Pedi Spin Review

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As someone who likes to look after yourself from head to toe, you just cannot ignore the dry patches on your feet, which can make you conscious. Moreover these rough patches and calluses can cause a lot of pain and be inconvenient for you as well. But you don’t have to go to expensive salons or use myriad products to get rid of these dry patches, dead skin and calluses any more.


Pedi Spin
You have a simple solution in the form of Pedi Spin, which is safe and easy to use. Pedi Spin contains stainless steel microfiles that are strong enough to get rid of the dead skin and calluses with ease.

Pedi Spin is strong enough to show stunning results but it’s also safe to use for your delicate skin. It does the job of removing dead skin gently without causing you any harm. Pedi Spin works on two precision speeds, which can be used according to your preference and needs.

They are just perfect to eliminate calluses and rough patches on your feet. Pedi Spin is a versatile product and you can use it on your feet, soles and heels. The end result will be smooth, baby soft feet just like you want them to be.

Disposable heads ensure that you get a clean and ready to use Pedi Spin every time you want to use it.
Pedi Spin is portable and convenient to carry wherever you go; hence you can use it anywhere and at any time. Say goodbye to expensive products and salon trips and say hello to soft and gentle feet.



What do I get?
You can buy Pedi Spin for $14.99 plus shipping and handling costs at and you get a buffing pad and two finishing pads with it. You can also get Easy Feet to look after your feet by just paying the additional shipping and handling costs.


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134 thoughts on “Pedi Spin Review

  1. I bought my pedispin at Dollar General in Sinton, Texas. It works great. You need to get good Brand batteries that work. After that the pedispin works great. It does a great job. I just need to buy extra replacement finishing pads for my pedispin. Will you help me buy some. Will pay for them. Thank you for a great product. Marcy

  2. Yes…I do recommend for someone to buy this product..a year ago I battled cancer synovial sarcoma on my right heel which had to be removed. after having radiation my skin became very dry and very cracked. My daughter gave me pedi spin for my birthday and I love it.. Pedi skin removed all the crack skin I will be using it every week. Thank you pedi spin

  3. I just purchased a pedi spin for my daughter.. What a waste of £15!! It can only be liked to they £1 fans except it is used on your skin. It stops with the slightest pressure, it does nothing like it is advertised to do.. It is a total rip off – I would love to say cheap rubbish but it is far from cheap! I am so annoyed… I put my trust in British advertising that it would be fairly good but disappointed! You c

  4. I just purchased a PediSpin and it is a total waste of money. With 4 new batteries fitted I proceeded to remove some minor callous on my foot. As soon as I touched the skin (lightly, not pushing hard), the motor stopped. Nothing like the publicity demonstrates with some really bad callous areas. This is total mis representation and advertising of a poor product.

  5. I love my Pedi Spin. Don’t know why all the negative comments. Of course, if you push really hard it makes it slow down. The secret is a light touch. My feet are always smooth. I take my Pedi Spin on every trip I take. Sure need to find the replacement pads.

  6. I was most disappointed with the product – it has no penetration of the outer skin at all. TOTALLY pathetic – does not perform what it says it will do – please let me know where I can get a refund

  7. Absolutely garbage, piece of tat. Mine is going back to Boots. Perhaps trading standards would be interested in this item? Not fit for purpose, misleading advertising etc.

  8. I don’t understand why so many people had issues with this Pedi Spin? I got one yesterday for ten dollars at a discount store and it works great! I used it on my face first because I wanted an at home microdermabrasion tool bt it’s like two hundred dollars and thats not happening. this is basically the same thing. Anyway I used it on my feet too. I did it a little too hard on my face and had a few raw spots but thats ok not bad… on my feet (which my feet weren’t really what I bought it for but I figured what the heck) it sanded off the rough spots. they weren’t really very rough to begin with though. The metal plate thing didn’t work right for me- or maybe i did it wrong, who knows. Anyway I skipped right to the sandpaper and it worked great. the skin came off sort of like dust or chalk residue and it was pretty cool. I enjoyed doing it. they were not very rough to begin with, maybe a 3 on a scale of 1-10, but now they are very smooth and soft. I could probably do more but since there are only 12 pads and there are no refills for sale I guess I will save it for another time. So yeah, skip the metal plate, buy it somewhere where you can return it if you don’t like it and try the sandpaper first. And yeah don’t press too hard or it cuts off. light pressure. maybe if you have thicker calluses you can try cutting your own sandpaper? idk thats probably what I will do when mine runs out. I liked it on my face bc it smoothed it out a great deal.

