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One Power Readers REVIEW

What are One Power Readers?

They are an innovative set of pairs of glasses with a range of .5 – 2.75 of strength in each lens. The glasses automatically correct the up-close vision with their precise focal power strength seamlessly for trouble-free reading.


One Power Readers


Bid Goodbye to Reading Troubles

One Power Readers, as the name suggests, are glasses that streamline the power of the lens you need in reading glasses automatically and help you overcome the limitations that mark regular glasses. One Power Readers aim to do away with the concept of fixed power for reading so you wear only one pair of glasses and yet have the most precise view of most things around you. The lens of these spectacles ‘custom-correct’ your up-close vision and provide the desired strength you require for every task you’ve got to perform.


Unmatched Clarity and Convenience

One Power Reader, as per their creators, are exceptionally versatile as reading glasses that relieve you of the struggle of using different glasses for different strength requirements. The lens of these reading glasses make it possible for you see things clearly and effortlessly such as reading, threading a needle, using the computer and others that can be strenuous for eyes.


What do I get?

  • 2 Black Pairs of One Power Readers
  • 1 Tortoise Pair of One Power Readers

Price: $60 + S/h at the Official website OnePowerReaders.com

2 Comments on "One Power Readers REVIEW"

  1. The add says it is a range of .5 – 2.75 strength. I have dollar reading store glasses that are 3.00-3.25. Will these work for me? If not, will they every have any glasses that will work at a higher range?

  2. Helga Markovich | September 17, 2018 at 6:22 am | Reply

    Ordered these glasses 7/1/18 and have not received them yet. Customer status site keeps saying to be delivered in 2-3 weeks for about 6 weeks now.

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