Personal Pedi by Laurant

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What is Personal Pedi by Laurant

A hand-held electronic device that has rollers equipped with micro minerals to remove the hardest of callus to give you smooth feet every time. Ideal for men and women, it buffs, smoothens and massages feet, and is easy to clean.

Promises to Roll the callus away

Personal Pedi by Laurant claims to be your personal pedicure device that will let you win the battle with callused feet and hands that anyone would be so embarrassed about. It is quite common to suffer from callus on feet and the sufferer usually resorts to either hiding the feet in closed shoes to avoid embarrassment or obsessively uses filer and scrapper to get rid of calluses. But, one still does not get smooth feet. However, Personal Pedi claims that it has rotators and micro mineral rollers that can roll the hardest of callus away to give you smooth feet. It maintains to be so efficient that you will find a great difference in the first use itself and its parts are conveniently removable and interchangeable.

Claims to Buff, smoothen and massage your feet

After your feet are successfully callus free, Personal Pedi alleges to have a buffing roller that buffs the scraps away to give your feet a spic and span look along with giving you a foot massage. The secret of Personal Pedi as the makers claim lies in its 1800 RPM mineral roller that loosens and lifts hard and unsightly calluses. It also states to have a smoothing roller to give you a polished look and feel to your feet. It guarantees to save your time with its waterproof design that can be used into a shower also so that removing calluses becomes a part of your daily routine instead of spending time and effort freeing your feet of calluses. Personal Pedi by Laurant convinces to make your feet look so smooth that you will get those sexy stilettos out again.

Also removes hand calluses

Not just feet calluses, Personal Pedi states that it can remove difficult hand calluses that you have suffered from as long as five years and make them disappear right before your eyes within seconds! It maintains that it can be safely used by men as well as women anytime. Personal Pedi also assures to be as easy to clean as it is in cleaning your feet. All you allegedly need to do is remove the roller and rinse it under water and it will be ready for another use. Personal Pedi states that it will help you save money and time in going to a salon for a pedicure or even wasting time filing and scrapping your feet because now you can get smooth feet right at home within minutes.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Personal Pedi by Laurant with (1) Remover Roller and (1) Smooth and Polish Roller for $19.95+$6.95 S&H.
  • Official website:
  • 32 thoughts on “Personal Pedi by Laurant

    1. I bought one, and the battery cover broke. No way to get ahold of them to get a new cover. Yeah, it’s been more than 30 days, but less than 60. Figures though. Cheaply made in China.

    2. I have had my Personal Pedi by Laurant for several years. Now I cannot find replacement rollers that fit it. Help

    3. I love it .. .do not buy the one with the batteries .. but the one you recharge … need some new rollers…
      Nothing wrong with it .. just use it regularly … really help me …

    4. My mom sent me the personal pedi a year ago and I never opened it. Well my feet have gotten so bad i was searching in my bathroom for anything to use. Well i came across the personal pedi still in its package. I opened it, put batteries in at and the results were AMAZING!! My feet have not been so soft in years.. Although I trief to put more Pressure and it did not spin. But ebd results are great!!

    5. I have had a Laurant personal pedi for several months. I did change the batteries once only to give it more juice for my next session. I use it about once a week or so and I love it. I wear flip flops all year round in my house so I get rough feet quickly. This little personal pedi has helped me out a lot. I can’t speak for others and their experience but I love it.

    6. I have experienced the same problem. My personal pedi worked for 2 sessions and then it quit! I replaced the batteries and the refills. No luck! My Mom bought me another one for my birthday and the same thing happened in 2 weeks. Packaging looks great, product is BAD!!!

    7. Don’t throw your money away on this product. I brought a personal pedi . When I took it out of the package and inserted fresh batteries. I tried it to see how it worked. I used it for three minutes. It worked fine but it was nothing impressive. The second time I tried to use it I did not work. The roller didn’t spin. It was useless. I wasted my money on a piece of crap that worked a total of three minutes!! Do not buy the personal pedi by Laurant unlessyou have money to throw away!!!

    8. This item is amazing, it has done in one night, what have been trying to do with files and creams for 10 years! I have had very badly cracked heels for a long time and now they’re gone I can’t believe it.. Thank you personal pedi by Laurent.

