Quiet Assure REVIEW

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What is Quiet Assure – Quiet Assure claims to be a homeopathic medicine that brings relief from the problem of tinnitus. Quiet Assure promises to do away with all noises associated with the condition whether it is ringing, cracking, roaring, whistling or chirping. Quiet Assure states to use natural substances obtained from minerals and plants. Quiet Assure promises to be safe for people of all ages and helps in apprehending hearing loss.

How does Quiet Assure work?

Since there’s no treatment or cure for tinnitus, Quiet Assure guarantees to be the most ideal solution in medicinal form. Quiet Assure maintains to be a two-phase system, with the sufferer taking tablets for 90 days. The homeopathic properties of Quiet Assure declare to enter the blood stream to stimulate the tiny hair-like sensors that are damaged by trauma, inflammation or irritation. Furthermore, Quiet Assure’s alleged nutritional support for the repair and maintenance of the inner ear alleviates the problems of tinnitus.


Get relief from tinnitus – If you suffer from tinnitus, it can be quite a disconcerting and debilitating experience for you especially if it keeps you up at night. Even though there is no cure or treatment for tinnitus in medical sciences yet, homeopathic doctors have claimed to have found the cure and the homeopathic medicine Quiet Assure asserts to be one of them. Quiet Assure emphasizes that its homeopathic medicinal properties enter the blood stream to activate sensors that have been damaged. Quiet Assure proclaims to be a two-phase system. The first 30 days of Quiet Assure are the loading phase when the sufferer takes two pills of the medicine every day to kick-start the repairing of the inner ear. The second phase of Quiet Assure is alleged to be the 60-day long maintenance phase where the sufferer takes just one tablet a day.


Deals with all causes and severity – The acuteness of tinnitus is different in different people and Quiet Assure declares that whether mild or severe, it can get rid of the problem effectively. Also, no matter what the cause – on the job loud noises, symptom of inner ear disturbance, or side effects of certain medication, Quiet Assure guarantees to tackle tinnitus. All kinds of sounds caused by tinnitus – ringing, buzzing, chirping, roaring or crackling are all taken care of by Quiet Assure, as its manufacturers assure. Quiet Assure states to bring relief from the condition that can go out of hand and even cause hearing loss.

Quiet Assure Reviews

Quiet Assure reviews reveal that Quiet Assure didn’t help most of the users.

Here are excerpts from the Quiet Assure Reviews :

“Purchased a bottle of Quiet Assure and stuck with the program as recommended, it’s just not making any noticeable difference. If you suffer from tinnitus, you will do anything to try to make it go away after a while. It affects your mood, sleep, work & relationships. Hope Quiet Assure works for others, this was just another in a long line of disappointments.”

“Wanted Quiet Assure to work so bought more than 3 months supply but it didn’t work one bit.”

“Quiet Assure simply did not work for relieving Tinnitus in the ears.”

“Took 1 Quiet Assure daily as advised and after nearly a month there was still no improvement.”

“Have just begun using Quiet Assure and have some improvement so far.”

“Have suffered for 30+ years of non-stop buzzing in the ear. Not one nano-second of relief in all these years.”

“Quiet Assure did not do what it stated. Took it for a week and have not noticed any change in tinnitus.”

“On the second bottle of Quiet Assure but no results yet.”

“Quiet Assure did not eliminate the tinnitus but will continue to use for another couple of months.”

Quiet Assure Questions and Answers

Q. What are the ingredients of Quiet Assure?
A. The ingredients are not listed on the site. It claims to be some homeopathic solution.

Q. Would you recommend Quiet Assure?
A. No, it is not a tried and tested supplement. And they do not list the ingredients, stay away from this.

Q. Does it contain gelatin?
A. Don’t know.


What do I get?
You get 90-Day supply of Quiet Assure for $79.90 plus $8.99 S&H | Official website: QuietAssure.com

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