Portion Controller Belt Review

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What is Portion Controller:

It is a scientifically designed belt, which maintains that you can now lose weight without diets and diet foods.

Portion Controller claims to give you surgical results without any surgery as far as weight loss is concerned. Many of us are trying to lose weight and get into a good shape. You know it’s important for your overall health and well-being. But the problem is that in spite of your best efforts, results don’t show. You don’t want to go through surgical procedures and diet foods might just not be for you. Portion Controller promises you that now you can see the fat melt away without having resort to either.

Are you looking to lose weight, 20 lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs, or more? Weight loss surgery results in substantial weight loss post the surgery. Invasive surgical methods such as gastric bypass, lathroscopy, or liposuction are used to make you eat less and therefore lose more weight. However, although they may work, it is a rather drastic step and comes with risks.

How does Portion Controller Belt work?

Quite simply, Portion Controller works by making you feel pleasantly full when you are eating so that you don’t overeat and keep piling on those calories. In fact, it asserts that it can work on your hunger instantly, so that the portions of food you eat are controlled to get you the results you want. Portion Controller has its roots in research and studies, which show that compression of the stomach is capable of activating gastric receptors, which then alter food intake. They then send the signal of being full to the brain, which is why you eat less and therefore lose weight.

Now there is a way to do this without surgery. Lose weight risk free with Portion Controller. It is a new scientific breakthrough that applies direct pressure gently to the area on your stomach that triggers the feeling of fullness. This makes you eat smaller portions as you feel full faster. You will continue to eat the foods you love, but you will feel full faster.

This is the breakthrough with Portion Controller. So, don’t take diet pill, starve yourself, go through surgery, or eat expensive pre-packaged food. With the Portion Controller, you can be assured that there are no side effects. You can remove it whenever you want. It merely triggers to feeling of fullness so you eat less and lose weight.

No one will even realize that you are wearing the Portion Controller because it is so discreet. Use the science of feeling full and get the benefits of losing weight without surgery or diets. Get the Portion Controller and get surgical results without having to go through surgery.

How to use Portion Controller Belt

To get the most out of the Portion Controller you have to ensure that it is worn perfectly in place. The belt bubble has to be exactly one finger length above your navel. You also need to remember that the belt should be worn when you are hungry. To start with, you can place the Portion Controller with the bubble against your skin. It should be one finger width above navel. You can press it with both hands on the sides of your stomach. If you feel full then you have found your fullness spot.

Portion Controller should then be tightened over this spot till you feel comfortable. Your skin should overlap slightly over the front plate. Once you adjust and tighten it in place every morning, it guarantees you that you will start losing weight.

  • Place one fingertip above your naval and press it into your stomach. The fullness spot is where you feel the comfortable sensation of fullness.
  • Ensure that the Portion Controller stays over the fullness spot, by placing the support strap over it daily.
  • Feel full faster and lose weight while continuing to eat regular food.

Portion Controller Benefits

Portion Controller claims that you will start feeling fuller, which stops you from eating more and thus helps you lose weight. You don’t need to exercise for it to work. Portion Controller also asserts that it remains discreet and no one knows you are wearing it. Results are akin to surgical treatments, but without any surgery, according to its claims. It also maintains that there are virtually no side effects involved.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Buy one Portion Controller for $29.95 plus $7.95 P&H. Your kit includes 2 belts – one with an active plate and one used as a support belt.


Portion Controller Belt Video


18 thoughts on “Portion Controller Belt Review

  1. I went to their Farmingville office in NY this past August nd have already lost 20 pounds. I could have NEVER done it without this belt and the staff. My appetite was cut almost in half and it made watching what I ate so much easier because I wasen’t starving whenever I made a decision about what I was going to eat. I recommend trying it seriously before you give up and talk trash about it, it’s better than surgery!