  9. I have just purchased a PediSpin and have never been so disappointed in a product in all my life. As soon as you touch it against your foot it stops, the so called filing plate does nothing, I didn’t get to use the polishing plate because i couldn’t remove the hard skin to start with. Score out of 10… 1 thats only because it looks OK.

    • If you want something mor disappointing, try the ear VAC. just put it this way, it’s a good thing it was just bought in fun and there were absolutely no expectation of it working at all because it doesn’t.

  10. This Pedi Spin works fine for me.

    If you just press down and expect results in 30 seconds this is not for you – although I would be interested in any product that is that good.

      • I can understand that some people are struggling with this item but it’s does work – just not as quickly as on the advert

  11. I just purchased Pedi Spin and just few minutes ago tried using it with very light pressure, it stops and makes a rattling noise when touches my skin????? I saw another person use one and it worked fine what’s the deal, why does it stop and why does file disc stop when touches my skin?? I am very disappointed and mad.

  12. COMPLETE AND TOTAL RIP OFF!! The motor stops as soon as you put it on your skin! It does not work as advertised. The infomercial shows it being used on dry skin but the instructions say to soak the area for 10 to 15 minutes before use. Either way it does not removed the skin as it depicts on the infomercial, or any at all. I tried changing out different batteries, nothing worked. I feel that the advertisement is false. I am very disappointed with the Pedi Spin.

    I’m wondering; on the infomercial are they use some fake layers on the heels to show how strong is this “Pedi Spin”, because it doesn’t do nothing in real action! Do Not Buy This Product! You Will Waste your Money!!!! The rating I give is not even 1! It’s equal with a big 0!

  13. This product does not work!!!! The Pedi Egg is by far way better and works well. The Pedi spin is a joke. Does nothing. Bought it a t Ross store for $9.99 – TV ad is $14.99 + $13.99 s/h too funny. DO NOT ORDER, NOT WORTH IT AT ALL!!!!

  14. Yes- I should have read the reviews first – my bad! This is a toy. I have used mine as directed for 3 weeks and my heels are still hard and cracked. A decent pumice stone with good old-fashioned work is still the only solution. Maybe if they made these the size of a flashlight and used “D” batteries instead of “AA” batteries it might work.

  15. Don’t waste your money! I saw the bad reviews but still decided to try it. M-I-S-T-A-K-E!! The battery powered motor is way too undersized. Tried it on dry feet and after soaking my feet….didn’t matter, motor bogs down and stops. As soon as you put ANY kind of pressure to it it’ll bog down. I hesitated when they said $7.00 S&H on the free socks, and you can’t opt out of it. I wish I would have listened to my instincts and cancelled right then.

  16. Sad to see all the people who are dissatisfied with the PediSpin. I’ve had mine for a couple of years and LUV it! You have to be patient and not apply too much pressure as this will cause the head to stop spinning. You must have a light touch or it just won’t work. Be patient, go easy and you’ll get the knack of it. My only complaint is I can’t find anywhere to buy replacement finishing pads, other than that it’s a great little gadget!

  17. SCAM! Pure & simple. Doesn’t work as advertised on TV. I will be returning this product ASAP at Rite Aid where I purchased it.

  18. I am really disappointed in this Pedi Spin, I even bought rechargeable batteries thinking this would help but it didnt….bad purchase.

    • Went through the same routine as you. Conclusion: Pedi Spin is a rubbish product, feel like I’ve been ripped off.

