ScaleRid by EdenPure Review

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What is ScaleRID?

It is a state-of-the-art electronic water treatment technology that eases hard water problems without use of softener and salt to benefit users in several ways. The makers of ScaleRID state that it is a safe, effective and simplified way of treating hard water flawlessly. What sets ScaleRID apart from other solutions is the fact that it is devoid of chemicals and is also notable for the total upgrade that has been imparted to it. The experts who have created it have been constantly striving to make it a device that is matchless in meeting consumers’ needs. For that, every attribute of the device has been meticulously enhanced and the best features have been incorporated in it for the same.

How does ScaleRID work?

CLAIMED Advantages and Benefits

How to install ScaleRID

Disadvantages of ScaleRID

Compare ScaleRID with EasyWater and Scalewatcher


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How does ScaleRid by EdenPure Work

ScaleRID uses advanced technology, which involves production of an electric field generated by a coil placed around its pipe. This electronic field continually fluctuates and covers a wide range of frequencies, which treats the widest range of mineral concentrations at any rate of water flow. This procedure triggers conversion of the dissolved mineral ions (Ca+ and Mg+) into microscopic crystals that remain in a suspended state. These crystals are then removed by getting them to flow out through the drain after completion of the procedure.

Alternately, when ScaleRID treated water settles in a tank, the suspended crystals slowly get converted back into ions in the solution in two to three days. When freshly treated water enters the system, the increased dissolving properties of the water are restored.

To obtain desired results, you need to ensure that the LED light on the ScaleRID is continuously cycling up and down.

Regular hard water solvents cost more than $1000 first for the chemical softeners and then for the unlimited sacks of salt they require. But ScaleRid Electronic Hard Water Treatment System neutralizes the adhesive minerals in hard water by using fluctuating energy field so that the minerals don’t stick to the insides of the pipe and are flushed down instead.

You often need to carve out the calcium deposits that form in your toilet and shower but the salts cannot do all this and cannot prevent further formation like ScaleRid Electronic Hard Water Treatment System can. It is so easy to install the device and you can do it yourself without calling a plumber. Just plug it in, place it on the pipe and attach it with the quick connect coil. The incoming water that is saturated with calcium and mineral ions will be softened, the existing scale will dissolve, and further formation will be prevented.

ScaleRid Electronic Hard Water Treatment System doesn’t require any maintenance unlike other water softeners. It doesn’t occupy a huge space in your bathroom either. You can also actually save water if you use this water treatment system since it requires no regeneration. Unlike the bulky water softeners, ScaleRid also doesn’t use too much electricity and your cost per year will be just about $8-$10. Since your water will be softened you wouldn’t need to use too much shampoo or detergent, there will be no water spots on your dishes or showerhead.

Life can be so difficult if you have hard water running in your bathroom and kitchen. Cleaning soap scum that becomes rock hard over time can be such a difficult and time consuming chore. Washing clothes with hard water can make them look so dingy and feel rough and the lime scale can ruin those expensive water appliances. But now you can forget about scales forming in your bathroom and all the problems caused by hard water by installing ScaleRid Electronic Hard Water Treatment System, the high tech and compact digital device that softens water more efficiently and costs much lesser than traditional softeners.


Claimed advantages of ScaleRID

According to the creators of ScaleRID, one can look forward to a host of benefits by switching over to this innovative electronic water treatment technology. It is of superior quality, uses no harmful chemicals, permanent magnet or salt and also saves precious energy and water. Using ScaleRID also brings about considerable improvement in water flow as it eliminates limescale in the plumbing system. Also, cleaning of surfaces, especially chrome fixtures, baths and sinks will become all the more easy and quicker with use of ScaleRID. What was not possible earlier is set to come true once you go for ScaleRID. It can be used with existing filter systems and water softeners. Inline systems also benefit from the descaling process, prolonging their useful life. The fact that the ScaleRID technology has been used by a large number of people in at least 40 countries ever since it was patented in 1991 speaks for its performance. Under normal operating conditions, it can work smoothly for over 10 years at incredibly affordable price.


ScaleRID claims following benefits over other Salt based Water Softeners.

