Miyashi Massager Review

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For centuries the Japanese have mastered the art of massaging to ease life’s aches and pains. Professional massages feel great but they may cost a fortune. You can now get the relief you are looking for right at home with Miyashi.


Miyashi Massager
Miyashi is the first massage that combines centuries of Japanese expertise with modern technology to give you the soothing pleasure of a Japanese spa massage anytime anywhere. Unlike regular massages that are bulky and hard to use Miyashi is light weight and cordless and has the optimal shape to perfectly match the contours of your body. Miyashi uses E-centric pulsation to gently stimulate and soothe aching muscles for a perfect massage wherever and whenever you need it. Simply place it behind your back to relieve stiffness or use it to alleviate neck and shoulder tension.

You can also place it on the floor for the best foot massage ever or elevate your legs to reduce swollen ankles and leg pain. Miyashi is cordless therefore you can use it in your car to keep your back relaxed while driving, relieve stress at the office, or simply unwind after a hard days work. The optional heat function provides extra relief for sore aching muscles and the optimal time switch gently relaxes you to sleep. Finally you can enjoy the age old benefits of the Japanese massage to relieve a sore back, a stiff neck and the stress and strain that keeps you from doing the things you love.



What do I get?
2 Miyashi Massagers

Get 2 Miyashi Massagers for just $19.99 plus $15.98 shipping and handling. Buy from the official Miyashi Massager website – www.Miyashi.com. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



Miyashi Massager Video


52 thoughts on “Miyashi Massager Review

  1. Would like to know the address to return pillow..I loved it and it has stopped working, pls advise..have replaced batteries twice to no avail..I have only had this for several months if you have any suggestions pls advise other than sending back for repair..thanks…

  2. Hi, I believe the Miyashi Pillows are a Scam, a Rob. I recommended NOT buying them. The quality is very poor, the Company deducted from your credit card 36.00 dollars and if you want to return shipping cost $12.00. You are going to spend $48.00 and they only return $19.99. Its real value is probably less than the $19.99 they’re selling it for. This is the way how this company to steal your money.

  3. I ordered 2 and I love, love, love them. I have 1 in my living room plugged in (necessary to use heating function) and I use it every single day. I’m in a wheelchair and sitting all the time is hard on my already bad back. I use the cordless aspect at night and it puts me to sleep! I start out in the “back neutral position”, withe a pillow between my knees and when my back hurts, I use my Miyashi and in 1 or max 2 of the 10 minute cycles (it turns itself after 10 minutes, which is perfect since it puts me to sleep. I highly recommend this product!

    • Hello. I’m trying to figure out what the difference is between the deluxe miyashi pillow and the regular miyashi pillow. Is this where the heat comes in. Is deluxe with heat and regular without??? The commercial is very misleading.

  4. If you want to buy the Miyashi pillow, I strongly recommend you go on line to Harriet Carter, As Seen On TV, personal care items. You will find the Miyashi pillows for $19.99. I bought one. I like it. I trust Harriet Carter because I have returned items there before with no trouble at all! Good luck.

  5. Call the company and tell them you want to order many Miyashi Massage Pillows and they will usually give a good discount if you ask for a discount for ordering so many. Good luck.

  6. Hey, Call the company and tell them you want to place an order for MANY pillows and ask for a discount on shipping. Usually they will give a nice discount. Good luck.

  7. I agree with all comments here. I almost ordered two Miyashi Massager pillows which would have doubled the cost to $40.00 + a lot of shipping charges. I think they are trying to be sneaky and confusing on purpose. Fortunately we got our pillows and they work fine. They are just vibrating pillows shaped for low back support. Don’t expect too much. Like is said below, just order one pillow and you will be OK. Don’t fall for the free shipping teaser either. They just want you to buy more stuff.

  8. Half the comments are from people who never ordered the pillows or cancelled their order or sent them back. These are not valid reviews of the pillow. The other half are complaints about the web site, the ad, the shipping charges. I received my two pillows in about a week. I like them. They provide good lower back support. I don’t see any scam here. Just confusion about pricing. You will pay about $15.00 Shipping. Both pillows were a total of $19.99 + $15.00 shipping. JUST ORDER ONE and you will receive the second free. Good luck.

  9. Enough with the complaints of exorbitant shipping charges. Read the ad carefully. Order one and get one free. Yes, the pillow works! Yes the pillow is padded. I’ve only had it a week but the batteries are fine. I use one pillow in my pickup and it gives me lumbar (lower back) support. The free pillow I use at home with the massage unit. I’m not trying to sell this pillow. I’m sorry to see so many unhappy. Do not order 2 pillows; order one and you get the second one free.

