Roto Clipper Review

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What is Roto Clipper?

It claims to be a revolutionary two-in-one nail trimmer and filer. It states to be battery operated and very easy to use. It eliminates manual clippers that can be unsafe and difficult to hold and handle.


Roto Clipper REVIEW

A user who reviewed Roto Clipper says that it could work only if someone has a lot of time on hand to do their nails. The nail trimmer just about gave the effect of having been used after treating one finger for 3 or 4 minutes. According to them manual clippers or Dremmel kind of clippers might be more effective. Another reviewer states that they have a disability of hands and fingers progressively weakening and they had to exert a lot of push of nail against the rotor. They found it slower than a manual nail clipper and it took a long time to work on thick toenails. The light of the clipper was also poorly directed and shines over the nail instead of on it. The reviewer adds that the battery compartment is very hard to open and close. In the opinion of one reviewer Roto Clipper is more hype than substance and is not powerful enough to trim toenails. Either of the sides marked ‘trim’ and ‘file’ did not work. The light on the trimmer failed to work, too.

Another reviewer says that the trimmer could take a while to get used to and it takes a long time to trim nails. Even though the trimmer does work you need a lot of patience to trim or file your nails. According to the reviewer, the “trim” side of the clipper is not a lot more effective than the “file” side. Other than being a slow process the trimmer does not bring smooth results and the user might have to use your regular nail file to smooth out the edges. The strong vibrations it gives when being used was not pleasant for the reviewer. According to one reviewer Roto Clipper is perfect for young kids who dislike getting their nails trimmed and better than traditional nail clippers that kids usually hate. It works well even though it is quite slow. The trimmer roughed up the user’s nails around the edges and didn’t smooth them like mentioned on the packaging and in instructions. The reviewer prefers using their old nail clippers and a nail file.

Roto Clipper Features and Benefits

Claims to clip and file nails easily

Roto Clipper guarantees to be the best tool that is available today that provides both nail clipping and filing. But does Roto Clipper really work as it guarantees to? Roto Clipper reviews will soon reveal the facts. Roto Clipper alleges to provide an easy solution for people who struggle a lot with manual clippers which are difficult to hold. Also there is allegedly need for lot of care and safety which is why it is so difficult to trim children’s nails. Roto Clipper assures that it has devised a design that will not only reduce the problem of nail clipping but altogether change the game. Roto Clipper does sound promising; user reviews will expose the truth.

Exceptional design

Roto Clipper promises to be fascinatingly superior because of its class design that runs on battery. Roto Clipper states to be a cordless device that is safe, quick and easy to use which will be proved once users review it. Roto Clipper claims to have a highly powerful blade that spins at 500 RPM which is a good speed to clip and trim the nails. The blade is beveled and placed with dual-sided ability as one end of Roto Clipper works as a trimmer and the other as a filer. Roto Clipper assures to be compact enough and ergonomically design to facilitate usage for everyone. Roto Clipper emphasizes that cleaning it after use is also very easy as the head is removable for instant dumping of nails. At this point of time there are no Roto Clipper reviews available that attest to its claims.

To use Roto Clipper safely one has to simply insert the nail to be clipped and moved in a steady direction around the blade. This helps in even shaping the nail while it is being clipped. Once done Roto Clipper can be flipped to provide filing for a great looking nails.

Salient features

Roto Clipper convinces to be very user-friendly tool since it is handheld design is so easy that people with arthritis problem and children of young age can use it too. Such fancy claims by Roto Clipper will be substantiated only once it is reviewed. Roto Clipper declares to be safe to the touch due to the recessed bevel blades making it completely safe. Also, Roto Clipper alleges to run on 2 AA batteries that are readily available and lasts for a long time. Does Roto Clipper work as promised? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

You get Two Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmers for $26.98 | Please see official website


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40 thoughts on “Roto Clipper Review

  1. Of course ot wont pop a balloon ..its not strong enough to cut my nails …piece of crap…i donated it to goodwill

  2. I found the RotoClipper a real disappointment
    even after soaking my nails it still did not work
    a real waist of money.

  3. First just opening the secure packaging was a work out. ROTO CLIPPER is worthless. Battery compartment difficult to open. Had to use a pair of pliers to open. Will not turn off. The only redeeming value is I get to return it to the store I purchased it from. Thankfully I did not order from T.V.

  4. Works HORRIBLE! All it does is rough up my nails! Also it files one side more then the other no matter how hard you try to balance the area your filing and pressure you use. Still have to use a nail file after! This thing just EATS away my nails! So mad I through away the package! I cannot afford to be throwing away $20 plus tax for a paperweight! Not Happy!

  5. I bought the product used it once and it died. Put in new batteries, (AA) and it still does not work. I am inclined to agree it is not as advertised.

  6. Clipper kept coming on even when it was turned off. Wouldn’t cut nails. Cheap plastic case. Waste of money.

  7. I got my two today and I sure wish I had read these reviews beforehand. Piece of crap! My boyfriend really wanted one because he has had a stroke and thought it might be easier. What a joke!

  8. This is a ripoff, used it 7 times and the blades are completely useless. Cannot contact company.
    I would not buy again.

    • This clipper is definitely a piece of crap. I tried and tried and tried to no avail so I threw it in the trash. Do not fall for this!

  9. It took a month to arrive. I does NOT work as advertises, not even close. Keep your money. Another piece of Chinese junk.


  11. This is one of the biggest scams on the market. If you push hard enough to make them cut, the motor stops. It does not work any better even after showering. Think twice before ordering as it will cost as much to return as it originally cost. The light is placed in such a position that it shines in your eyes and nowhere near your nail. This by far takes first place for the biggest joke on the market today.

  12. Just received. One will turn on,one will not. The one that will turn on the blades do not spin. I have tried several times to call the return number and all I get is a recording telling me to stay online. I have waited up to 15 minutes twice to no avail. Product is junk company Crooks! Do not order!

  13. hi. Iam from Europe. about the roto clipper, does it realy works, or its a rip out like most of items on internet. thanks

  14. the roto clipper is not at all what I expected, In other words it does not work! The company should not be allowed to advertise–False advertising! now I have two!

  15. I agree with Diane, this nail clipper does not work, my wife and I both tried both of them, they will not cut or file. I have tried to talk with customer service, was put on hold, and then the dial tone comes on. This Company needs to be taken to court for false advertising.

  16. Total rip off. Don’t order. Trying to return them now and customer service doesn’t answer. I tried several numbers and no one answers. You can not send them back without a return number from them. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Diane

  17. I tried to order one Roto clipper this morning on my computer, gave all the information; but don’t know if it went through.
    Advise if you got. I pushed the button two times, but only wanted one.

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