New Age Massager Review

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What is New Age Massager

It is a massager that offers you the best of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for relief from back pain.

New Age Massager asserts that it is your way to get respite from back pain through an innovative and modern treatment method. There are many of us who grapple with back pain from time to time. It could be because of the stress we endure in our day to day lives, physically taxing tasks we have to take on regularly or simply related to a condition that causes you serious pain. These issues can be debilitating and hamper your lifestyle to a great extent. You understand the therapeutic benefits of a massage but you don’t have time for professional treatments that also cost you a fortune. New Age Massager claims to offer you relief from back pain wherever you are with ease.


New Age Massager has the power of TENS

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a treatment method that has shown benefits for pain relief but it was only available to doctors and physical therapists till very recently. New Age Massager maintains that now the benefits of this treatment method are available at your fingertips. New Age Massager can be used on different parts of your body. Whether you want to get a relaxing massage or eliminate pain from a certain part of your body; you can easily do that with this modern day massager, according to its claims.

New Age Massager works by blocking pain signals and stimulating endorphins. That’s how you are able to experience relief from pain instantly. What’s more it will be long lasting relief from back pain, something you don’t get from your regular treatment methods.


New Age Massager keeps you in control

New Age Massager stresses on the fact that it has eight different massage settings to ensure that the power is always in your hands when you are using it. There are ten different power levels so that you can make the most out of the massager based on your specific requirements. New Age Massager emphasizes that the automatic timer it has will make things easier for you too. Now without any professional help or understanding of this technology, you can get rid of back pain from your life for good.

Features of New Age Massager

New Age Massager has four reusable pads that offer you maximum coverage. You can also be rest assured that you can use it on different parts of your body with equal ease. All you have to do is choose the intensity level and get the soothing relief based to your requirements. You need to know that New Age Massager leads to mild tingling sensation or slight warming in the treatment areas but that’s quite normal and part of the treatment that is working for you, according to its claims.

New Age Massager is reusable, prescription strength and compact to be used wherever you might be to get relief you want.

What do I get?

You will receive the New Age Massager, including the 4 Reusable Pads for just $19.99 +$4.95 P&H.Official website


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