Silent Peace

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What is Silent Peace?

It is an anti-snoring device designed to be fitted comfortably at the base of nose. It is an FDA-cleared device that helps you breathe easily to overcome snoring instantly and safely.

For complete sleep and peace of mind

Silent Peace is an innovative device that claims to put an end to your snoring so that you can finally grab a comfortable and peaceful sleep every night. Millions around the world face problems due to excessive snoring. Either you can’t sleep properly because you can’t breathe while snoring or it’s your partner whose snoring disturbs you due to which you can’t sleep. The promoters of Silent Peace state that it is a simple, smart and safe solution to all the snoring woes so that you can breathe well abd not snore.


Easy to wear

Silent Peace guarantees utmost convenience and ease of wearing and using it. All you are instructed to do is fit it at gently the base of your nose. It is provided with a simple, no-interfering design and make which does not cause any discomfort while you wear it. Its makers guarantee that you will feel the difference instantly upon wearing it as you will be able to breathe better and not snore while sleeping. The person sleeping next to you will also sleep soundly as there will be no disturbance. Getting your fill of sleep will definitely benefit both of you so you wake up fresh and alert every morning now. Silent Peace has been constructed with a universal design so it fits both men and women comfortably. The makers of the device also claim that it is long-lasting and can be used for years. It comes with a special case for appropriate storage and maintenance that increases its durability.

FDA-approved and wholly safe

Silent Peace is constructed from food grade EVA material that has been cleared by the FDA. You can be sure that the anti-snoring device is safe and doctor-recommended. Millions of people around the world are using Silent Peace so that’s one more factor that makes it seem convincing and effective.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Snore Peace for $ 19.99+$ 1.99P&H.
  • Official website:
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