Revitive Review

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What is Revitive:

It is a circulation booster that makes the most out of Electrical Muscle Stimulation to improve the blood flow in your legs and feet as it offers you respite from aches and pains.
Revitive asserts that leg pain, soreness and swelling will be a thing of the past as you can get back to your active lifestyle sooner rather than later. You like going for your walks and runs to stay healthy and fit. However leg pains and aches can seriously hamper your lifestyle and become the bane of your existence. Soreness and swelling in your legs and feet can be caused by several reasons but it’s mostly about poor blood circulation in your limbs. This medical device has been specially created to use EMS and ensure that your blood circulation is drastically improved. Unfortunately there aren’t enough Revitive reviews to corroborate this claim for us.

Why is it effective

For starters, it is a Class IIa medical device that has been developed by researchers from universities in the UK. It works on the principle of boosting blood circulation in your legs to offer you relief from pains, aches, swelling and soreness. There are all very tall claims and we will have to verify them by going through Revitive reviews. At the heart of these circulation boosters is EMS that uses electrical pulses to activate nerves, which thus leads to muscle contraction. Electrical signals are used by your body to make these muscles contracts; this circulation booster gives it helping hand. When used these boosters create a squeezing action in the target area pushing blood back to the heart and thus improving circulation. We look forward to getting our hands on Revitive reviews to validate these claims too.
Your body should naturally have good circulation but that’s not the case after you reach a certain age or are dealing with some illnesses. As a result you see symptoms like pain, swelling and soreness. This electrical booster promises you a clinically proven, drug free solution to this problem. Why don’t you tell us if you found it beneficial in your Revitive reviews?


Comprehensive range for all users

This electrical booster has different products in the range to suit your individual needs and comfort levels. For example Revitive IX has been designed to reduce swelling and improve circulation with its special IsoRocker. It has 99 intensity levels and 15 variable widepulse waverforms for your convenience. We hope your Revitive reviews will shed more light on this model. Revitive CX on the other hand is a much simpler model but has the same intensity levels. 10 variable waveforms claim to offer you desired results as well. This model is meant for those who want something more basic and simplistic. If you have used this model let us know about it in your Revitive reviews. Revitive LV has been designed for those who are more active and have milder blood circulation related problems. Revitive reviews can talk about its benefits too.

What Do I Get?

  • You will get Revitive IX for £189.98
  • Revitive CX for £149.99 &
  • Revitive LV for £99.99
  • Official website:
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