Pedi Soothe Review

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Indulging our feet with a nice foot massager is the least we can do to soothe them. They provide the much needed support reliably during a hard day’s work so treat them with Pedi Soothe, a little acupressure foot massager that provides instant relief. Acupressure is known to be powerfully effective in treating not only minor problems but also ailments. Pedi Soothe is designed like a massage ball with hundreds of rubber bumps on it that provide acupressure by hitting the right pressure points.

How does Pedi Soothe Work

Our feet literally bear all the weight, which naturally exert pressure on them. Also, they are subjected to all the running around that happens throughout the day. At times, the footwear worn may not be of right fit which makes feet ache. All these naturally cause tremendous discomfort and pain in your feet. Pedi Soothe is the answer to all these problems as it’s perfectly equipped to eliminate all the troubles. The secret is the rubber bumps that are specially positioned to roll along the bottom of your feet in such a way that blood circulation is stimulated as stress and discomfort vanish.

Massaging with Pedi Soothe is not only easy but also relaxing. All you have to do is just place the Pedi Soothe spiky massage ball under your feet and roll it. When you do, you are in control of the pressure, so you can enjoy the perfect massage whenever you use it! Since the Pedi Soothe balls are small in size, you can use them anywhere discreetly. You can massage your foot with Pedi Soothe at home, in office and even outside.

What’s more, Pedi Soothe can also be used on your back, neck and other areas to get relief from pain. You can really pamper yourself every time you roll it on you. No need to depend on costly treatments, medication or massages that may not even bring desired results and simply burn a hole in your pocket. Just forget the agony of sore, achy feet and body and unwind with the comforting treatment of Pedi Soothe, which comes with no side effects too!



What do I get?

  • Pedi Soothe set, with one large and one small Pedi Soothe
  • a tube of foot repair cream
  • $15 As Seen on TV Shopping Card

All this for $10 plus $13.98 Official website



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