Relaxium Sleep

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What is Relaxium Sleep:

It is a natural sleep aid that claims to work for you the first night and every night.
Relaxium Sleep maintains that it has been developed and recommended by doctors to help those who have trouble sleeping at night. It’s not difficult to understand the importance of a good night’s sleep as it helps you feel refreshed and rejuvenated the next day. But there are several reasons including stress and lifestyle issues that could hamper your sleep. Relaxium Sleep promises to come to your rescue and offer you a safe and effective solution.

Relaxium Sleep has been formulated by a clinical neurologist

Dr. Eric Ciliberti, who is a clinical neurologist and a renowned sleep expert, is behind the Relaxium Sleep, according to its claims. He has helped several patients over the years in their battle against sleeping disorders and insomnia. And now he has come up with Relaxium Sleep to help many more. It guarantees you an enhanced overall sleeping ability while you manage to reduce your level of sleeplessness as well.


Relaxium Sleep has a triple action approach for refreshing sleep

Relaxium Sleep contains the highest quality and level of melatonin, which is why it can regulate your sleep cycle. Moreover it also contains Magnesium, which is known to be a natural muscle relaxant and that’s how your body feels relaxed. Some of the other ingredients in Relaxium Sleep include Sensoril, Valerest and Passion flower and they are meant to be responsible for relaxing the mind. As a result you get much better and more relaxed sleep at night, according to its claims.

Relaxium Sleep has clinically proven benefits for you

There has been a study to understand the impact of Relaxium Sleep and your overall health and it has shown positive results. With this simple addition to your life, you can sleep faster and through the night. You also manage to reduce anxiety and stress while enhancing your energy levels, according to its claims. It also promises to help you with your concentration and the fact that it’s a natural solution means you don’t have side effects to worry about.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive 1 Relaxium Sleep bottle for $29.95
  • Official website:
  • 20 thoughts on “Relaxium Sleep

    1. This product did not work for me. More awake than without. Did not appreciate being hoodwinked on the price. Just a sample Ha! Ha! I never signed up for any refills so am refusing what just came in the mail. If you can’t sell without gimmics that is not a good sign. You should be banned from the internet!!!

    2. I Love it. It does work but I have to take 3 instead of 2. But it causes gas and bloating. This is the only side affect. I Love it. That’s the only trade off I’ll take it. I would recommend this product. Thank you

    3. I’ve been using Relaxium for several months. I have had no more than 2 hours sleep as a result of using it. I Sorry I wasted so much money.

    4. Relaxium has helped with immensely! I’ve had trouble sleeping for years. I was not able to fall asleep, if I did fall asleep, I would only sleep a couple hours and then wake up and not be able to get back to sleep. This has gone on for years. I have tried everything. I was taking 1.5 mg of Lorazepam with 2 over the counter sleep aids and 2 Tylenol PM. Every night to get to sleep. I saw an ad on Facebook for Relaxium and decided to give it a try! I just finished my first bottle, 30 days, and I can tell you it has changed my bad sleeping. I cut down on my Lorazepam, I am totally off of the sleep aids and totally off of the Tylenol PM!!! I am so happy. I would encourage everyone to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

    5. Beware of the marketing gimmick of free stuff because If you don’t pay now you pay later. If you need or want a similar product try Sleep Essentials at Swanson. Swanson is a very honest company that sells vitamin and herbal products at reasonable prices. The company also has a decent return policy.

    6. I purchased the free trial for $7.95, which is only for shipping and handling. After this, my bank account was debited multiple times and I never received the products For this charge, which I never wanted in the first place! I only wanted the free trial. It was never explained to me that I had to return the free bottle if I didn’t want to continue being charged for multiple bottles. This is a major rip off! I had to get my bank involved since the company refused to refund my money unless I returned the free bottle. Don’t fall for this bait and switch!

    7. I want to know more about a product that I take into my body than the companies claims. This review just states what the company states it will do. What are ALL ingredients? Where is relaxium produced?

    8. Why doesn’t Walmart sell this product? That way if it doesn’t work I can return it for full refund

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