Royal Posture REVIEW

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What is Royal Posture?

It is a back support posture correcting system that promises to offer you relief from pain by improving your posture.

Royal Posture claims to work on the simple principle that if your spine is aligned, back pain can be eliminated from your life. There are many of us who have made it a part of our lives because we can’t find a way around this nagging pain. Sitting for long hours at work only ends up aggravating the pain. But Royal Posture maintains that it can offer you right support so that you bid goodbye to pain.


Royal Posture REVIEW

Magnets are of poor quality – There is no scientific evidence that confirm that magnets can do anything for pain.

Nothing unique – Royal Posture is not a unique posture correcting brace that is not available elsewhere, there are tons of them on, RiteAid, and other sites dedicated to health products that carry them. You may order from one of these sites than ordering from the Telebrands or As Seen On site. There are far better posture correcting braces out there than the Royal Posture.

Exorbitant Shipping – The shipping of $6.99 is just too high for just one Royal Posture corrector strap.

Back-ordered – No one has received this Royal posture corrector yet, it seems to be on back-order.

Does not work as claimed – The idea of the Royal Posture is good however the material that goes around the arms may bite into your skin. You may feel it very uncomfortable and may even leave scarring and bruising.

Neoprene Smell – Royal Posture may have a strong neoprene smell that many will find intolerable.

Uncomfortable at the back – Many customers who have used similar posture correcting braces complain in their reviews that these braces do not fit snugly along the back. This is the most common complaints about the products like Royal Posture, they are uncomfortable especially under the arms and you have to live with it.

Rides up the stomach – You may have to adjust Royal Posture many times throughout the day as it rides up your stomach and also looses the pull on your shoulders. Not completely in-noticeable – Royal Posture does not fit discretely under a shirt and may still be noticeable. Its not that the case only with the Royal Posture, every other product you use will require adjustments.

Does Royal Posture relieve pain?

– Royal Posture is a regular posture correcting brace and works the same way as the other braces do. They do work to some extent in relieving pain but a lot depends up on many other factors like type of pain, your weight, lifestyle etc. If you are doing everything right (exercising, proper diet, correct lifestyle as advised by the physician/doctor) and using the Royal Posture – that will certainly help. But don’t expect Royal Posture to work like a magic.

Final Verdict on ROYAL POSTURE

As mentioned earlier there is nothing new about Royal Posture, it is just another OVER-RATED posture correcting brace which you can buy under $15 elsewhere, the new DELUXE ROYAL COPPER POSTURE is also not an exception. We would recommend NOT TO BUY ROYAL POSTURE. There is no posture correcting brace or product that you can wear comfortably without even noticing it and yet get relief from the pain. Accept the fact and buy something that people of your weight and size have tried and has worked for them, do some research on Google and to find real user reviews.


This looks like a new addition, people haven’t received and tried the Copper version of the Royal Posture so we cannot comment on it yet. But one thing is for sure – because it has copper this DELUXE Copper Royal Posture will still inherit all the advantages and disadvantages of a “corrective brace” and will not be any more comfortable than others. It will certainly not smell bad because it has copper in it.

Some useful tips – Search these keywords on, Riteaid and elsewhere to find products similar to Royal Posture. – “magnetic posture correcting brace”, “posture correcting belt”, “posture corrector”, “magnetic posture corrective brace”

Royal Posture claims to support your neck, spine and back

It is an all in one solution for you because it supports these three important parts of your body. Royal Posture thus claims to help you with several aspects of your overall well-being including blood circulation, sore muscles and neck slouch. The latter can become the bane of your existence and cause of terrible pain, which can now be avoided. Royal Posture asserts that it can also help you with belly rolls, curvature of back and a lot more. As your body is supported and spine aligned, you naturally get relief from pain.

