Sci Relief Sciatic Pillow Review

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Sitting in one place for long periods leads to excruciating pain in the spine, buttocks and legs as it puts pressure on sciatic nerve. You need to seek a solution to get relief from the pain. Try Sci Relief, a uniquely designed seat pillow, to relieve sciatic nerve pain & maintain proper seating posture. Sci Relief is designed to provide support to the lower back and pelvic bone while you are seated, thereby relieving pressure on your sciatic nerve, which bears the brunt of strain of all the stress.


Sci Relief Sciatic Pillow
Sci Relief protects you from lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain as it is equipped with a bicycle seat-shaped cushion that relieves the sciatica discomfort by taking weight off your thighs and backside. That helps you to maintain proper seating posture and as a result, control over pain in spine, buttocks and legs.

Neglecting pain in these parts of body is not advisable. If it is prevented before it sets in, nothing like it, but if it is not taken care of, it can result in long term problems. Hence, it’s best taken care of when early signs start showing for which a product like Sci Relief is very useful.

Sci Relief comes with ergonomically designed padding which helps you feel relief from all the pain at home as well as at office. You can also carry it out when you wish. It also comes in handy when you travel by car, bus or air as seats in transportation tend to be uncomfortable. In fact, you can use it virtually anywhere you like. The amazing seat pillow is able to reduce pressure on the sensitive spots on your body and can make any seat you place it on comfortable. It indeed promotes good posture, which is essential to keep pain in any part of the body at bay.

It helps to remember that lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain can strike anyone hence it’s important to be protected. So make sure you keep Sci Relief at home as anyone in the family could need it.



What do I get?
Place your order for this great relief pillow which complete accompanied with a removable, washable cotton blend pillow case for just $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. And if you pay and extra $6.99 you get a second absolutely free! Official website



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6 thoughts on “Sci Relief Sciatic Pillow Review

  1. I would love to find out! Ordered 5 Sci Relief Sciatic Pillows three months ago for Christmas gifts. Just got off phone with foreign call service. Both of my orders have been cancelled by who knows? Just talked to service center January 2nd. Was told all five would be shipped January 4th. Since they still were not billed to the credit card, I just called again and was informed that my order was cancelled. I suggest that anyone who really wants this pillow order it from Harriet Carter!!! May cost more, but you should get it before you die!

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