Pedi Smooth Pedicure Foot File Review

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Our feet go through a lot of hard work and pressure on a daily basis. And unfortunately, they are also often the most ignored part of body when it comes to care and grooming. This is often because the professional help one needs on pedicure is expensive and one can also not make time to go to the salon often. Many resort to getting a pedicure kit at home, and while that’s effective, it is not without its shortcomings. Majorly, the foot filers to smooth out your feet are too hard and you also often end up cutting your fingers while working it. What’s more, while scrapping off the dead and dry skin you have to clean up the mess it leaves behind, which can be really cumbersome. But now you can get smooth feet right at home without having to pay a bomb to a spa with the professional grade foot filer, Pedi Smooth Pedicure Foot File.


Pedi Smooth Pedicure Foot File

With Pedi Smooth Pedicure Foot File you can achieve velvet smooth feet as it effectively removes rough and dry skin. It is so effective that it can not only smooth out the toughest of dry skin but also the stubborn calluses rather effortlessly. Even though it’s made of durable stainless steel files, you do not have to worry about Pedi Smooth Pedicure Foot File cutting your fingers as it is absolutely safe to touch. Another special feature of the filer is that there is a storage compartment built in it, which opens up and collects all the dead skin shavings conveniently and you do not have to bother about cleaning up the mess your pedicure would leave behind.

Pedi Smooth Pedicure Foot File is so compact and handy that it can not only be used at home but also on holidays and travels, just about everywhere you go. Pedi Smooth Pedicure Foot File is a durable product that makes taking care of your feet a breeze. Along with the filer you also get a high quality emery to smooth out rough skin of your feet, 2 buffing pads and a foot shaped cover to make your kit complete and all this would cost you just a fraction of a professional pedicure.



What do I get?

  • 1 Emory
  • 2 Buffing Pads
  • 1 Foot shaped cover

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3 thoughts on “Pedi Smooth Pedicure Foot File Review

  1. I received the Pedi-Smooth, and what a rip off, it’s pure junk, not worth anything. What your seeing on TV is fake , they are using wax on their feet in the commercial. The so called file does nothing, and if someone tries to say it works they are a company employee, because it does not do a thing to remove dry skin. Don’t waste your money, the regular Ped Egg from Walgreen is much better.

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