  10. We like our pillows. Wife uses hers on her back and I use mine on my neck. It has two levels of vibration or just use for support as it is shaped for lower back support. I ordered on-line at their web-site and noticed that the shipping charges would be $15.98. Be sure to order JUST ONE PILLOW and you will get a second one free. All ads are misleading in some way or other. If you don’t want this, don’t order, but we are OK with it. Got my credit card bill and it was for $36.00 as expected.

  11. We are perfectly happy with our two pillows for the price of one plus S&H charges for both pillows AS ADVERTISED. The pillows shipped quickly. They work fine. What do you expect for $18 per pillow? There are a lot of negative comments here. Most, I believe, are a result of peoples carelessness. READ THE WHOLE AD before you give your bank info!

  12. We received our two Miyashi massagers within a week of ordering one + one free + $7.99 X (2) = $15.98 exactly as stated in their ad. The pillows work as advertised. They are relaxing but are not going to cure serious back or neck problems. Final price is about $18.00 each. What did you expect for that price? I can see how people got confused, but if you paid more it was your mistake. They provided what was advertised. If your battery overheated, you must have left the thing on all night. READ THE INFORMATION IN THE AD BEFORE GIVING YOUR BANK CARD NUMBER!!

  13. I agree with all the comments…this is a scam. Their system does not even allow you to contact them. They have a customer service contact number but you can’t get anybody on that number. Why is this scam being allowed on tv or on websites is beyond me.

  14. Glad to have read reviews almost ordered, but with theses reviews I will not be using this company. The ad sounds to good to be true. I’ve learned to be aware of those TV ads and READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE ORDERING.


  15. Placed an order for the 2 for 1 pillow to send to my sister, put her address in, at the end, it tells me I am approved for more pillow(deluxe), all is good, but did not want all going to sister’s house, if cannot be separated, please cancel my order number 11908443. I will re-order without the extra add-ons.

    Thank you……tried to call, but got hung up on

  16. Miyashi massager is a TOTAL RIP OFF. They advertise that you get 2 for $19.99 plus shipping and handling ($7.99 each)… for a grand total of $35.97. You place your order….. and then surprise! When your package comes, you see that they have actually charged your credit card for $75.94. (The bill enclosed in the package says $49.97 + $25.97 shipping and handling….. (total $75.94!!!!!!!) You call them up to tell them you’re sending it back and what a rip off they are…. and they say OK, send it back, we are keeping the shipping and handling fee though…….. (So they just got you for $25.97… and you got nothing!)

  17. Order # 6519-57421, Dated 07/24/’11: We like to return your product and refund our money. Please instruct us what do we do next. Thank you.

    Ray Patel

  18. I just received my Miyashi Massager yesterday and while I was using it the batteries became hot to the touch. I removed this from my back and pulled out the batteries and the batteries that came with the pillows started leaking battery acid on my chair and me. I tried to call the customer service number and it is just a recording saying to order online. Don’t know if it is the product or the batteries but either way I am not happy!!!!

  19. I’ve been trying to get the FCC (which I assume is in charge of website like ALL of the as seen on tv websites are) to make it mandatory that we have the option to cancel an order or at least review it before the purchase is final. I don’t know who to contact on this.

    I’ve requested quite a few times to the FCC to look into this but no results. I’ll try the attorney general now as this is misleading and a scam. I have cancelled orders on this as I fell for the many of the same options as everyone here and did get my order cancelled and my money back.

    So there is hope for those wanting a refund. It does take at least 3 working days for the customer service people to see your order.

  20. I ordered the Miyashi over the phone, never getting the chance to speak to a person. My order should have been $19.99 plus $7.00 s & h. At the end of the recording, it said my order totaled $68.00!!! I immediately called my bank to stop charges, however, as of today, I don’t see the amount on my online banking. I sent an email SCREAMING to them, and have yet to hear from them. Wish I would have looked into this online first. I think any bank/credit card will stop the charges if you call. If this gets logged onto facebook, perhaps they’ll notice!!!

  21. As an attorney, if the consumer was misled into buying this product at a costs not advertised on television, then you should make a complaint to the State’s Attorney General’s Office. They will investigate and prosecute company’s that misleads consumers on pricing and the promises the company makes about their products. Good luck!

  22. Be aware of what you order since it does not give you an Order Summary that you can review, change the quantities or cancel. Worst of all you cannot get the refund on the shipping and processing (which I don’t understand why it cost so much). Just order 1 since the 2nd is free. I made the mistake of ordering 2 with upgrade model and they sent me 3. In the online receipt, it says to call after 2 days before calling for any correction but that was too late, the product has been shipped. To be fair, the product seems to work. Their online ordering system needs to be revised to show summary and statement disclosing its refund policy.

