Pedi Whiz Review

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Are your feet filled with ugly calluses that are hard to get rid of? Introducing the Pedi Whiz, a revolutionary callus remover that can effectively remove ugly calluses from your feet. It transforms your feet from dull and ugly to silky smooth and healthy in just a few seconds.


Pedi Whiz 
The Pedi Whiz is ergonomically designed so it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is battery operated and is designed with a powerful motor that enables the stainless steel precision micro files to very gently and effectively remove the rough and dry callused skin from the toe, ball, side and heel of your foot.

It features two speed settings: low and high. You can use the low speed setting to remove thinner calluses and the high speed setting to eliminate your rough and thick callused skin. It is designed such that you can gently remove just one micro thin layer of callused skin at a time to give you super smooth, healthy skin and beautiful looking feet.

You can also attach microdermabrasion pads to it to gently transform your feet from rough to smooth in just seconds. The microdermabrasion pads can also be used to gently remove thinner calluses from your hands, elbows, and knees to keep your skin looking soft and smooth. It removes the top layer of rough skin but leaves the healthy skin below just as it was.

The Pedi Whiz is very easy to clean too. It is designed with a special residue collection system that collects all the scrapings and filings inside, leaving no dirty mess to clean up. All you have to do is simply empty the scrapings and filings into the thrash can.



What do I get?
What do I get?
Pedi Whiz – with precision micro file, microdermabrasion mount with a full kit of 7 skin smoothing pads
Handy travel bag for easy transportation of your Pedi Whiz

You can now order the Pedi Whiz callus remover for only £29.99. Official website www.BestDirect.TV



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