Nopalea Juice Review

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If you are suffering from pain and discomfort caused by and chronic inflammation in the body then this could be your solution. Nopalea is a new and natural anti-inflammatory wellness drink that is changing people’s lives. It helps people with symptoms of chronic neck and back pain, swollen joints, muscle aches, sinus infections, skin disorders, respiratory problems, pain caused by fatigue, nerve damage, skin conditions and more?


How does Nopalea Juice work?
Today medical experts and scientists are looking for solutions to help combat chronic inflammation in the body like never before. In fact a recent publication covered the dangers of inflammation in the body and how it is being linked to so many different illnesses and diseases. However now there is Nopalea, a natural alternative that can help the body reduce chronic inflammation without the worries of negative side effects.

Nopalea is made directly from the natural rich fruit from the Sonoran desert, Nopale Cactus. This cactus survives the extreme hot and dry conditions of the Sonoran desert and its vital nutrients can help you. The Nopalea cactus grown in the Sonoran desert, the harshest environment on the planet has to develop an extraordinary reserve of betalaincy in order to survive. When people and animals eat the fruit they get these betalains that wash away the inflammation in the body.

We need nutrients to protect us and help our body clear the toxins and build our defenses. Betalains in Nopalea are rushed to the cells where they help target unhealthy cells. Betalains support your body as they heal. They drive away inflammation and help the cells return to good health. This leaves our cells and body full of energy. Finally now there is a product that can help your body reduce painful symptoms caused by inflammation.

Nopalea is a great tasting wellness drink that is absolutely delicious. It is sweet and fruity you will love it and your children will love it too.

It is the best medicine to get relief from pain caused by chronic inflammation in the body.

Nopalea Juice FAQs

What is Nopalea and what is it all about?
Nopalea is a wellness drink that’s sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica). It’s a delicious health that has the health benefits of the Nopal fruit and presents healing properties of the Nopal cactus as it fights inflammation and related health problems.

What health problems can Nopalea fight effectively?
Nopalea can fight various health problems right from muscles, joint and body inflammation that cause muscle, joint and body pain, respiratory inflammation that cause allergies and breathing difficulties, arterial inflammation – that result in heart problems, digestive tract inflammation that cause bloating, burning and cramp in addition to widespread body cell inflammation.

It helps in detoxification and protects from cellular health. There are thousands of success stories of people who had almost given up on hopes of getting back to normal life before trying Nopalea, but are extremely delighted and fit today.

Is Nopalea clinically proven to be effective and safe?
Absolutely. Nopalea has been proven to be effective in fighting various ailments and totally safe. The ingredients used in Nopalea have high nutritional value and are equipped to reduce inflammation and many other problems besides protecting cellular health. Many scientists and experts from the research community have also attested it as effective.

Does Nopalea contain any added sugar or artificial flavors? Are there any preservatives in Nopalea?
No, Nopalea does not contain any added sugar nor does it contain preservatives. It is essentially constituted of Agave nectar, a natural form of sugar.

How exactly does Nopalea work?
One of the key ingredients in Nopalea is Nopal cactus, a fruit that contains a very rare and powerful class of antioxidants called Betalains which help in detoxification and reducing inflammation. The Betalains in Nopalea help protect against toxicity and cut down on inflammation.

Can Nopalea be taken along with other medications?
Though there has been no known incident to suggest that it’s unadvisable, it will be better if you consult with a doctor before taking Nopalea.

Can Nopalea be preserved for a long time?
Yes, if you take adequate care to preserve Nopalea and refrigerate the bottle, it can be used for a long time. Take care that you drink it regularly and finish off one bottle in 3o minutes

How much Nopalea one can take?
For the first time, you can take Nopalea for drinking 3 to 6 ounces each day for 30 days and later on drink 1 to 3 ounces daily depending on your body’s inflammation-fighting needs.


Nopalea Juice Ingredients
Nopal Cactus Fruit Pulp
Agave Nectar
Grape Seed Extract
Raspberry Extract
Strawberry Extract
Cranberry Extract
Apple Extract
Apricot Extract
Mango Extract
Orange Concentrate Juice
Papaya Concentrate
Tomato Concentrate fruit
Kiwi Concentrate
Lemon Concentrate
Peach Concentrate Juice
Pomegranate Extract
Green Tea Extract
Beet Juice
Bilberry Concentrate
Acerola Cherry Extract
Stevia Extract Leaf
Guar Gum
Cherry Powder
Xanthum Gum

Nopalea Juice Benefits and Instructions
Nopalea can work against inflammation to reverse or prevent damage, but it can’t be expected to produce results instantly. You have to try the Nopalea Juice for atleast 30-days to see the results. The recommended dose is 3-6 ounces per day.



Official Website –


Nopalea Juice Video


10 thoughts on “Nopalea Juice Review

  1. Find that 9 out of 10 “as seen on tv” products don’ work at all or do little of what is promised. Have knee swelling from before I was in my teens and am now 52, thought surgery was a have to. Using Nopalea for a week or so and the pain is all but stopped. Suffered from bloating and this has gone also. Late in the day my knee will start to hurt but not like before. Only thing different is the use daily of the Nopalea. Must be working. Purchased only 1 bottle, but will be buying by the case. My husband just started using Nopalea. He’s NOT a seen on tv person either. I find I’m getting relief. Pleased non-believer with the cactus juice.

  2. Your FAQ “Can Nopalea be preserved for a long time?”

    Your answer:

    “Can Nopalea be preserved for a long time?
    Yes, if you take adequate care to preserve Nopalea and refrigerate the bottle, it can be used for a long time.