  19. I am in love with the Pedispin! I have had years of paying 25 to 30 dollars every two weeks to get my feet pedicured hoping that this would help control my horrible cracked and dried callused skin on my feet. I have also spent countless amounts on foot care products in hopes of getting my issue under control. I finally bought a Pedispin and my life has changed. I can not even begin to tell you how much this product has helped me. I have smooth soft skin on my feet just like I did in childhood. I also found that after using my Pedispin if I applied Sally Hansen Foot Cream, found in Walmart, my use of the Pedispin was less often. I do have one issue however with Pedispin, I have no idea where to find the buffing pad refills. When I do figure this out I will update my review. One other tip I have for you is that the buffing sandpaper the Pedispin gives you is very fine, which is just fine, but I found if I needed a little extra sanding for tougher cracks, buying a sheet of different grit sandpaper cutting it into circles to fit the Pedispin and using a folded piece of duck-tape to secure it to the Pedispin work real good. After many years of frustration I can now show my feet without embarrassment. Finally a Great Product!

  20. My girl and I both love this Pedi Spin. Those who are posting negative reviews don’t know how to use this properly. I have a Ped Egg also but this works so much easier. My feet have never been smoother.


  21. I’m really desperate to use this PEDI Spin, however I’m on the second 1 that I ordered online and neither one of them has worked. Does anybody know if there’s a trick to getting started with this thing? Like maybe something you have to pull out to start using it like a little tab or something? What am I doing wrong?

  22. I also brought pedi spin and it do not do what the TV say it stop and it do not take off any skin on your foot. I soak my feet just like the direction say and it still did not do anything it is a waste of my money $14.99. I could have gotten other stuff with that I advised others not to buy it because it is a lie.

  23. I’m in the middle of the Pedi Spin reviews here. As a machine mechanic I understand the importance of light pressure as opposed to trying to grind a hole in your foot. As a person of 52 years of age and with dry, cracking soles I would like something more aggressive. I can see their concern for safety and such and will go back to using my orbital sander with fine-grit sandpaper only because I know how not to hurt myself with it. I’ll keep this Pedi-Spin as it was a gift this Christmas 2012 and when I can’t afford to run the sander because of the noise. On a scale of one-to-ten I’d give it a 5.

  24. Everyone with a negative review is not doing it right! It will shut off if you apply pressure. It is a safety so you don’t hurt your feet. After about five minutes I quickly learned the correct pressure to apply. You have to be slow and patient. It does not rip off the skin in peels like on TV, however it helps to soak your feet first. I would recommend this to anyone. Its great!!

  25. Lucky I saved a women at Walmart from buying this. If you purchase this product you will be pissed. It probably would be a good product if it had a 110 volt power cord but with AA batteries its really weak and pathetic.

  26. Pedi spin sucks, it doesn’t do anything but make your feet sore. The commercial is a scam. My opinion is that they put some kind of peel. Even after soaking my feet, this piece of garbage didn’t work. The least bit of pressure and it turns off.

  27. I bought my Pedi Spin and I put new batteries in the Pedi Spin and I turned it on and it won’t work at all, I got it at Walgreen’s, I just bought new batteries for the dang thing it won’t work. So I haven’t tried it yet but I am gonna take it back and seeing about getting another one and if that don’t work then I am going to get my money back – hopefully. I wanted to try it.

  28. Today I purchased a Pedi Spin…it doesn’t work. If you apply any pressure what so ever it stops spinning. You would have more luck walking barefoot on pavement….this product is useless, unless you need a paperweight. Thank you Pedi Spin. I was hoping to get ripped off today!

  29. I recently bought the Pedi spin, and believe me when I tell you it was a total rip-off, the only thing I did was slightly smooth my feet, but hardly shedded off any dead skin like it advertised on the commercial. I was so pissed what I looked up these Pedi Spin reviews to see what other people thought and to post this comment! Piece of crap!!!

