Pedi Spa Pro

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What is Pedi Spa Pro?

It is a handy electric home pedicure device that removes unwanted dead skin and calluses from your feet gently. It gives you a professional pedicure right at home and also doubles as a hair remover.

Your own pedicure system. And more

Pedi Spa Pro is a sophisticated home pedicure device that claims it meets all your pedicure needs right at home. It guarantees professional at home pedicure treatment that is the perfect alternative to other pedicure devices and metal scrapers which come with their limitations and can be also be unsafe. The promoters of the device state that it features advanced functions and does more than what regular pedicure devices can. It also comes with an additional built-in hair remover that removes hair even from sensitive areas like face, underarms and bikini line.


Exfoliates, rejuvenates and pampers your feet

Pedi Spa Pro comes with a range of attachments that provide a complete care to your feet. It has two exfoliating attachments, a body buffer, a massager, a battery powered stainless steel rotary blade and a cleaning brush that along with its spinning rollers and rotating head clear rough skin, make them silky soft, cure cracked feet and even remove hair from your body.

Gentle, painless and safe

Pedi Spa Pro guarantees that it causes absolutely no pain or discomfort and is hundred percent safe to use. It is designed to fit in your palms easily so that you get a perfect grip while using it. It has a reusable head which is washable and contributes in providing desired results that you expect only professional spa centers to deliver. It has a high-speed reusable rotating head which gently removes dead skin and calluses from your feet while exfoliating and rejuvenating them.

Effective and durable

You can use Pedi Spa Pro anywhere as it is portable and so can be taken anywhere. Its rotating head is reusable and washable so you can expect it to last really long. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune on professional pedicure treatment anymore now as you can do it yourself right in the comfort of your home.

What do I get?

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