    9. HI there,
      I have a Certificate in which I am to insert my Credit Card # Expiration Date print and sign my name and enter my address along with $6.95 for S&H. I am assuming this is in U.S. dollars.
      do you have a Customer Service phone number for me?
      Please call me @ 905-835-1826

    10. I had a personal pedi last summer and used it for a couple of weeks and all of a sudden it stopped. I replaced the batteries, then discovered that a little plastic piece in the bottom had broken off. I recently bought another one (big mistake) and the second time I used it the same thing happened. I didn’t even try to open it…it just simply came apart…the same little plastic piece was broken again. I wasn’t overly aggressive with it and I don’t think I in any way caused it to break. I won’t be buying another Perfect Pedi by Laurent. I’ll try a different brand.

    11. I have really bad callused feet , I had bought a personal pedi ( not by Laurant ) and it was crap.
      I did buy the personal pedi by Laurant plus extra rollers about 2 mos ago. I love it. My feet haven’t felt this good in years. I was amazed on how much crud was coming off my feet.
      I was using it last night and it just up and stopped working. I know it wasn’t due to the batteries because I had just put new ones in.
      I will be buying another one.

    12. i got one of your Personal Pedi what a piece of crap! its not strong enough to keep running when using it it wants to bog down when you put a little pressure on it to try and get deeper cleaning want buy another one!.

    13. I received to new heads for the personal pedi in the mail. I did not request these. I do not want to pay for something I did not order so if this is something that is going to be sent out automatically please take me off the list. I would rather speak to a representative but there is no phone numbers. Also, the paperwork I received with my original order said that I could request new heads, no where does it say they will automatically be shipped to me.

    14. Dear sirs, The back of my Personal Pedi broke where the batteries are located. Could you please send me a battery lock cover so I can use it. Patricia Silvers@ 35097 Tedesca Drive Palm Desert, Ca. 92211. Thank You

    15. I bought one of these for my husband for Christmas as a joke because he has bad callus problems and would get them removed from a doctor, it turned out to be great for him, he loves it, I tried it too and it worked, I had no idea that so many people have had problems, I was thinking of buying another one for my Mom but now I’m scared to order it online after all the problems everyone is having so I’m going to buy it from a store and if the new one doesn’t work then its going back to the store, I hope everyone on here gets their new ones or refund soon, that isn’t right, I guess I was just lucky to buy one that works.

    16. Disappointing, very marginal results, not at all like shown on tv where the rough skin just flies off, pretty well a waste of money

    17. i know they have got the 2 personal pedi back they sign for them I still have not got a call or a email saying they are returning my money they are scamming me so now it time to take it to the law

    18. I have return the 2 personal pedi I bought because they are broken I paid to ship them back and the customer number on the web site there is no one answering they leave you on hold my order number is 14143950 and want some one to call me and fix this y phone number is 807 577-2115

    19. I have ship back 2 of the personal pedi I bought because they are broken I paid for the shipping to send them back . the phone number on the web site is b.s there is no one there saying some one will be with you soon I waited from 8 am till 2 pm and no one answered . I want my money back 78.68 and I want some one to call me at 577- 2115 so I know this is not a scam my order number is 14143950 , I will contact my bank and tell them this is a scam and get my money back one way or another

    20. i order 2 of them and both were broken , I have called the number they give you on the web site and get no were , no one answers they have you on hold say the next operater that free will be with you . there is no one to help you I have sent it back and I paid for the shipping . I am still waiting for my for my refund , next step is calling the bbb and get the visa company to get my money back

    21. J’ai achete personnal pedi chez wall Mart a LAVAL
      Ou trouver les têtes de remplacements
      Merci de me répondre rapidement


    23. I bought the personal pedi, was happy to receive it before Christmas, and I also spent extra for the lifetime replacement. Well, when I opened the package, I got only a piece of paper that I have to sent more money to get the other so call certificate. Such a false information at the beginning, said you add $5.95 and get the lifetime replacement, but you got only another paper for more money. If I don’t do it, I am sure going to waste $5.95. Such a lie and dishonest, now turn out I am not happy at all. 🙁

      • I bought one at Walmart. It had just the two main rollers. I’m trying to find out where to buy replacements rollers. If anyone knows please post a reply.

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