Ope’s Cookies Review

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Do you need to have food on the go and wish you had a tasty treat that would also be healthy but the only option available is unhealthy fast food? Now you can have Ope’s Cookies, the delicious oatmeal cookies that are healthy as well as yummy. We all know that cookies are not really good for health since they have eggs, dairy, sugar, and butter and ingredients that make one gain weight. But Ope’s Cookies are made of healthy whole oats, spelt flour and applesauce – all healthy ingredients.

How does Ope’s Cookies Work

Ope’s Cookies also have no cholesterol, trans fat, sugar or any other refined carbs making them low in calories.

Not just in terms of fat content, Ope’s Cookies are also healthier for you because they are completely organic. Unlike other cookies, Ope’s Cookies do not contain preservatives, added flavors, dyes, aluminium containing baking soda, or high sodium content, all that are extremely harmful to health in the long run. The ingredients used to make Ope’s Cookies are also not treated with pesticides or insecticides that only introduce toxins in your body.

Ope’s Cookies are also vegan and follow the Kosher principle so they are in general good for your health as well as for the environment. But the best part of Ope’s Cookies is that in spite of being so healthy they are lipsmacking and come in yummy flavors as different as Chocolate chip, banana nut, coconut pineapple, Double chocolate Peanut butter, white almond, pumpkin spice, to name just a few.




What do I get?
More info at OpesCookies.com



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