  • Affordable, easy to use and compact water softener which they claim to be a more than a good alternative to salt-based water softeners.
  • While regular Salt-based water softeners cost above $500, ScaleRID claims to be a cheaper alternative priced at $250.
  • ScaleRID claims to be easy to install, operate and maintain than its competitors.
  • The makers of ScaleRID claim that their water softener help remove limescale from faucets, showerheads, toilets, tiles and other fixtures.
  • It prevents further formation of limescales.
  • Water softened with ScaleRID requires less soap/detergent for cleaning, thus saving you money on these things.
  • It retains the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Reduces harsh effects of hard water on sensitive skin with eczema and Psoriasis.

Satisfaction guaranteed

The makers of ScaleRID state that it’s easy to monitor how well it is working. It is not only beneficial for your health, skin and beauty but also does wonders to everything it comes in touch with. They explain that in the first week, ScaleRID makes new scale deposits that are always unwanted, get eliminated. It also simultaneously ensures that its existing scale loosens. Soon after installing ScaleRID, you’ll notice soap lathering easily, your skin feeling softer and hair becoming far more manageable. You will also find a reduction of appearance of spots on dishes. Within a month of its installation, you will also see softening of scale around faucets and showerheads. In addition to that, the water will also turn out to be hotter quickly in a water heater, and your washing machine and dishwasher will also respond well to the impact that ScaleRID will make. That means you will be able to save big as you will need lesser amount of soap, shampoo, detergents and cleaners than before as the quality of water processed by ScaleRID will be of the best.

Claims no side effects

If you are feeling unsure and worried that consuming water processed by this device may not be safe, you must rest easy. ScaleRID does not affect drinking water in any way as it ensures that there’s no chemical change in it. All it does it make some physical changes to the property of water, which poses no harm. In fact, if you use a salt-based water softener, ScaleRID will actually improve the quality of water. It will be imparting wholesome minerals, calcium and magnesium in your drinking water as it will prevent these valuable elements from getting wasted.


Cost-effective, efficient and versatile

The components used in ScaleRID have been ingeniously trimmed and are mass produced, due to which its cost is low and performance and quality are unparalleled. ScaleRID is available in two models, viz. ScaleRID SR-2000 and ScaleRID SR-1000, the former one being suitable for exceptionally hard water.

How to install ScaleRID?

ScaleRID also guarantees utmost convenience as it can be installed easily and in a jiffy with its revolutionary Quick Connect Coils. It does not demand maintenance in future either and also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It makers go all out to assure you that it is only this device which is the easiest to count on, use and install. All it usually takes to install it is about 10 minutes, and since it uses computer chips in place of integrated circuits, it can be termed the most powerful and effective device in this size range.

All you have to do to install ScaleRID is follow the simple steps given below:

1. Check where the pipe that brings in water supply enters your home and place the Quick Connect Coil on the pipe
2. Fix the Control Module
3. Attach Foam Adapters and click the Quick Connect Coil over the foam
4. Fasten wires from Quick Connect Coil power supply to Control Module and then connect the power supply to the electrical outlet.
For ScaleRID SR-1000 a straight pipe of 4” is required, and 12″ of pipe is ideal for the ScaleRID SR-2000. It is compatible with pipe of any make, be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Further, what makes using ScaleRID convenient is that it is portable and can be easily disconnected and carried anywhere.


Disadvantages of ScaleRID

Manufacturers of ScaleRID claim that their devices don’t exchange ions but treat water by crystallizing minerals in it so they don’t bind to surfaces. They may proclaim that they eliminate the need for adding salt to the system but no independent confirmations of these claims actually exist.

Permanent magnetic water conditioning devices are being marketed as a solution to water hardness and related scale formation. However, tests conducted at Purdue University found they made no noticeable variation in the physical or chemical composition of water.

Devices like ScaleRID may claim they use magnetism or electrolysis as a water-softening technique which inhibits scale buildup without removing hardness ions from water. But the fact remains that such devices are fraudulent even though they have always flooded the market.

Geoffrey’s ScaleRID Review – Geoffrey who ordered from ScaleRID Edenpure in January 2012 gave up on it after 9 months as it simply did not work. He shipped it back to them and asked them to return the money, but they refused. It proves that buying Geoffrey is a waste of money as it does not work as advertised. The customer stated clearly that he noticed no difference in water processed by it. When tried to post a review on Edenpure’s site, it wasn’t accepted, which indicates some kind of foul play. Only good reviews are visible on the site. He warns against buying Scalerid 2000 or any product from Edenpure.

Shaman’s ScaleRID Review – ScaleRID cannot remove anything from water without using a drain or a filter. At the most, it may influence water components at molecular level but the fact is that whatever was originally present in water stays the same and is there in the showerhead, faucet and on your body. The manufacturers of ScaleRID may sell its units for $89 in a full page ad in the LA Times along with other products but the buyer had better beware.


