Neo40 Review

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What is Neo40?

Neo40 is a lozenge which aims at maintaining as well as replenishing the nitric oxide levels in your body. Neo40 claims to have a breakthrough formula that improves the body’s efficiency in ensuring the nitric oxide is available as and when needed.


How does Neo40 work?

Neo40 has been subject to clinical research and claims that it is effective in increasing the nitric oxide as well as support healthy circulation. Based on expert researcher Dr. Nathan Bryan, Neo40 was created to suit the needs of health conscious people who needed the assurance of the product being backed by clinical research and successful trials. Neo40 claims that the lozenge helps in maintaining healthy level of blood pressure, improved circulation, and artery health as well as healthy triglyceride levels.

Although there are no reviews yet about the product, Neo40 claims to be superior to the other N-O supplements due to the following reasons:

a. Having the ability to produce nitric oxide immediately on the lozenge dissolving on your tongue, Neo40 claims to be the only product in its category that works almost immediately.

b. Having been subject to clinical research and studies, Neo40 claims to have a team of dedicated scientists who are continuing their efforts in this field to identify more benefits of Neo40.

c. Neo40 also claims to be more effective than L- Arginine if you are above the age of 40 or have a compromised endothelial function. Claiming to work through different pathways that increases N-O more effectively, Neo40 assures you that is more efficient that L-Arginine.

d. Neo40 claims that it is made from natural ingredients like beetroot powder and hawthorne berry extract which makes it as effective as they claim it to be.

The company that manufactures Neo40, Neogenis Labs assures you that they are different from the standard dietary supplement companies as they believe in nature centred and science driven solutions. Neogenis Labs claim that Neo40 is backed by 4 clinical trials. With no reviews yet, one must try Neo40 to test its claims of being different and more efficient than its competitor’s products.

Neogenis labs also claim that Neo40 is based on a Nobel Prize winning research and is a patented and proven way to enhance the natural N-O production in your body. Nitric oxide production, which is critical for a healthy cardiovascular system, is said to be enhanced by the use of Neo40. With these tall claims, Neo40 is yet to be reviewed by customers who either agree wholeheartedly with the product or find fault with them.

With figures from various compilations of various medical reports, Neogenis Labs talk about the decreasing levels of Nitric Oxide with advancing age in both men and women. Neo40 claims to be the solution to all those who are facing the problem of decreasing level of Nitric Oxide. Testimonials on the web page of Neo40 assure you that taking Neo40 daily has substantially contributed to increase energy levels, improve moods as well as mental clarity.With N-O levels depleting with age, Neo40 urges customers over the age of 40 to turn to Neo40 as their risk free solution to maintaining adequate levels of Nitric Oxide in their bodies.


What do I get?
Try Neo40 for 30 days, risk-free. Official website:

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