Personal Pedi DELUXE Review

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About Personal Pedi DELUXE

Personal Pedi DELUXE states to be a callus remover that easily and quickly eliminates hardened and callused skin. Personal Pedi DELUXE asserts that it can get rid of calluses on hands as well as feet. Personal Pedi DELUXE claims thatother loosening and lifting the hardened skin, it leaves the skin looking smooth and polished. Personal Pedi Deluxe assures to have a waterproof design to be used right in the shower.

How does it work

If you are troubled by hardened and callused skin on your hands and feet, Personal Pedi DELUXE convinces to eliminate it and also give you smooth skin. Personal Pedi DELUXE maintains to have a mineral roller that spins at 2,500 RPM quickly loosening, lifting, and rolling away stubborn calluses in minutes. Then the buffing roller of Personal Pedi DELUXE emphasizes to massage your skin so that you get a smoothing looking and feeling skin that is perfectly polished.

Remove callus easily and effortlessly

Getting rid of hardened skin and calluses is an arduous and time consuming job and callus removers aren’t always effective. But Personal Pedi DELUXE now guarantees that you no longer have to hide your hands and feet that look unattractive because of rough and hardened skin. Personal Pedi DELUXE claims to eliminate callused skin on hands and feet easily and quickly. Personal Pedi DELUXE proclaims that it has a mineral roller that works at 2,500 RPM to get rid of rough skin and the buffing roller massages the skin to leave it give you smooth looking and polished skin.

Waterproof design

Personal Pedi DELUXE convinces to have a convenient waterproof design that allows you to use it right in the shower so that you can save time while getting a smooth skin. Personal Pedi DELUXE assures to be as easy to clean as it is to use, and all you need to do to care for it is just remove the rollers and rinse them under running water. Personal Pedi DELUXE claims to have two settings – low and high – to let you use it as per your need.


A customer Paulene who used Personal Pedi Deluxe complains in her review that the callus remover is weak and that it doesn’t have enough power to be useful in removing calluses. She states that could use Personal Pedi DELUXE for just a few minutes, after which she ditched it for a manual foot scrubber that seemed to be more effective. She says that Personal Pedi DELUXE could be useful to only someone who doesn’t have too much callus. The reviewer says that even though Personal Pedi DELUXE is not too expensive,it is nevertheless a complete waste of the buyer’s money.

What do I get?

You get Personal Pedi DELUXE for $20.99.Official website

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