Paint Away Liquid Bandage

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What is Paint Away Liquid Bandage

Colorful liquid bandage that keeps germs out of wounds and prevents infection along with being a fun first aid treatment.

Paint the nicks and cuts away

Paint Away Liquid Bandage promises to make first aid treatment for cuts and scrapes fun with its colorful liquid bandage feature. Anyone suffering from wounds and cuts, especially kids, resorts to adhesive bandages but taking off the bandage causes a lot of pain and kids are discouraged from using them completely. But Paint Away Liquid Bandage claims to be a fun and colorful way of treating scrapes since it is just a liquid that needs to be applied on the cuts to heal it. Paint Away Liquid Bandage states that you just need to apply it on the affected area and it dries really fast to form a flexible and tough protective cover that protects the injury from germs and infection.


Go creative while healing

When you want to heal your kid’s or your own scrapes, you can go creative and hone your painting skills, as Paint Away Liquid Bandage claims to come in different colors like pink, blue, green, and nude. You can draw different stars, flowers or any other designs that you fancy. The kids will love the colorful designs and scrapes will no longer be scary for them. The protective covering of Paint Away Liquid Bandage declares that it can keep the germs away and prevent infection much like adhesive bandage but is a painless treatment unlike bandages.

Stays on during any activity

Even though it is just paint, Paint Away Liquid Bandage alleges that it does not come off no matter what activity your kid indulges in – whether they go running, sport activities, karate or even swimming. Paint Away Liquid Bandage proclaims to be non-latex and waterproof formula that stays on. It also claims that you do not have to do anything special to take it off – it is a gentle formula that wears off naturally after 24 hours. So your kid will be ready for another pretty and colorful design the next day. Paint Away Liquid Bandage promises to be more cost effective than bandages because one 0.5 oz bottle gives coverage equivalent to 75 adhesive bandages.

What do I get?

You will get four sets of Paint Away™ Liquid Bandages (one pink and one blue ,one green and one nude ) for just $10.00 plus $12.9 P&H. Official website


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