Royal Posture is a 12 magnet posture system

Royal Posture is not just any another back and neck support system. It is a 12 magnet posture system that can gently realign your back and give you the support you need. Another good thing about this system is that it’s extremely comfortable to wear. It is made out of neoprene, nylon and cotton blend, which makes it not only breathable but virtually non-detectable as well. It’s not like those bulky back braces that you will have to think twice about wearing outside. You can have Royal Posture on and be assured that it remains invisible.

Royal Posture offers you support anytime, anywhere

Your movements will not be hampered at work when you have Royal Posture on, while it will keep giving you support all day long. You can also wear it at home when you are relaxing and shoo away pain.


Royal Posture sizes

  • The Small/Medium Royal Posture will fit waist sizes 25″ to 36″ OR Dress size 0 to 16.
  • The Large/Extra Large Royal Posture will fit waist sizes 37″ to 58″ OR Dress size 18 to 38.

Royal Posture features tightening straps at the top back of the brace, so you can adjust how tight or how loose you want the brace to be.

Royal Posture Instructions

How to use Royal Posture – Royal Posture is easy to use. Simply unfasten the waist band and slide the waist band strap out of the metal ring. The strap adjusters should face outward, and then slide the straps around your shoulder. Wrap the waist band around your torso by sliding the waist band strap through the metal ring and fold the strap onto itself.
Next, check the fit of the shoulder strap for a tighter fit. Simply locate the ends of the elastic strap under the arms and pull the straps forward until you get the desired fit. If you want to loosen it press down on the plastic strap adjuster. When you have the perfect fit slide the elastic loops up the strap to hold the loose ends in place.

Worn discreetly – Royal Posture can be worn unnoticeable under clothing.

Royal Posture Care – Royal Posture can be hand washed in cold water and left to air dry.
Order Royal Posture today!

What Do I Get?

You’ll get a Ordinary Royal Posture for $19.99 plus $6.99 S&H. They now have a DELUXE Copper Royal Copper Posture for $29.99 + $6.99 S/h.
Official website: |


Royal Posture is a back support designed to help relieve muscle strain in the neck, shoulders and back. It also aligns the spine giving you a better posture.

10 thoughts on “Royal Posture REVIEW

  1. I just bought the royal posture… and I have been wearing it for about an hour now…. noticed a difference . I know sit up straight… and the only thing is that I had to adjust the right shoulder strap.. so I will see at the end of the day how my back feels… I had back surgery twenty four years ago and have had some back issues since. so maybe this will help.;

  2. I just not received my Royal Posture braces. I only ordered one but they sent me two. And it only took a couple of weeks for me to get them after ordering. I have worn mine for only one day, & I’m not sure if it will help or not, but for 20 bucks I don’t think I will worry about it if it doesn’t help. It is a little uncomfortable, but hopefully I will get used to it.

  3. I purchased mine at Wagreens for $19.99. I’ve worn it two days. I had to have surgery on a torn rotator cuff and broken collarbone. Had no idea how this happened. Regardless I’ve completed surgery and Physical Therapy but still, my PT’s said a contributor to the “large tear” was bad posture which runs in my family. The first day I wore this I noticed a significant difference. I didn’t have to take Tylenol after a dog walk. So far, so good. I do agree that the ad on Posture Posture is exaggerated. It can be uncomfortable, doesn’t support the neck much, and there has been constant adjusting especially in the shoulders. What would be helpful is if there were directions on the box. How tight should it be, ie finger width, etc. Maybe some of the bruising is caused because people are wearing it too tight due to lack of instructions? Even if they put up a YouTube video on how to correctly wear, it may help? So far so good with me. I would recommend it for people who’ve had the same issues similar to mine. And come on, it’s only $19.99.

    • they do have instructions in the box…… and i have seen videos on how to use the product…

  4. I tried calling the number on their website and it was completely automated. There was no pushing alternative numbers (“0”, for instance often works) to get a live person. Instead, if you don’t follow the menu to order (when searching for a live person option) after three attempts it hangs up on you. I’d like to try the product, but I have an uncommon sizing question I need answered first. You have to wonder about a company that doesn’t want to answer customer questions.

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