating as the toothbrush doesn’t allow brushing and requires a 15 to 30 seconds break before reusing it.

Roberto Kelly’s Silk’n SonicSmile review also has similar problems regarding the auto-off and quad-pacer feature that cannot be disabled. He finds the shift in vibration for notification is annoying.

Ramona Gray found Silk’n SonicSmile too small for holding tooth powder while brushing. She also writes in the review that controlling it while using is difficult since the on/off button is oddly placed.

Another reviewer, Iris Davis, claims that the toothbrush head for Silk’n SonicSmile didn’t snap on perfectly and kept making an annoying rattling sound. She says in the review that it’s not a huge deal once users get used to Silk’n SonicSmile but still, a better design would have helped.

According to Ora Floyd, a Silk’n SonicSmile reviewer, the charging base is not that good at performing its job. Her review also reveals that Silk’n SonicSmile’s case is made of cheap plastic material.

As per the review of one customer, Pam Marsh, Silk’n SonicSmile is quite noisy and fails to lock in the place. She also found that the replacement heads were noisier and don’t go all the way down. She expresses worry in the review that the gap might catch water and end up ruining her Silk’n SonicSmile or make it look gunky over time.

Ben Gibson’s Silk’n SonicSmile review states that it felt odd while using it and made the toothpaste and water vaporize all over the walls during the initial use. His review asserts that the vibrations on Silk’n SonicSmile don’t feel good on few teeth and gums that are extra sensitive over other.

A Silk’n SonicSmile review by Herman Park calls it a cheaply made toothbrush with a slippery finish. His review reveals that one can easily change the intensity mode while trying to switch Silk’n SonicSmile on due to its poor ergonomic design and badly placed setting buttons.


Silk’n SonicSmile Questions & Answers

Q. Can Silk’n SonicSmile be kept on the charger all the time?
A. Keeping the toothbrush on charging all the time will affect its battery just like any other electronic device. The toothbrush will stop holding the charge well in such a case. Only charge it when it runs out of power for optimal battery life.

Q. Is Silk’n SonicSmile safe to use on sensitive teeth and gums?
A. Yes, there is a specific setting for the same. Start with the lowest of setting and work the vibrations up if needed.

Q. Does it indicate to users to change the brushing quadrant?
A. Yes, Silk’n SonicSmile stops for a second or two to notify it’s time to switch the sides.

Q. Does Silk’n SonicSmile have a small gap between the seat and the brush head? Also, is it supposed to make noise?
A. Yes, there is a gap to compensate the vibrations and is perfectly normal. Also, it does make some noise because it spins at a high speed.

Q. Does Silk’n SonicSmile take over 12 hours of charging time for the first time?
A. Yes, in fact, it is recommended to charge the toothbrush for 24 hours for a full charge and ensure that its battery performs optimally going forward.

Q. Does the brush head on Silk’n SonicSmile go straight over it or is slightly angled?
A. It is straight and while using the bristles should be slightly turned towards the gums to clean the gum line better.

Q. Does Silk’n SonicSmile feature a 2-minute timer?
A. Not sure but it does have a 30-second indicator to change the quadrant of the mouth.

Q. Is Silk’n SonicSmile rechargeable or requires external batteries?
A. It comes with an inbuilt battery that can last for weeks on a single charge. A charging station is provided along for charging it easily.

Q. Is the toothbrush head supposed to snap on the Silk’n SonicSmile and still leave a gap?
A. The toothbrush does leave a little space between the head and base for the purpose of sonic vibration. It functions much like dental equipment and might take some time initially to get used to the vibrations and sound that it makes. Although ensure that the head snaps into place while installing it.

Q. How long should Silk’n SonicSmile be charged?
A. It should be charged for at least 24 hours before first use and later as per requirement. Although the battery should last for about 3 weeks before requiring another charging cycle.

Q. Is there a brush cover provided for Silk’n SonicSmile?
A. Yes.

Q. How many brushing modes are available in Silk’n SonicSmile?
A. There are 3 intense modes available with Silk’n SonicSmile that can be started with gentle settings.

Q. Does the case fit Silk’n SonicSmile well?
A. Yes, it can accommodate the toothbrush and base but doesn’t have space for storing the charger together.

Q. Does Silk’n SonicSmile come with a charger?
A. Yes, it has a charging base with a USB cable but doesn’t have a plug. A regular plug of cellphone or other devices can be used for the cable.

Q. Does the brush head in Silk’n SonicSmile snap or screw in?
A. It snaps in.

Q. Is Silk’n SonicSmile ADA approved?
A. No.

Q. How often should the brush heads of Silk’n SonicSmile be changed?
A. They should be changed regularly after 3 to 4 months as the bristles start to fade.

Q. What is the battery life of Silk’n SonicSmile if used regularly twice a day?
A. A single charge lasts up to 3 weeks.

Q. In what motion does Silk’n SonicSmile move?
A. It vibrations and doesn’t have any motion.

Q. Will the diamond head brushes fit Silk’n SonicSmile?
A. Yes, it accommodates any snap-on heads.

Q. Does the cord for Silk’n SonicSmile come with a detachable setting?
A. Yes, the USB cord can be detached and even attached to a plug head.

Q. Does the stand for Silk’n SonicSmile come with space for two toothbrushes?
A. No.

Q. Is Silk’n SonicSmile too loud? Will it take a lot of room on the sink?
A. It makes minimal noise owing to its sonic vibrations. Its footprint size to stand on the sink is that of half a dollar so doesn’t take much space on the sink.

Q. Does Silk’n SonicSmile come with a pressure indicator that shows if it’s been used too hard?
A. No. There are low, medium and high vibration settings available to choose from.

Q. Can the smart timer on Silk’n SonicSmile be disabled to stop the shut off after two minutes?
A. No.

Q. Does the battery indicator light on Silk’n SonicSmile stay on while charging?
A. It will start flashing to indicate that Silk’n SonicSmile is charging.

Q. Is it safe to use Silk’n SonicSmile in the shower?
A. Yes, it is waterproof and is safe to use in the shower or bath.

Q. Can the Silk’n SonicSmile charger be wall mounted?
A. No, its small base allows holding Silk’n SonicSmile vertically and is not suitable for mounting on the wall.

Q. How does Silk’n SonicSmile indicate that the charging is done?
A. The charging indicator light should stop flashing to indicate that it is fully charged.

Q. Does the Silk’n SonicSmile set come with the charging base or requires additional purchasing?
A. It comes with the main package.

Q. How many brush heads does Silk’n SonicSmile come with?
A. It comes with a single brush head.

Q. What is the height of Silk’n SonicSmile when it sits on the charger?
A. From the base to the top, Silk’n SonicSmile is about 10 ½ inch high.

Q. Is it recommended to remove the brush head on Silk’n SonicSmile after every use to minimize junk development?
A. There is no need to detach the brush head after each use. Instead, a small cap should be used to cover the head to keep it safe.

Q. How hard are the bristles on Silk’n SonicSmile?
A. They are medium soft.

Q. Is Silk’n SonicSmile safe to clean the tongue?
A. Yes, but the brush lacks the angle and the surface area that a regular toothbrush has to offer while cleaning the tongue.

Q. Does Silk’n SonicSmile also come with a travel charger?
A. No.


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