    Take care that you drink it regularly and finish off one bottle in 3o minutes.”

    (This last sentence contradicts the preservation portion of your answer above – 30 minutes?.)

    Which is which: A long time or 30 minutes?

    No answer required – doesn’t sound convincing to me.

  3. I busted my knee last January & have been taking TriVita’s Nopalea ever since. It DEFINITELY has helped with both mobility and lessening of pain, and I notice stiffening and arthritic pain in the joint if I do not take it for several days. I do not hesitate to recommend that interested persons TRY IT OUT. Someone wrote “You can pay for good medicine, or you can pay for bad medicine.” You won’t know if it works for you if you don’t give it a chance. My work is in pharmaceutical education, but I am not averse to finding out what works for me, mainstream medicine or otherwise! It IS in the 2012 Physician’s Desk Reference.

  4. I am sorry but did you look at the Nopalea Juice’s ingredients list?

    That thing has nothing to do with the cactus they use to describe the product and do as if Nopalea was exclusively made of that cactus, not diluted and put in bottle.. what a lie!

    It contain more than 20 different fruits, among those 10 juice concentrates and 10 fruits extract and then water and of course medical products like Amylase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Proteases, who can be found in pills, and maltodextrine..and tomato juice concentrate.

    Hello, you want to pay 120 dollars for less than a liter of orange juice mix with apple juice and tomato ?

    I will tell you what are the strong antioxidant contained in that thing, the extract of cranberry of course. They just mixed up different fruits and that’s it.

    They advert its all oh so natural when in fact 70% of it is made of extract meaning processed and powder form also processed, and the rest is concentrate.. nothing is pure in it nor natural.

    Just eat the fruits described in that list, fresh, or as juices, and get even better results. For 1/100 of the price!

    Or get cranberry pills strong, at 1200 mg/pill a day and get same results. Cranberry is highly anti-inflammatory and a very strong antioxidant.

    All in all if you go into the description of the product they say that it get its anti-inflammatory effects from antioxidants..
    Well don’t we all have already heard of antioxidants already? like Q10.


    Get instead some D3 ultra strong with calcium and vitamin C, and take cranberries pills and some magnesium cure doubled with Aspargin.

    Notice too how they don’t dare showing how much of the different ingredients are in that bottle or by 100 ml.

    It says it all. They are simply ashamed and scared to tell the truth. You are paying for about 10 gram of that cactus by bottle or less. LOL.

    So for 120 dollars by bottle, must be 100 dollars for that 10 gram of cactus, and 20 dollars for orange and apple and grape and tomato juice!! lol

    For 100 dollars I am sure that they get 50 kilo of those cactus fruits.

    Its all a sham.

    The fact that they don’t show how much of that cactus thing is in it, and that none of those other ingredients is even mentioned in their video and adds, and the fact that they have to boost the drinks with so many other fruits and ingredients, that most people have heard of a way or another about their positive effect, plus the addition of artificial medical ingredients that can be bought as pill, and who must be the real effective ingredients there, prove that this cactus don’t have 1/100 of the effect they praise it for, and that this drink is a bogus.

    If that cactus was so efficient they wont have to mix it up with anything else. In fact they will make the dry version of it as pill, or sell it as frozen or as concentrate.

    The fact that it is drawn among 30 others stuff prove that this is just a gig, a new hip thing, and a scam.

    I specially don’t like the fact that they praise their product for being oh so fresh and so natural when its actually made uniquely with very much processed ingredients, in worse extract and powder form..

  5. Did you happen to come across a miracle juice called Nopalea Juice, giving promises to cure your troubles? Are you thinking of trying it to get rid of your agonizing pain? If yes, then wait right there. Before trying Nopalea Juice, let me share my experience about the websites, which were describing Nopalea Juice to be a “Gift for health”.

    Hello, I am Nick. I had a severe neck and back pain since years. I was in search of a medicine that can fight against my chronic problem. After seeing all that hype on the late night infomercial, I caught hold of these sites –, and, to check for Nopalea Juice reviews. I figured that the site had mixed reviews. “Click here to read more” – was the button I was supposed to click for reading detailed customer testimonials. On clicking that button, a new site opened, which dealt with online shopping. Every time I tried reading the detailed review, a new page would open on my screen stressing hard to immediately buy the product. Regrettably, I exited from these websites and tried searching for a new one. I was fortunate enough to find this website. All the reviews on this site are genuinely posted by the actual customers of Nopalea Juice. Finally, I decided not to buy the product as it has no scientific evidence that it works and has a lot of side effects too.

    • Thank you very much Nick. The reviews on this site genuinely reveal facts about this product, unlike other sites which are manufacturer driven; only made of fake reviews to increase their website ranking and misguide the customers.

  6. I just started your drink in hopes it will help me. I have battled with 34 years of Crohns disease, GERD, esophageal spasms, degenerative disc disease and arthritis of the spine (amongst other spinal problems). I have been diagnosed with MS, but it is not for sure. My body has been on steroids and injections and medicines for so long, it has caused other problems. I look forward to seeing if this drink works for me. I’m a wife, mother, grandma, daughter (caring for an elderly dementia patient) and I work full time – I need my health to be well (and I love athletics and the outdoors. I have two replaced knees and an arm that was almost cut off. I take 6 oz currently, and hope to see an improvement sometime soon. I’ve only been on it a few days. If it works, I’ll proudly be your spokesperson. I assume I stay on my medicines until I see a difference, then try to taper off a few – is that what you suggest? I appreciated your findings and have my fingers crossed. Thanks

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