What do I get?

  • The ScaleRID SR-1000 $147 + Free P.&H.
  • The ScaleRID SR-2000 $247 + Free P.&H

Official website

Compare ScaleRID with EasyWater and Scalewatcher here.

11 thoughts on “ScaleRid by EdenPure Review

  1. I have a ScaleRid and I love it. I don’t remember when I purchased it. Got it from EdenPure. I installed it myself and was surprised how easy it was. I am not skilled at anything electrical, plumbing, or anything similar, but it worked. I’ve had it a long time (I think close to 10 years) and I loved to not have to clean my shower heads from calcium deposits and my tub etc. The green lights on it used to scroll up when it was on, but recently the lights stay on and no movement. I think that may mean that it is worn out. I will call Scale Rid and see what they say. I will buy another. It worked like it said it would.

  2. I have used Scale Rid 1000 and 2000, and another brand electronic conditioners in seven houses, including my home, and recommended it to relatives who all have reported they work great. They are not going to remove minerals from water, that is one feature I LIKE. I have to address those who complain of scale appearing on their faucets and in tea kettles/pans, etc. They need to read the accompanying information, the electronic do not remove minerals from water, they suspend it in the water so it does not build up in pipes or your hot water tank or appliances. It is suspended in your water and flushes from your pipes. In my experience, it takes at least six months or a bit more to clear the build up from your pipes and tank. Vinegar and scale remover do remove it. Once built up scale in the tank and pipes is removed, the heaviest deposits will stop, but there will be some build up around faucets and it will build up in tea pots because it is still suspended in the water, not removed, if that is what one wants, they need to use a filtration system.

  3. I have used Scale Rid 2000 at three houses, plus my home for about five years, my home tank is 29 years old. I also used another in brand electronic conditioner in two houses, for two years earlier and one of those is still working, one was replaced by a Scale Rid 2000. The other brand works, but they are more time consuming to install as I need to wrap wires around the water main pipe. In July, 2016, one house with a Scale Rid 1000, suffered a failed hot water tank thermostat, the hot water tank was 17 years old so the plumber told me just to buy a new tank for around $1200. I had drained it so pulled the control out while he was there, the control probe was clean, the inside of the tank had virtually no residue. He was impressed so ordered and installed a new control, it is now 19 years old and it and my Scale Rid 1000, at all three houses, are still working. Recently, my daughter’s dishwasher and washing machine had to be cleaned of scale, her neighbor recently replaced their hot water tank and said it was full of sediment, so I have ordered a Scale Rid 1000 for her.

  4. this item not only doesn’t work but also causes a scaley buildup on toilet bowl,sinks and other surfaces that is almost impossible to remove!

  5. I bought the more expensive “double power” model based upon a glowing testimonial of a friend who is a professional house cleaner and her husband who is a top-notch mechanic. I didn’t realized how easily these nice folks could be bamboozled ( and by extension how big an uncritical idiot I could be). The thing has been installed for almost 6 months and has done nothing to reduce the teakettle scale or deposits in our sinks. It’s a complete scam and rip-off. I had some difficulties installing it and got nothing but boilerplate b.s. repeated back to me by the company spokeswoman who replied to my request. They should be run out of town on a rail with a healthy dose of tar and feathers.

  6. I cold find no phone number for Scale-rid on your ads. So, I phoned EdenPure, got a fast talking lady that gave me the impression I was bothering her, and please get off the line, which I did. At this point, I am guessing your product is a scam. What say you?

  7. I was wondering, my dad has bought many items from you and he loves all the products, he purchased a scale rid from you lately and has 4 people order one, do you have a plan for telling other people about your products? He has told many people about your heaters also and they have bought one. His name is Howard Carlson from Foster city, Michigan. Please let me know. Thank you

  8. The technology used by ScalRID is a valid and proven way to condition hard water. Upon researching I found that Edenpure tried to copy the well known and proven Scalewatcher technology when their patent expired. I spoke with an engineer at Scalewatcher and I learned that the Scalerid 2000 (at $247) has the same power output as the Scalewatcher mini or Small Wonder at $199 but the “snap on” coil from Scalerid makes it less effective than the wrapped coil from the Scalewatcher electronic descalers as sold by Aqua Genesis Usa Inc. who has free tech support and great online prices. References:

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