  2. The portion controller belt is the biggest scam I have ever seen. You never see a doctor. The office is filled with a bunch of young adults in their late teens or early 20’s. The office manager who must be 60 herself dresses as if she thought she was 16. The level of professionalism, NOT. While they are doing sonograms on you, which by the way I’m disgusted that my insurance paid for this, they are answering cell phone call and texting, REALLY. The office has tacked papers hanging on the wall, REALLY. That people will hardly know you’re wearing it, NOT. Yea, they’ll know you’re not wearing it, if you wear a potato sack, or extremely oversized shirt. It is the most uncomfortable thing to wear. Out of pure desperation, I pursued this, and bitterly, bitterly regret it. The only way to lose weight, is the old fashion weight, watch what you, choose wisely, and get away from the junk. Please do not buy into this scam, it’s horrible.

  3. I bought the Portion Controller Belt on E-Bay (New) for $44.00. Just started wearing it to work and around house. I feel because its tight around my stomach it acts as a reminder to not overeat. I’ll need to give it some time to make final decision on whether it is a Scam or not.

  4. I must say…This Portion Controller Belt sounded so good when I heard it on the radio last year. I called in and left all my contact information but never heard back from them…still wanting to try this so bad i figured i would make my on. I used a ace bandage and cut a tennis ball in half so that it would sit right. Needless to say, it didn’t fit right. I was still curious though. So I went out a brought a big belt & a big bouncy ball out of quarter machine. Then came home & wrapped the ace bandage around the area of my stomach so the sweat & leather wouldn’t bother my skin, took the bouncy ball and wrapped inside a wash cloth for a bigger feel and a secure fit then put the leather belt over it. I’ve been wearing this belt for 3 months now. I only take it off for shows and bed. Started at 291.6 & I’m now 278.3 no extra changes were made in my lifestyle. I did notice that it took away my hunger and if I started to have cravings or feel hungry all I had to do was tighten in a bit. I even have coworkers who went out and did the same thing after they’ve noticed my secret. So far so good.

  5. What is lathroscopy? As far as I know.. There is no such word .. Or procedure.
    If they can’t even get their words and advertising might how can you trust them for anything else?

  6. I have not found anywhere to buy Portion Controller Belt online, except at some clinic in NY where you have to make an appointment. My friend who had lap band told me about it. Where can you buy online not from the clinic?

    • I went down there its a gimmick not worth it wait a while everyone else will come out with a similar same effect item the guy below was right you can buy a Velcro stomach weight loss band and put a tennis ball in it and it goes right above the belly button..and its cheaper a lot youll save hundreds

  7. I also believe this Portion Controller Belt is a scam, they do very expensive tests then give you the belt before getting the results & bill insurance company big time. I Overheard the staff telling a patient, without insurance the fee is 1200.00 “no I mean 1250.00” meanwhile you can order online for $29.95 (as seen on tv) no license on the wall. no doc in sight. Did I mention the lovely artwork pictures out of magazines hung with thumb tacs. I asked for test results on my 2nd visit & was old they were waiting on them fax & scanner down I feel I;m contributing to insurance fraud.

    • Hi All, My comment is for “Diane”. You mentioned that the online for less. Where can I buy it for $29.95? Thanks

      • Hi All, My comment is for “Diane”. You mentioned that you can order it online for less. Where can I buy it for $29.95? Thanks

    • WOW Diane 1,200?? for that you can go get the lap band from a “board certified” doctor & guaranteed to lose the weight…

      I know many people as well as celebrities that have had the lap band with Dr. Trivedi in NJ…I was actually considering this belt (just saw the commercial for the 1st time) thinking it might be 19.99 or something BUT I would never pay something that outrageous for a simple belt…for that money place your own belt one inch about your navel & squeeze!!

      Thanks for the info

  8. THIS Portion Controller Belt IS A BIG SCAM!!

    This is the actually website where you call and make an appointment. All then information they have on their website is false. They cite studies that were never done and can not be researched. When you call customer service they are rude when especially when you tell them and read the information directly from the web site and they make you think you are crazy. They are nasty they are not even informed enough to know their product at least to tell a lie! or give the appearance of product knowledge. So I searched on the alleged research and there is none. I checked all information and there is no verifiable studies or testimonials! I ask since the info cited is not found i ask what other scholarly articles are available. The officer manager said I dont like your tone !!! what tone i just asked for information. The government must do more to apprehend people who prey on the innocent seeking a weight loss solution. This is the biggest farce so far.

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