Living Well and Montel Pain Relief Spray Review

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If you suffer from back pain, aches, arthritis, nagging pain, joint and muscle pain, stiffness. You finally have a safe and effective relief you need to get you back into action with the William Montel and Living Well Pain Relief Formula.


How does Living Well and Montel Pain Relief Spray work?

Pills sit in your stomach and can take time for the active ingredients to enter your system, some patches and pads deliver heat which can aggravate inflammation and, some ointments and creams can sometimes have foul odors and leave greasy residue which can create a barrier which can obstruct the delivery of the pain relief compounds.

The Living Well Pain Relief Spray’s advanced Gas Matrix Delivery System is completely different. Just one application and the active ingredients begin to cool and desensitize the affected area by tricking the nerve endings which neutralizes the pain giving you temporarily relief. Montel Pain Spray is fast, safe and effective.

All Natural Ingredients. Complete data not available at this time. Let us know if you have have it.

Side Effects:
It has no side effects and leaves no greasy residues. Let us know if you have encountered any side effects after using this pain relief spray.



What do I get?
• 2 bottles (buy 1, get 1) – Save $39.99!
• 4 bottles (buy 2, get 2) – Save $79.98!
• 6 bottles (buy 3, get 3) – Save $119.97!

Living Well Pain Relief is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, less S&H. will be charged sales tax.
Contact us to buy Living Well and Montel Williams Pain Relief Spray from the OFFICIAL Website/Distributor.

Customer Service
(973) 287-5140. Check your order status at

Please Visit The Official Website



Living Well and Montel Pain Relief Spray Video


16 thoughts on “Living Well and Montel Pain Relief Spray Review

  1. I depend on pain relief spray, I can not stand on my feet without it. Diabetic & misc pain issues. I am on my last can & I can’t find anywhere to buy it! I can’t stand to get in my wheelchair without it.

    PLEASE tell me where to buy it.

  2. I’d heard about Living Well and Montel Pain Relief Spray and it was a product I was interested in. But I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing by looking for reviews of the product. And after having the experience I have had, I think my mind was made up for me. Why would any upright manufacturer with a quality product to sell stoop to such low means of creating fake review sites? These sites have only promotional content about the product and they even create a trap of sending you to different sites to sell you the product. It angers me that these sites are all over the Internet today.

    • Your anger is justified and completely understandable. Many users complain about wasting their time going through these fake review sites, which try to impress you with the content about the product. But it’s nothing more than promotional spiel from the manufacturer, which is carried forward by affiliate marketers. Search engine optimization methods have been manipulated by these sites for their own benefits and they have not been penalized by search engines yet. Hopefully things will change in the near future.

    • Used after major car accident and it helped my neck muscles relax so well so I could move. Works great!!! Looking to find how to buy more!!!!! Best friend uses it too. Works great on major pain. Especially if you use a hot wet towel on top of the area where you apply pain relief spray for a deep soothing relief!!!! One of the only things that relieved my severe whiplash. I know it was God that lead me to this product!!!!

  3. I purchased this Living Well Montel Pain Relief Spray and went through he nightmare of trying to cancel and eventually did cancel the order. Here is my assessment of the problem. It does provide some relief from pain, but there is so little of the product in the cans, you certainly do not get your money’s worth. If you have many areas of your body where there is pain, this can only lasts for a couple of days! I wouldn’t mind being a repeat customer, but I like to get my money’s worth when I make a purchase. All that money for a $2.00 spray can. Where is the value?

  4. I think the Living Well Montel Pain Relief Spray is pretty good for the aches and pains. It helps me some. I didn’t like the fact you get it too often and it took me some time to find who to contact to change this. I don’t get it at all now as I don’t want it constantly. If they would just sell it by the can or cans and not keep it coming, in other words, let the customer order it when they want or need it, I think I would do it again.