  30. I love this thing….. my feet have not been smoother. if you go slow and work it you can smooth it down. if you run the batteries out while trying this, then you need a doctor to take care of your calluses. my feet were awful. I have had this for 3 hours and have never felt better. I can’t wait to put shoes on to see the difference, and I hate shoes. If you ever want a TV spokesperson,. I am it!!!!!!. my only complaint is I didn’t get the little booties. I purchased mine at Wally World, Fayetteville Arkansas. home of wally world…… and by the way, it works in other areas also. my hands were a little rough and it’s helped with that also. no matter the reviews, just like music or movies make your own decisions.

  31. I bought the Pedi Spin and have used it many many times and absolutely love it! The pressure being put on the device is something learned. My feet are so soft afterwards. By the way, I’m a real customer too! The only problem I have is finding out how to get more blades for it!

  32. You would be better off using a nail file on your feet.. that is about how this piece of junk works anyway.. if you apply enough pressure so that it might actually work, it stops spinning. This was the biggest waste of money. Buy the regular pedi egg.. I really liked that..

  33. Completely worthless product. It was an impulse buy and that should teach me a lesson about buying something without researching it. The basic problem is that the battery power is insufficient to accomplish anything. Yeah, you can use a lighter handed approach, but since that doesn’t take the dead skin off, it is pretty much a waste of time. Really a piece of garbage. I rarely can talk myself into throwing a new purchase directly into the garbage but that’s where this one belongs.

  34. TOTAL PIECE OF GARBAGE…Advertisement is very deceiving. Shuts off with the slightest amount of pressure. Never shaves of skin like in the commercial. Company should be sued for false advertisement. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!

  35. I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond. It takes a little bit of trial & error but it worked wonders on my dry & cracking heels. You have to hold it just right to work but it does work! I also bought gold bond foot cream to use afterward. My heels have never been so soft.

  36. I bought this from Bed Bath and Beyond over the weekend (using a coupon) so it was like 10 bucks. I think it works great, granted my feet weren’t horribly callused or anything. I’ve only used it twice so far, first time with out soaking my feet first, and I have to say it worked much better after the shower. But for those of you dealing with the actual company and paying the ridiculous shipping fees, why not just get it from your local store, they’ll take it back if you don’t like it as well.

  37. Wow, I was expecting some great reviews….looks like more negative then good. Anyway, when I got the Pedi spin and used it I was really surprised! I bought my daughter one and she liked it also. I am a real customer by the way. Granted I’ve only had to use it once so far….but that once did the job. I used it after a shower. I did empty and brush it out when through.

    • How did this product get a patent? It doesn’t work if you have calloused areas on feet! It stops with the slightest pressure, no wonder it costs so little, I bought this new product that puts Pedispin to shame! It should be called Pedistop!

  38. This is a piece of junk. This was the first as seen on tv thing I ever bought…well now I know why, its all garbage. Glad I didnt order it, hope the store will take it back. Notice how those that do like it have the same response…almost as if its one person, however though this crap stops working the second it touches your foot. Pedispin doesn’t shave anything off just makes the rough spots smooth but you can still feel them. If I wanted a polished callous I would just put lotion on.

  39. I saw the commercial and knew I wanted to get it but when did it didn’t do what was advertised. I wanted to take it back but it had already been used. Waste of money.

  40. I really love my Pedi Spin. Worked great for me with much less energy than the Ped Egg. Sorry if others can’t make it work. It is important to soak my feet before I try to use it, but I still need new replacement heads. So far the only way I can find to get new replacement blades is to buy a new unit. Not!

  41. Dude, saw the same comment like five different times with different names.

    I like how the people who are making the money off of this product are posting: “it works just fine for me. Just don’t apply too much pressure.” (that was paraphrased, but you get the point)
    You can tell it wasn’t real costumes. Else wise the comments wouldn’t have all read the exact same.

    Yeah, nice try… I saw that trick with YouTube and my email among other various places.

    Please, do us people a favor and try a little hard next time. Like what fake charities on TV do. I really don’t like people who are thieves AND imbeciles.