  23. Wow. I just saw the commercial and instead of writing the number down, I thought I’d just check and see if there was anything negative about the Miyashi Massager online. Thank goodness I’ve learned to do that first. I have yet to find anything POSITIVE about this merchandise. Thank all of you guys for posting…

  24. I totally agree with every body I ordered my Miyashi Massager on Wednesday 11th but I called customer service and said my order is already shipped. But it came two weeks later.

  25. Thank you for all the reviews. I almost bought it but felt I’d wait til it showed up in stores. I fell on my back and thought this may be helpful. I read the terms, etc, and became suspicious. I’m glad I dug further and found your reviews. Call your banks-shut down your account numbers/stop payments on the orders!! It may cost you ten bucks but it’s better than paying $100 plus! Wait til it’s in stores then decide. Good luck friends.

  26. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the negative comments. I saw the commercial on TV and really wanted to call the number to order it. Thinking I would get 2 for $20 plus S&H. My husband suggested looking it up on line, so I did and found that nobody has even received 1 yet. Good luck to all of you who have ordered. I hope you get your money back. Best thing to do is go to your bank and tell them you got scammed and they will cancel the transaction for you. (I’ve been there, done that).

  27. I should have searched for reviews first. I was surprised from the total cost after placing the order. Did not have any choice to modify the order… I am going to call and cancel it. Good luck to me 🙂

  28. Thanks for all the comments, will not buy. Thought it was interesting that no one commented on using the massager. Looks like no one even ever received the product so far.

  29. I ordered this on March 4. Like all of you, I didn’t a chance to see how much S&H would be until the order had gone through. I didn’t realize until I read the reviews that the basic one does not come with heat or more than one speed. It is April 8th and I still don’t have the massager. I won’t even try to call Customer Service since none of you had any satisfaction with it. I did click on TRACK ORDER, but nothing happens. I wish I never would have ordered this.

  30. I ordered off of their website Saturday night and like other customers reviewing here I was duped into buying things. I saw the buy one get one free offer for $19.99 (plus S&H) so when asked how many Miyashi massagers I wanted I clicked “2” because that was the final number of products I wanted. I was then ushered through many pages telling me I needed this thing or that thing. I thought the deluxe version was the version they were selling on the TV and online so I agreed to the deluxe version. All of the sudden I was at the end, my order had been placed and my total was $111.90!! Unit price was $39.97 for each, Unit Shipping was $15.98 for each, Quantity was 2. I went from thinking I was getting 2 products for $19.99 (plus S&H) to $111.90 in the span of maybe a minute or two.

    I have called twice now (Monday and Tuesday) but was told each time that my order had not been “downloaded” yet and to call back tomorrow. Both reps on the phone said that they are on back order right now and assured me my card would not be charged while the product is on back order. I think it is B.S. to have to call every day and wait forever to talk to a rep just to see if I can change my order or not yet. I’m so mad that when my order does finally get “downloaded” I am going to ask them to cancel the entire order. Hopefully I will be able to do that.

  31. Wanted to believe this would work, but when ordering they make things very difficult. One is not two, the order quickly expands. You cant modify on the call, canceling card, and will not order product on the phone again. Not ok to not verify total number being sent and total shipping and extras without clarification as to why they did not explain all of this on TV AD.

    Not ok to do halfway. If there are choices they should all be shown on TV. Then no surprises like special cords to save batteries afterward. They dont even mention number of batteries it requires. No on this for now
    until they improve customer ordering system and truth in ad.

  32. I am very upset with this Miyashi Massager Website. everything is fine until after you enter your card info then you see how much you are being charged. Whatever happened to a cancel button or better yet a order summary that shows your total as you add stuff. Finally the commercial show features that you think is the basic product but cost extra when you order like heat and two speeds and ac adapter. What a huge let down.

  33. Typical scam. The $14.95 price does NOT include the heat or the auto-shut off, and only one massage speed. Once you order, they tell you if you want what they advertise, it is an ADDITIONAL $9.95 per massager – so your purchase just went from $31 for two to $51. There is no truth in advertising – they are all scams….

  34. As usual this is like one of the many tv ads that take you for a sucker. It goes through many steps starting with one where it says it is a buy 1 and get one more offer. In the end it says they will ship only one with added shipping and handling, which is double that of what they quoted. I’ll update after I receive the product. Till then my advice is to stay off this product and do not fall for the slick tv ad.

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