Prorise Seat Assist Review

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About ProRise

ProRise states to be an aide that helps people with physical limitations sit in a seat or chair and stand up again independently and with ease. The contraption proclaims to strap on to the seat or chair and adjust easily. ProRise claims that you need to hold its handles that will assist you at the beginning of your ascent when you need support the most.



An assistant for people with physical limitations – People like seniors who have physical limitations while standing and sitting allegedly have an aide in ProRise to make them independent while getting up and sitting. The contraption asserts to raise or lower the user from the seat using minimal upper body strength. The truth will be revealed by ProRise user reviews.


Compact, portable and versatile – ProRise convinces that it doesn’t use pneumatics, springs, electricity or hydraulics to work and doesn’t need installation or hardware. Let’s find out the truth from user reviews. ProRise promises to be compact, portable, and lightweight so you can carry it anywhere. It guarantees to fold flat for easy storage. The sturdy security straps of ProRise can be used for transporting it safely. Did you find ProRise this effective? Send us your reviews.

ProRise Seat REVIEW

ProRise comes with handle extensions to give you added leverage and it is an affordable alternative to a lift chair. ProRise is fine for boosting you out of the chair, and sitting more gently. It works fine for shorter periods but not for long periods.

The maximum and minimum weight that ProRise can support is not mentioned. ProRise also does not have the size of the seat or the thickness of the pad mentioned. It also does not mention about the lifting mechanism. It is not a true alternative to lift chair. It is uncomfortable to sit on and could throw you off balance.

Sitting on ProRise for long periods of time can hurt your tail-bone. You have to sit on it very upright, which can be a problem. ProRise may not work well on sofas, it wobbles and tilts and could be a bit dangerous. It needs a very solid firm surface in order to work properly.

ProRise may not be suitable for people with large bottoms. It “rises” only after you push down the armrest, you still have to use muscle power to push down the armrest. People with weaker hand muscle may find it very difficult to use. The armrest would make it more uncomfortable.

ProRise is cheaply made and the “rising” mechanism may break down in a few months. It does not work well with office chairs, kitchen table chairs, recliner, couches etc. ProRise works perfectly with the type of chair shown in the infomercial only.

ProRise limits your movement and is extremely unstable on soft chairs. Although ProRise is a good idea, it is not very practical.


What do I get?
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