  42. Dude… No… Just. No. This product sucks for feet!!!

    The down side? If you could find some super super amazingly strong double A batteries with extra power, then it might work. Elsewise, it’s a rip off. The Ped Egg is 5 bucks cheaper and works 100 times better.

    The plus side you ask?
    It works better at trimming my cat and dogs nails than the As Seen On TV Pedi Paws. Just put on the sand paper piece and go to work. Now my demon spawn cat can’t scratch my eyes out as easily anymore!!!
    It’s more quiet than Pedi Paws, and it’s cheaper, not to mention even easily freaked out animals will generally let you use it on them.

    So don’t just think “this is a rip off” just because it is falsely advertised (false advertisement is illegal.) think beyond the lies!!! It is miraculous with pets!

    I felt so jipped when I got home with this!!! Then my cat decided to chase a moth while I sat there disappointed in the Pedi Spin. My cat scratched me when the moth landed on my leg. I looked at the bleeding scratch and thought “I wonder?…” and tried it on her. She sat through it and when I was finished I put her down and she walked away.

  43. I bought this product with the same results. When you can keep it from spinning off across the room and dont put too much pressure on it, it does smooth. I wish I read the reviews before purchasing it.

  44. PEOPLE… HOW CRAZY ARE YOU?? (THE ONES THAT ACTUALLY PLACE AN ORDER). All of these things can be purchased at your local Walmart or Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walgreens or CVS. WHY would you put yourselves though the hassle of ordering this stuff and the great part is if you don’t like the product you can return it to the store and get your money back immediately!!

    • 3 Wm’s near me do not carry the product, I dont do bed bath and whatever, thought the web site would be closer to a good company, but no, its a scam from the start.

  45. Don’t buy this product!

    Bought a Pedi-Spin this weekend at Walgreens. My experience was the same as many others. The device stopped spinning when it barely touched my foot. I would advise everyone not to buy this.

  46. Wow, glad I checked. Sounds like another rip off take your money scam. Boy all these infomercials are so convincing and you think mmmm. Then you buy their stuff and it doesn’t work. Crooks out to make a buck. Thanks for the reviews guys. I’m not buying this item Pedi Spin.

  47. I am so glad I read the reviews before I purchased this product. I don’t want the headache, like the reviews stated.

  48. Save your money!! Save your time!! Don’t deal with this company. What a nightmare trying to tell an automated machine NO. They’ve added items that I now have to cancel or be charged for even though I canceled the order…finally. I may have to pay the shipping and handling but they won’t get a recommendation from me.

  49. Just want to say thank you to everyone. I was looking into buying Pedi Spin and I am now not. Thank you so much for the help.

  50. This product is garbage! It didn’t work anywhere near what the commercial showed! I was very dissatisfied! I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone!

    • I’ve spent days trying to cancel this order before it shipped or posted to my account. Many items were added against my wishes that I must now cancel or be charged. Haven’t even received it in the mail to refuse. Disputing charges and will not recommend to my friends.

      Wish I had read the reviews FIRST!

  51. Like so many others I was excited when I saw this Pedi Spin on TV. Looked at my local Wal-Mart and bought it for $19.99. Got it home and was disappointed.

    Put the thing together, turned it on and the file disk went flying across the room. I thought maybe I I did not get it on all the way and tried to put it on several more times and several more times it went flying. I was finally able to get it on and now i can’t get the file disk off…

    Tried the slow speed and the second it hit my skin it stopped. Did not put any pressure on the thing at all. I went to the faster speed and the same thing happened. I continued to try and use the Pedi Spin and nothing, nothing happened. Did not look like it even attempted to remove any skin. I did continue to try it over a few days and still nothing.

    Thought I was using it wrong…really how difficult could it be? I read the simple directions and still nothing. One review stated that if you leave it in one spot for too long it burns your skin, they were right, and i still have rough dry skin.

