Renu Wrap Review

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If you end up standing on your feet all day long, you are bound to feel niggling foot pains every now and then. You might have tried several products in the market from rubs and sprays but to no avail. You go to bed feeling uncomfortable and knowing your feet are still aching from the rigours of the day. But you don’t have to accept foot ache as a part of your life because you can get relief from it thanks to Renu Wrap, a brilliant new product that’s available to you. You can bid goodbye to your foot ache problems and get back on your feet refreshed and rejuvenated.


Renu Wrap
This special foot wrap works both cold and hot, thus offering you quick relief from foot ache. This product work wonders because of the natural buckwheat filling that’s used in the wrap. This all natural ingredient helps massage your feet when you have this wrap on, either hot or cold. If your feet are tired and feeling sore after a long day at work, you can pop this wrap in the microwave and get relief from the pain you are suffering. You can also use it cold by placing it in refrigerator in case you want respite from sprains, hurts and bruises.

You can carry this wrap with you wherever you go and enjoy the benefits when you are sitting in your office or are travelling for that matter. This is hugely beneficial hot and cold therapy for your feet, in the comforts of your home. Moreover this product has been specially designed to ensure that it fits your feet well by moulding itself not only to the shape of your feet but to contours of your feet as well. You also benefit from the adjustable straps, which will make sure you get the perfect fit for your feet as you get relief from foot ache every single time.



What do I get?
You can buy Renu Wrap for $10 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.95 at You can get another Renu Wrap with your offer by paying additional S&H.



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5 thoughts on “Renu Wrap Review

  1. I have been waiting weeks for Renu Wrap for weeks! Now I receive a notice saying they are all out! They are sorry for the inconvenience. No back order or anything like that, they are not sending it. I have bad feet, so when I saw it advertise I thought I would try it. Buy 1 get 1. They charged 15.70 just for shipping. The money came out on Jan. 8th. I just got the letter on Jan 18th. They said no charge has been taken out, so now I have to go to my bank. How do you run out of a product you are selling? I would not recommend buying this on line or on the phone. I have NEVER heard of any company doing this.

  2. We have had our wrap on order for a little over 6 weeks now and went to check the status on it and your site is no longer available…….. If you have problems, please let us know so we can track our order

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