Posture Now Review

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“I’m ugly and people don’t like me.” You would never say this out loud, but your bad posture could be saying things like this about you. Finally, a fast, simple way to improve your posture – Posture NOW. The Posture NOW system is two adjustable neoprene armbands connected by a flexible, elastic tension band.


How does Posture Now work?
Posture NOW’s passive resistance provides a gentle reminder to pull your shoulders back, preventing unsightly slouching and hunching. Improving your posture can make you look 10 pounds lighter, appear 2 inches taller, and make you look and feel more confident and attractive than ever before.

Wear Posture NOW for as little as 10 minutes a day inside or outside your clothes for a more youthful, sexy look. It reverses a lifetime of bad posture. Traditional posture braces do the work for you, forcing your shoulders back, which can actually weaken back muscles, potentially worsening your posture. The Posture NOW posture corrector provides a gentle reminder to keep your shoulders back using your own muscles, strengthening and training them for permanent posture improvement.

Good posture reduces the risk of arthritis, prevents muscular pain, and helps you maintain correct spine alignment.


Posture Now FAQs

How does it work?
Posture Now is a posture brace that can be either worn inside or over your clothes for about 10 minutes in the day. It has a tension band that goes across your back and doesn’t pull your shoulders back but instead it tightens when your shoulders hunch forward. Thus you are reminded to sit or stand in a correct and upright position every time.

How does Posture Now brace differ from other traditional braces that have been used for posture correction?
Posture Now is a posture correction brace that is different from any other posture correction brace that you can find in the market today. Traditional posture braces tend to pull your shoulders back, thus doing the job for you. However it only ends up weakening your back muscles and thus making your posture a lot worse over time. But when you use Posture Now posture corrector brace, your upper back muscles are called into action as they do the hard work of keeping your posture upright. Moreover Posture Now reminds you to stay in the right posture. And as your own muscles do the hard work, they will get strengthened over time and your posture significantly improved. Thus you will need to use this posture corrector less and less in the future.


How long does Posture Now need to be worn?
You can wear Posture Now for as long as you want but for best results you need to wear it for at least 10 minutes in a day.

Can Posture Now be used by people with Osteoporosis or other back related problems?
Those who have any serious problems related to their backs, including Osteoporosis and Arthritis are advised to consult their physician before using any posture correction brace or device.

How does improved posture benefit me?
When your posture is improved you will experience less pain in your back and neck, as you also feel more energetic. It also improves circulation, organ function and can also make you appear taller and thinner. Having a good posture has also been known to make people feel and look more confident too.


Does the Posture Now brace restrict movement?
Not at all, as the band in Posture Now that goes across your back is made out of flexible elastic. It doesn’t interfere with any of your daily activities. However you need to note that Posture Now should not be worn while you are driving or are working with any heavy machinery for that matter.

Can Posture Now be worn inside and over your clothes?
Yes, you have the option of wearing Posture Now brace either outside or inside your clothes without any difficulty.

How long should I wear Posture Now?
You will start seeing positive results as you wear Posture Now posture corrector for as little as 10 minutes a day. However you can also wear it for longer periods if you are comfortable with it. In case you start feeling uncomfortable wearing it, you are advised to remove it immediately.


When can Posture Now be worn?
You can wear Posture Now posture collector when you are walking, jogging, sitting at your desk while working or practically anytime when you feel the need to be reminded of the correct posture for your body. Just bear in mind that you mustn’t wear Posture Now while you are driving.

How should one wear the Posture Now posture corrector brace?
Wearing Posture Now is very simple and you can put it on like you wear your coat. You will also find detailed instructions with your Posture Now.


Stop slouching! Wear the posture corrective brace – Posture NOW!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
Choose from:

  • SMALL (Women: Dress size 12 and below | Men: Shirt sizes small and medium)
  • LARGE (Women: Dress size 14 and above | Men: Shirt sizes Large, XL and XXL)
  • Price – $39.95 (+$6.95 S&H)


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7 thoughts on “Posture Now Review

  1. I somehow had a feeling that the ‘Posture Now’ brace was indeed what it claimed to be. But I am not a kind of a person, who acts immediately upon his own instincts. So I started searching for the reviews on Google. And I came across 50 such websites What I mean is that there were several search results showing ‘Posture Now’ review, but most of them contained links to the final payment page, without any actual information. For me, this is cheating. I assumed that the reviews will contain details on whether or not it has side effects, is the brace strong and wide and is it flexible enough, what and how long the process is and other stuff like that. But none of the reviews satisfied me, until I finally found this site. Thankfully and luckily this site here has relevant comments which are actually of help in deciding whether to purchase the product or not. These are the kind of reviews that customers like us usually expect.

    • Yes, that usually happens. These are manufacturer created sites. Actually, there is this publicity technique known as SEO. Here, the product names are treated as keywords and are repeated over and over again. As a result, they top in search results. They just want you to buy their product without actually serving you with genuine reviews. And as the main motive is gaining money, most of them have links to payment pages. Anyways, thank you for acknowledging us with your feedback.

  2. My comment about Posture NOW is this: Use it as much as you need it. When I first got mine, I’d wear it at my desk for 1 or two hours at a time. After a couple weeks my posture improved, so I decreased the time to about 30 minutes in the morning. If your posture isn’t bad, it would probably work in 10 minutes a day, but my posture was pretty terrible. If you go to their website, you can see some instructions and FAQs. Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Took a while to deliver it…

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