    I tried everything over a period of several days and still nothing. Not sure what these people were doing different than me, but it is a piece of crap and not worth the energy you wasted to think about buying the thing.

    Save your money and buy the Ped Egg…15 minutes with that i had the smooth feet I was wanting….

  52. Following is a note I sent to Pedi Spin immediately after visiting its website: DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE CROOKS!!!

    I have called at least four times trying to CANCEL the order that I placed sometime this morning (see below). I spoke with Marcela at 11:11 a.m., Robert at 11:58 a.m.; Suzanna at 1:23 p.m. and Jose (the supervisor) at 1:25 p.m. I do not see why I should have to constantly call 1-866-385-5254 to try and cancel an order that I actually did not even actually put through. First I was told to call back in about 2-3 hours. Then I was told to call back in about 4-5 hours. Then I was told to call back in about 2 days and, finally, Jose told me to call back on Monday (3 days from today) to cancel the order. By then, I am sure I would be told that the order had already gone through and it would be impossible to cancel it. However, I am going to retain this e-mail indicating that someone in your customer service department acknowledged the e-mail I sent requesting that you CANCEL this order. I think your practices are fraudulent. When I initially attempted to place the order, your system did not show the name of the firm I work for even though I typed that information into the form. Also, I noted that the system had ordered stuff that I did not order; therefore, costing me more money than I intended to spend. When I tried to correct those things, I realized that I could not get back into the form, I then simply closed out of your site. However, about 10 minutes later, I received the following confirmation indicating that my order had gone through.

    I have never encountered a website that would not allow you to go back into it and correct things, if need be. Your website simply took the information and put the order through. There is something that is blatantly wrong with this type of practice. I will tell you now, if you do not CANCEL this order, I will never back down. I will take whatever steps necessary to insure that I get my money back. Therefore, to save us all a lot of headaches, I hereby request again that you CANCEL this order and send me a confirmation that the same has been accomplished.

    Cc: Better Business Bureau

    • Agreed!! What a nightmare. I tried canceling this order right away. It went from $14.98 plus s&h to $29.87.

      The only reason I was able to finally cancel was because ‘they’ called me to confirm the order. I was then told to refuse delivery and the post office would just charge me $3.00. Now to watch for the charges to my account for all the extra goodies I didn’t want.

      PLUS they tried to talk me into MORE stuff I didn’t want to keep the order.

  53. I purchased this off the infomercial and got and what a cheap piece of crap. It definitely isn’t worth the money. I since then happened to notice a MICRO PEDI on HSN and ordered it with extra MICRO ROLLERS and used it for the first time last night… Miraculous results and a breeze to use… Simply fabulous. Needless to say the Pedi Spin is going back for a full refund.

    • I was incorrect I purchased the MICRO Pedi off of QVC Network and not HSN as I thought… Fabulous!

  54. I bought this item at my local CVS and I dont like it. It does not make my feet the way it says in the commercials. I went to take it back and they would not let me. I didnt even use the sand paper part of it and when I take things back, I clean it up. So now I have a $15 thing that does not work.

    • I am in the same boat…I can’t get a refund, had it only for a month…great customer…they don’t back their product…wonderful…

  55. The motor stops only if you push too hard probably a safety feature but if you use a light touch it works just fine. My main complaint is it is almost impossible to open the head to empty the contents.

  56. I purchased this product at Walmart and it would not even turn on. When I returned it the lady at customer service suggested I take a refund instead of an exchange. She said all of them are being returned, for one reason or another, and they are going to send the entire shipment back to the supplier. In my opinion terrible cheap waist of money.

  57. DOB NOT BUY this product, this is my 3rd one and finally got one that worked and then everytime I took it away from my foot the top fly’s across the room and took a chip out of a 4,000 dollar tv, WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP.

  58. Pedi Spin is worthless ! it would have been over priced if I had bought it at the dollar store – bought mine at Wal Mart $14.99- after buying batteries the total was about $20.00 for a useless gadget. SAVE YOUR MONEY -WALK PAST ON THE PEDI SPIN!

