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Today an increasing number of people are getting heath conscious and with good reason too. You might be into some kind of fitness activity like running, cycling or working out in the gym for that matter. But you also know that your health drinks, juices etc are important to replenish your energies and nutrients into your system. However making these drinks at home can be such a chore and time consuming exercise that puts you off. But not anymore because you have respite in the form of Oster MyBlend, which lets you make drinks right into your sport bottle.

How does Oster MyBlend Work

Yes, that’s right; Oster MyBlend means complete convenience for you. Now why do you need to go through different steps of making shakes, smoothies or juices on a day to day basis when they can be simply blended and then directly carried into the sports bottle you get? It will mean there are no spills along the way and mess for you to clean up later and you will be saved a lot of time as well. Oster MyBlend is designed smartly so that you can the best benefits without any hassle.

Importantly Oster MyBlend is very easy to use as well and you can simply fill Oster MyBlend with fruits, veggies or any other ingredients of your choice. You can then use the blending blade and place on the base of the blender. You will be able to blend in the ingredients with an easy one touch action. But that’s not all; the design of Oster MyBlend means you can replace the blending blade with the cool looking sports bottle, which will let you carry your drink wherever you go. Not only is the BPA free bottle sleek looking it can also be used to keep yourself hydrated all through the day.

A strong 250 watt ice crushing blender, Oster MyBlend is just the kind of power you need in your hands on a regular basis. It’s perfect because it can also be reused over and over again and it’s also dishwasher safe. Make and carry the drinks of your choice with Oster MyBlend.



What do I get?
Buy MyBlend Blender for just $29.99 at Oster.com



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