Power Floss Review

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What is Power Floss?

It is a unique water flosser with air infusion technology that removes plaque and food particles from teeth and gums. It releases a brisk stream of water that cleans even hard to reach areas in your mouth. If you’re facing problems with dental health and nothing seems to be working, Power Floss could be the solution you need. It is an innovative device for oral hygiene which claims it does what traditional floss doesn’t- clean every part of your mouth including dental appliances like braces.


Hi-tech flosser for flawless results

Power Flosser isn’t anything like a conventional floss that has to be held properly and inserted between teeth to extract food particles struck inside. Made on the lines of floss, it is a handheld appliance that employs air infusion technology that helps it releases a jet of water remove plaque and food particles. The makers of Power Floss allege that there’s always a chance to suffer injuries to gums and see them bleed when you use conventional floss. However, the makers of Power Floss state that possibilities of such injuries are ruled out if you opt for it as it doesn’t make deep physical contact with teeth and gum but cleans them simply by releasing a spray of water which removes every speck smoothly.They guarantee that it yields results that are superior to other means like floss and does the job faultlessly.

Quick and easy

According to the promoters of this flosser you need not fear that this device involves complicated usage and mechanism. All you have to do is just fill up its reservoir with water or mouthwash, point its tip at affected areas and press to remove waste within 30 seconds. The jet of water(or mouthwash) that teams up with force of air will loosen the debris from teeth and gums gently and safely after which it can be disposed off as systematically. The instrument does not need batteries or cords so using it becomes all the more convenient. Power Floss claims that it cleans even hard to access places like back teeth, which floss doesn’t work on. Since it has an ergonomic design and convenient low profile tip that releases just a stream of water, you are given the assurance that it is basically non-interfering, hence it cleans around orthodontic fittings like braces, bridges and implants effortlessly unlike floss.


For perfect oral health

If you need a dental care solution that doesn’t cause inconvenience like traditional floss and yet helps you get rid of plaque you may give Power Floss a shot, but preferably after you get hold of genuine feedback about it. It will be better to first go through its reviews and see whether it really is better than floss as it claims, and if it really does clean every area as flawlessly as it proclaims. Access to Power Floss reviews will give a clearer idea about the claims it has been making,so you may wait a bit and then take a call.

What do I get?

You get two Dr. Hart’s Power Floss™ unit for $14.99 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website getpowerfloss.com


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