  59. I just bought the Pedi Spin. I tried the Pedi Egg thing and that didn’t work very well on my very bad feet. I just tried the Pedi Spin once and I like what I see so far. The only thing is that if you push down too much, it stops. My feet are REALLY bad so I guess it’s just going to take me a while to get through the layers.

  60. This PediSpin is a scam, it does not work, and a little pressure and it stop. Have to keep on using my Ped Egg. You need to make a better product. Pedi Spin is for the dogs. (Get a better product).

  61. This Pedi-Spin is the biggest piece of crap ever don’t buy it. I would not be surprised if they get sued because of it. The head came flying off of mine and I could not find it for awhile, but if it hits a family pet or a child it would of hurt them. They need to recall this piece of crap.

  62. You have to be patient with the PediSpin, don’t press to hard. It does work if you use it correctly, personally I liked it. I read where a lot of people didn’t care for it, but for me it worked just fine.

  63. I just finished using my “PediSpin”, it is great! no more dry rough skin on my feet it works just like they said it would, I am very pleased!

  64. Wow, thank heavens for websites like this! I was just about to go to Walgreens to pick this baby up! Good thing I didn’t!! I am so impressed with the Ped Egg, I thought this was an improved version.. guess not. I suppose I will spend my money on some more Ped Egg refills- LOL. Thanks for posting!!

  65. Like most “as seen on TV” products, you will be wasting your money. They will be a dime a dozen in a short period of time and you will be finding them on the shelves of closeout stores within the next 6 months, if not already. These look like a “spin” off of the sweater shavers. Some company probably had a warehouse full and figured out a way to unload them. Hope everyone that is returning them gets their money back, but don’t hold your breath.

  66. What a waste of money. Though I got the deluxe deal from HSN, I was anticipating getting something that worked better than the Ped Egg. I was extremely disappointed. Pedi Spin does not work at all as advertised. It makes your rough cracked heels smooth, yes, but certainly does not remove the cracked skin. Just a fine powder dust. Yes you can only press lightly or the spinner stops. Getting my money back.

  67. Ha Ha Ha! My review says “awaiting moderation” so they are going to modify my comments! anyway…save your money and especially don’t order the thing at “get PediSpin” you will get ripped!

  68. I fell for the commercial! I ordered it and also “deluxed” my order where I was led to believe I would get replacement attachments and ended up paying 40 bucks. 3 weeks later it finally arrived without extra attachments. After emailing customer service I got reply that I need to call customer service. Then was told I got my order, there are no extra replacement attachments but it was specifically on the site for extra when I ordered. I also got bombarded with calls trying to get me to buy something else before they processed my order. With caller id I didn’t answer these calls for a long time, thank goodness I finally did or I probably wouldn’t have got my order yet. Another thing that burned me up was the “order now and you get free booties”. They charged me $7 extra postage for throwing those in the same box. I should have known better to order from such a place. Lesson learned! Be forewarned! That’s why I bothered to write this, so it might help someone else not to get ripped off. Yes, it does not work like it shows on TV either with large amounts of skin being removed. Just a fine dust. will take a lot of batteries and time….BOOOO!

  69. What a waste of money!!! This thing doesn’t work at all. As soon as it touches your skin, it stops working. It’s a rip off plain and simple. Spread the word so no one else throws away their money on this piece of crap!!!

    • Yep I got ripped off too and wanting to spread the word. I paid for the “delux” package where I was supposed to get extra attachment for tough callous and didn’t. Getting hold of customer service was a challenge and fruitless to boot!

  70. Was just about to order this product but decided to check the reviews first…good to know I can get it at walmart…& even better I am glad to know that most people were not satisfied…THANK YOU…I will not be making this purchase!

    • I wish I would have waited for it to come to our walmart! I REALLY got ripped off ordering it from “get pedispin” !!!

  71. I went to Walmart and looked for this Pedi Spin and was so excited to try it right away. But I was so dissatisfied and very disappointed about it. It doesn’t work better than the Ped Egg. I wanted to return it but I be already throw away the packaging. I should have researched first but was too late. Never again.

