Safe N Natural Bug Spray

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Natural and 100% safe bug spray

Safe N Natural Bug Spray, introduced as a natural and 100% safe bug killer, claims to help you get rid of the annoying bugs and other pests the easy and harmless way. Its makers claim that it the first bug spray that is made of purely all-natural ingredients. These ingredients are completely nontoxic, so they are 100% safe to use around kids, pests and even food.

The secret- pure orange peel oil

The makers of Safe N Natural Bug Spray state that it the key ingredient used in it is pure orange peel oil (d’limonene), which is a natural bug killer that causes absolutely no harm. The spray does not emit a foul smell and has no chemicals either. It offers total protection from bugs while keeping you safe from any danger.

Doesn’t contaminate food

The makers claim that even if you use Safe N Natural Bug Spray around food and it gets mixed, it will in no way cause any harm. The reason given is that d’limonen, the principal ingredient used in it is regarded as safe in food by the FDA. hence even if you were to swallow food mixed with it, you’d face no problems.

Kills some, repels some

Safe N Natural Bug Spray supposedly kills insects, flies, cockroaches and repels spiders and mosquitoes. It can be sprayed directly on the skin or fur of the irritant or used as a shield on furniture. According to the manufacturers, it shows results really fast. It protects your garden from pests and is of great use for those who grow their own groceries. It can also be carried on outings so that you stay protected everywhere.

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