Pedi Pals Review

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What are Pedi Pals?

Made from highly flexible and comfortable material, Pedi Pals are toe separators that help you apply nail polish perfectly and are also therapeutically useful for those who wear high heels regularly.


Salon quality feet easily at home

Pedi Pals are toe separators that claim they not only make painting toe nails a breeze but also have an edge over other brands. These toe separators guarantee that applying nail polish to your toe will be uncomplicated, neat and mess-free so it looks as if you got a luxurious pedicure treatment at a salon. According to the makers of Pedi Pals, you can be sure of getting the lovely look and feel of freshly polished and pampered feet right at home every time you use it. Once you slip them on, you will feel absolutely no inconvenience or discomfort as they are made from exceptionally flexible, soft and comfortable material.


Designed to perfection
Pedi Pals are designed differently,in that the slots for the four smaller toes on each foot are connected, which prevents the separators from falling off and also smudging the nail polish. Also, one size of these toe separatorsfit most feet. Thepromoters of Pedi Pals further assure you that they can be wornanywhere-at home as well as outside, and even while walking wearing flip flops as your nail polish dries. Apparently, they also providea soothingeffect to your feet if you wear stilettoes often, as you can stretch and pad toes in them for relief.


What do I get?
You will get Pedi Pals for $14.95

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