Ms. Whiz

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What is Ms. Whiz

It is a female urinary device that promises to offer respite to all women at some point or another.
Ms. Whiz claims to ensure that now women can take matters in their own hands and find a safe way to go whenever they have to. There are times when you are out travelling and can’t find a decent washroom facility for your needs. It could be that you are on the road for long and are finding it difficult to relieve yourself. Ms. Whiz emphasizes on the fact that it can come to your rescue at such times.

Ms. Whiz and knowing how it works for you

There are occasions when you just don’t want to sit even though you have to go. Worse still there can be instances where you just can’t go no matter how much you’d want to. But that can all change, according to the claims made by Ms. Whiz. It maintains that it offers you a comfortable alternative at such tricky instances. Ms. Whiz means you can go whenever you want without having to worry about whether you can actually sit or not. Thus it avoids things getting awkward for you.

Ms. Whiz has been specially designed for your convenience

Ms. Whiz has been created with the needs of all women in mind. Thus the design is smart to make things a lot easier for women. It is made using hypoallergenic silicon, which is extremely safe for you to use. And of course it will be a clean solution for you as well. Ms. Whiz also stresses on the fact that it has been ergonomically designed. That’s why; you can bid goodbye to splashing and flowbacks at times like these. There won’t be any spills either, which will avoid mess too.


Ms. Whiz means complete comfort for you

How often have you had to sit in an uncomfortable position, bound by the knees with your skirt and pants making things difficult for you? Ms. Whiz mentions the fact that now you won’t have to contend with these venerable and cramped sitting positions. Using Ms. Whiz ensures that you don’t have to sit in that immobile position that can lead to agony. Now when nature calls you can go conveniently and experience complete comfort along the way. It also ensures that you will be totally safe because it’s a hygienic option for you.

What do I get?

Please see official website


One thought on “Ms. Whiz

  1. Got one. Love it. Buying more, for daughters and granddaughters, plus a spare for me. This has, quickly made it into the, never leave home without one, list.

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