  5. This Montel HealthMaster Blender was ordered by my uncle (80 years old and barely making it on social security) after seeing one of those TV presentations which promised arthritis pain relief. He was to get two cans, magazines (which he didn’t really want but was compelled to chose from) and a Wal-mart gift certificate. The price was $20 plus $10 shipping and handling. For an additional $10 he would be “allowed” a special price and automatic re-shipment of the product every 2 months (with an additional $30 being deducted from his account monthly).

    Upon receipt of the product which did not perform adequately, there was NOTHING in the envelope, no statement, no bill, which gave my uncle anyone to contact about his order or what to do with these 2 now unwanted cans…and a month and a half later 4 more cans arrived…also with no slip, no bill, no phone number or means to communicate with the company about the 6 unwanted cans he now had in his possession.

    A trip on the internet (which my 80 year old couldn’t do by himself and needed my help with) and we now have Living Well’s permission to return these 6 cans for a refund. So it cost this old guy on fixed income $35 ($40 originally +$30 for one automatic renewal less a non-refundable $35 shipping and handling charge) to have…nothing! Plus he has to pay postage to get rid of the stuff. Through it all, the only communication he got was a post card from a magazine clearing house confirming his subscriptions. At lease he could cancel them!
    What a scam! Our friend Montel should be ashamed about how his business operates!

    • I ordered the product, Living Well Pain Relief Spray, once and was automatically enrolled in the “continuity program” as they call it! I specifically told that rep that I only wanted one can for $27.98. I received 2 cans and have received four more cans and they have deducted $27.98 two more times. This is horrible and it has been a nightmare trying to call customer service. The number 973 287 5140 is not a good number. You received a recording to use a long distance access code. I have long distance and should be able to dial 1+ the number. There is not a good email address. I normally do not order products through TV advertisement; however with Montel William’s endorsement, silly me, thought that this was a legitimate business operation; it was not. I want someone from this company, TRISTAR PRODUCTs, 500 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT 06485, to contact me. I am also referring this to the BBB. I did not authorize this company to continue to ship products and deduct additional funds from my account. Please stop! I have searched the email and I have yet to find a way to contact anyone to stop shipment, return the product (which did not work), or refund my money. What reputable business sends out a shipment without a statement or a bill? Another deduction was made on 11/01/10. This has to stop.

      I would also like a good contact number or email address for this company. This has been a Scam and believe me it will be the last time that I ever order any products from a TV advertisement regardless of who endorses it.


      • When I got scammed with an auto-ship. I didn’t request and was unable to find a good contact number, I called my credit card company and told them the charges were unauthorized. I also told her the # listed left me on eternal hold for over 15 minutes before the line disconnected. She placed a conference call and we were on hold for 10 minutes and she decided that was long enough. She cancelled that CC # and flagged that account and issued a new card. I was instructed to call if/when they charged me again, which they did using a different company name. Did I mention they were located in Greece?

        Did you know most CC companies issue a one use number for a specified amount that would be perfect for unknown businesses or for free offers +shipping where they want to put you on auto-ship? It is also a good idea to get a prepaid Visa card to place some orders.

        Hope this helps.

  6. I cannot go out after I spray this Living Well Montel Pain Relief Spray on. It has a very strong odor. I did not find that it worked for me as it is indicated.

    I wouldn’t recommend it. I wish I could get my money back even tough it’s been over 30 days that I still have it. (two sprays) for that matter.


  7. Difficult to contact customer service to stop future shipments! Busy telephone lines and no easy email contact information! Stop future shipments!!

    • I ordered the product once and was automatically enrolled in the “continuity program” as they call it! I’ve never even used the product and don’t know if it even works. Why would I want to automatically reorder. Anyway when I realized they did this I called several time and each time they have a different excuse as to why they can’t stop future shipments.
      Did you ever find and email address for stopping future shipments?. I’m fed up with these people. I consider the “continuity program” tactic to be an unfair unscrupulous business practice for which online buyers should beware. “Shame on Montel”

  8. Do you think I am going to buy your Living Well Montel Pain Relief Spray when you can’t even publish the ingredients?

    No thanks


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