  72. Pedi-Spin works fine for me. it will stop working if you apply too much pressure! just let it lightly touch your skin (no pressure being applied hold the unit at the black grip) dont let it sit in one spot for too long otherwise it “heats up” your skin… i bought mine at walmart for under 10 bucks.

  73. Those of you that say it stops spinning when you press on it, your pressing too hard. The reason it stops spinning is for your safety. If you use light pressure, it works wonderful. I had about the worst feet ever..spots on my feet had THICK skin. I used it once, got rid of them ALL. Be careful though, I had rough spots on the inside of a few toes, and didn’t “hold” the toe when I applied the pedi spin to it, wow…almost lost a toe! Don’t use too long in one area or you will feel it “heat up” your skin and it burns!!! This is a great product!!

  74. Include me on the list of those who think it’s a total waste of money and piece of junk. I have always used a Ped Egg and love it, thought this would be a quicker result since it’s battery operated. Have to wonder how they got it to look like they did for the commercial! Back to the Ped egg. Thanks for tip from Lucy regarding Flexitol – will try it.

  75. Do not buy this Pedi Spin. It is a ripoff. Not as advertised. Does not work. This company needs to put on trial for fraud. Repeat, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

    • I agree with all the negatives on here! This product is 100% PIECE OF JUNK! I am barefoot most of the time, so I have thick skin on my heels. All this did was sand and make skin dust. I can get that result from an inexpensive “cheese grater” type Pedi product. Save your money. Go to a local drug store and buy the grater and a Pedi razor (use carefully and don’t take off too many layers) which will give much better results at a way lower cost!

  76. I am very disappointed with the Pedi Spin. It does not work as advertised. The infomercial shows it being used on dry skin but the instructions say to soak the area for 10 to 15 minutes before use. Either way it does not removed the skin as it depicts on the infomercial, or any at all. The minute any pressure is put on the blades it bogged down to a stop. I tried changing out different batteries, nothing worked. I feel that the advertisement is false. The PediSpa is a better product that takes a bit more time (as it is manual) but at least it works.

  77. I love this product!! You do not need to push the PediSpin hard against your feet. If you do, the head will stop spinning. Lightly press against your feet. I also used it on my toes. This product is amazing!!!

  78. Pedi-Spin spins like crazy until you touch it to your foot then it stops until you pull it back tried just touching foot still stopped. I give it a 1.

  79. I tried it on my face and it works great. No more acne, but now I need a skin graft, but for $14.99 I couldn’t resist.

    • Thank you for the great information. I will be trying it on my face. Wonder if my insurance will cover the skin grafts? Clearing up my acne this way is cheaper than a dermatologist. ;-). lmfao!

  80. Actually, I’m finding this works. I bought it at Walmart and brought it home. My only disappointment was that I didn’t read that I also needed to purchase batteries. But, after that, I’m satisfied.

    I had very tough callouses on the heels of my feet. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I won’t get them removed in a day. BUT, the motor only stops (as one review said) when you press too hard against the skin. If you use a “light” handed approach, it works very well.

    I approach with caution most “as seen on tv” products, but this one actually does what it claims to do.

  81. This Arctic Ease is a piece of 100% GARBAGE. The motor does stop the second it touches your skin. It doesn’t work in the least bit. COMPLETE AND TOTAL RIP OFF!! I’ve actually NEVER purchased something so useless in my entire life. I am going to be returning it to the store tomorrow. If they won’t take it back, I’m going to mail it back, I suppose. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  82. The motor stops as soon as you put it on your skin! I called their customer service number, but you get a recording only and no person to talk to. Should have saved my money!

    • I also purchased the PediSpin, and had the same problem with It stopping as soon as It touched my skin. From what I have read their have been a lot of people with this same problem.

  83. Would like to order the Pedi-Spin, however, I must send a money order. Where to I mail my request. I am interested. Please advise.

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