Sankom Socks REVIEW

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What are Sankom Socks?

They are patented compression socks that claim to provide relief from a host of medical problems like varicose veins, sore muscles, blood pooling and others.



For Rejuvenation and Respite from Tiredness in Legs
Sankom Socks could be just what you need to make life easier, comfortable and free from pain in legs that dampen your spirit. These compression socks claim they can relieve you of several issues such as painfulness in legs, swelling and heaviness which have no effective solution. Sankom Socks feature active compression that also enhances circulation which provides instant comfort to your calf and ankle besides addressing blood pooling problems daily.
Sankom Socks

Comfortable and Effective Must-Have Compression Socks
According to the makers of Sankom Socks, they are made from snug and breathable material, which ensures you derive maximum comfort and relief from serious issues like edema and Deep Vein Thrombosis. The socks feature state-of-the-art patent technology of step-by-step targeted multi-level “U” compression and advanced design. Sankom Socks are robust, hypoallergenic and resistant to tearing. They also offer added toe protection, have shock absorption heel and cushioned sole features and are clinically proven to be effective in providing desired support and comfort in different situations such as pregnancy and during extended traveling.


Sankom Socks Questions and Answers

Q: Can men wear these too or just made for women?
A: Yes, men can wear these as socks.

Q: Does it have a men’s size chart?
A: The size:

  • M: for (Calf cir 10-14”)(Ankle 6-9”)
  • L: for (Calf cir 13-18”)(Ankle 8-11”)
  • XXL: for (Calf cir 17-22”)(Ankle 10-13”)

Q: Are Sankom Socks machine washable?
A: Yes, but do not put it in dryer, hang dry.

Q: What is the measurement of the xx large sock at the toe open side and knee end open?
A: The toe open side of the xx large sock is about 3.1 in and the whole Length is about 15.3″

Q: Does these Sankom socks comes in pairs meaning 2 pairs (total 4 socks)?
A: No, it is comes with two socks one pair.

Q: Do Sankom zippered compression sock come with a closed toe?
A: No, the zippered compression sock come with an open toe.


What do I get?
Please check the official website:

3 thoughts on “Sankom Socks REVIEW

  1. Bought 2 pairs from JML website
    After 2 days of wearing the socks starts forms little fur balls or surface & got a holes on it. After one wash totally like a pair of old socks , Not worth buying with such lousy quality.
    Are sankom socks made in China?

  2. I would like to purchase a couple of pairs of pressure socls/stockings but I seem to end up anywhere but the payment page

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