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What is Provailen

It is an all-natural formula meant for relieving arthritis and joint pain from its roots without any side effects. It balances the immune system to eradicate pain instead of suppressing it.

Heal arthritis from source:

Provailen claims that it is a 3 in 1 formula which is highly effective in providing relief from arthritis and joint pain unlike other anti-inflammatory medicines. Arthritis is caused due to the autoimmune system of the body attacking the joints and in turn causes pain and inflammation. Regular medicines to suppress such pain have side-effects like stomach ulcers, bleeding of the intestines, kidney damage, stroke and can even damage the liver. This means these medicines cannot be taken for a long time rendering them useless. Provailen understands this problem and supposedly tries to go to the root cause of arthritis for healing instead of suppressing the pain and inflammation momentarily. Plus it is said that the ingredients used in Provailen are natural which means using it does not cause any kind of side effects that are mentioned for other medications.


Naturally relieving ingredients:

Provailen claims that the ingredients used in it are chosen to work in synchronization with each other and specifically target joint pain from 3 angles and arthritis. The three major ingredients include – Reishi, the magical extract of Reishi fungi. It is said to balance the immune system so that it no longer attacks the joints and can improve Rheumatoid Arthritis. Provailen also said to have Tonkat Ali – 50:1 which helps in increasing muscle growth hormones to promote strength to the muscles and joints. The third ingredient is Capsaicin 1: 12 which increase the effects of other ingredients by activating and increasing the blood flow in the system. Together these natural ingredients do not give any side effects like other anti-inflammatory medications.

The process to manufacture Provailen is apparently quite unique considering special processes that can take up to 62 hours. The pharmaceutical lab where Provailen is manufactured is hence FDA registered for consumer satisfaction and availability of the best form of medication. It can be simply taken without any doctor prescription and starts to act upon the body positively in days but the results can vary depending on the patient’s condition. Provailen promises total relief from arthritis and joint pain by a regular dosage of one tablet with a glass of water in the morning and in the evening.


    What do I get ?

  • You get PROVAILEN for $49.95
  • Official Website :

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