Shiney Hiney REVIEW

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What is My Shiney Hiney?

My Shiney Hiney is a personal body cleaning system that guarantees to reach the most hard to reach areas of your body to give you 100% hygienic cleansing. My Shiney Hiney proclaims to be easy to use and show quick results to make you feel sexier and confident with the new spic and span feel. The cleansing cream of My Shiney Hiney system claims to remove odors and impurities and moisturize the skin to provide a refreshed feel.


Shiney Hiney REVIEW

Bob Turner says in his Shiney Hiney review ”The Shiney Hiney device makes things easier but it is rather flimsily made and may have a short life. The handle snapped in half mid wipe. For the price, the Shiney Hiney device should have been constructed out of better quality material. It is better to simply purchase a very soft bristled tooth brush and attach it to a dowel or something cheap, with good quality tape than use the Shiney Hiney device. The Shiney Hiney device is not recommended for anyone to use.”

Paula Dalton in her review reveals the fact – “Shiney Hiney device needs a water supply.”

Carl Wilkins mentions in his review“The Shiney Hiney device is ridiculous. It is better to use your fingers and hands than use the Shiney Hiney device. The Shiney Hiney device is not impressive and certainly not worth the price of $20.”

Christopher Jensen complains in his review“The shape of the Shiney Hiney device handle makes it difficult to reach the back teeth.”

Pearl Haynes in her review mentions – “Shiney Hiney is a good idea but the handle is too thin and flimsy. The Shiney Hiney device was purchased to be used for length to help for personal hygiene. As mentioned the Shiney Hiney idea is good but the handle is too narrow to be able to hold on to it when trying to use it.”

Felix Reid says in her review“The Shiney Hiney device is way too small for anyone to use but a petite woman.”

Maureen Durman states in her review“The Shiney Hiney device was actually bought apply medication on a hug mole that burned off the back. The Shiney Hiney device does the job.”

How does My Shiney Hiney CLAIM to work?

To give you the satisfaction of wholesome body cleansing, My Shiney Hiney brush set convinces to have an ergonomically-designed applicator brush that is curved to access the most inaccessible personal areas of the body. My Shiney Hiney also maintains to a finger brush to provide an absolutely intimate cleanse. The medium bristle brushes of My Shiney Hiney assert to be replaceable so that you will always have the system handy. Its cleansing cream gets rid of odor and impurities and moisturizes and conditions your skin to give you hygienic as well as refreshed cleansing.

Complete body cleansing for a sexier you
All the perfumed shower gels and scrubs couldn’t make you feel a cent percent cleansed because you cannot reach hard to reach intimate body areas. But the new cleansing system My Shiney Hiney declares that it can help you clean all the inaccessible body areas to give you maximum hygiene and refreshed feel post a shower. My Shiney Hiney states to have an ergonomically-designed and curved applicator brush that can reach any intimate body part. The medium bristle brush heads of My Shiney Hiney maintain to buff the areas clean gently yet effectively and the finger brush assures to reach even more intimate areas. My Shiney Hiney proclaims to have a suction cup holder for the convenience of storing the system. By letting it hang in the shower, the water is asserted to drain out from the brush head.


Conditioning and refreshing creams
My Shiney Hiney asserts to have Cleansing Creams with enriching formula that eliminate odor and impurities while conditioning and moisturizing the skin of unreachable parts to give you complete care. My Shiney Hiney assures to have three unique scents in the creams – Lemon Verbena, Citrus Gigner and Passion Fruit, each cleansing and relaxing your skin. My Shiney Hiney alleges to have a Whitening Cream that has a blend of ingredients to lighten dark skin and given an even skin tone. My Shiney Hiney Whitening Cream claims to make your skin smoother and softer and its gentle ingredients calm your skin. My Shiney Hiney states to be ideal for men and women alike with two different bristles of brush head – soft and medium – to better suit your need.

What do I get?
Get the My Shiney Hiney Kit for just $44.97 + FREE Shipping | Official website:

One thought on “Shiney Hiney REVIEW

  1. Excellent product for intimate cleansing. The handle is fine as it is. The person that snapped it is way too rough. Soap of the soft bristles and scrub a way…gentle firmness. I did not use the creams.

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