Painmaster Review

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What is Painmaster

According to the TV ad it is a device that helps in relieving muscle pain in less than 24 hours. The easy to use patch works on the Micro Current Therapy that sends a pulsating current of electricity to bring relief to the inflamed cells of the body.

Professional Pain Relief At Home

Painmaster allegedly is the most efficient solution one can find for easing off pain on inflamed muscles. The issues with ointments and sprays on aching muscles is that it is a temporary solution and simply masks the pain. Also expensive TENS unit that are used for professional therapy are bulky and out of reach due to its high price. What Painmaster claims to do is bring similar but far more effective technology to alleviate pain from all the parts of the body right at home. The feature packed device is revolutionary and is apparently FDA approved with clinical trials that have proved that it works like magic and starts relieving the paining muscles under 24 hours of application.


Revolutionary Technology

Painmaster is stated to be based on revolutionary Micro Current Therapy and is commonly referred to as MENs – Micro Current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation. The logic behind its functioning is micro currents of pulsating electricity which is generated to penetrate the cells to bring on relief. Painmaster is asserted to work directly on the inflamed cells that resist the natural electrical current that is generated in the body. This reduces the flow of blood, oxygen and vital nutrients reaching to the particular area resulting in pain. The technology in Painmaster claims to penetrate these inflamed cells to bring relief without the user even feeling any physical sensation of the pulsating current.

Apply with ease

Painmaster guarantees to be very easy to use and is needed to be strapped to the affected body part as directed in its manual and takes only few seconds of clipping and unclipping to start the process. The size of the device is so small that it can be worn under clothing too. With this feature anyone can wear Painmaster during every day activities or during working out. The patch can be re-used on different parts of the body and is safe since there is no side effect to its usage due to absence of drugs involved. Painmaster promises to relieve pain from the most common areas that can obstruct daily functioning and is perfect for easing off the shoulder pain, for neck and back pain, for elbow pain, easing lower back pain, works beautifully on the leg muscles, knee, ankle and foot pain. The internal battery that is housed inside Painmaster is guaranteed to work for approximately 300 hours.

What do I get?

You get two Painmaster for $29.95 plus $15.9 S&P.Official website

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