Rapid Sleep PM Review

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Almost 50% of Americans report that they are not getting any quality sleep at night? Are you having a hard time sleeping? Do you often get up feeling tired and groggy and unable to concentrate? If you are not getting enough time to sleep, you need the help of the revolutionary Rapid Sleep PM which not only helps you to fall asleep faster, it also helps you to improve the quality of your sleep, so that you sleep longer and more soundly.


How does Rapid Sleep PM work?
Fall asleep faster, promote relaxation and improve sleep quality are the three stages of Rapid Sleep PM. At first you get to relax with soothing botanicals; Rapid Sleep PM is made up of a soothing botanical blend that promotes relaxation using the herb Passionflower and Hops plant. You will start to fall asleep within 30 minutes utilizing the sleep benefit power of Valerian.

Finally, sleep soundly with the help of Melatonin, a compound that is naturally produced by your brain at night and helps promote deeper sleep when taken as a supplement; you have to simply take 3mg Melatonin per day! All the science-based key ingredients are present in clinically supported levels. The delivery system uses the Fast-Release Liquid Soft-Gel Technology for optimal effects.

It is also mildly sweet in taste. You get the benefits of three different sleep strategies in a simple product so that you face each day with new vigor and vitality, with the amazing Rapid Sleep PM!



Rapid Sleep PM Ingredients

  • Rapid Sleep PM and Soothing Botanical Blend 802mg – Valerian Extract (0.8% valerenic acid)(root), Hops extract (4:1)(strobile), Passionflower extract (3.5% flavonoids)(pericarp), melatonin.
  • Other Ingredients – Soya bean oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, soy lecithin, beeswax, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, caramel color, red cabbage juice and natural vanilla flavor.


What do I get?
Rapid Nutrition Rapid Sleep PM, 60-Count Bottle for just $$14.00 + Free Shipping



Reviews and Complaints
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Rapid Sleep PM Video
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One thought on “Rapid Sleep PM Review

  1. Are there any side-effects to the product?

    Is there any possibility of getting addicted to it?

    For how many hours does it work?

    Is it possible to take short power naps using the product?

    How does it compare with other sleep inducing products in the market with respect to performance?

    Is it safe for all ages and health conditions?

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