Miracle Sox Review

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If you are embarrassed with your rough, cracked feet and ugly whitish toe nails and are tortured by dryness and itching you can stop worrying and start using Miracle Socks. Miracle Socks is a special spa therapy for seriously damaged feet. When you wear the Miracle Socks at night, you wake up the following day with silky smooth feet that look and feel great.


Miracle Sox
The Miracle Socks is infused with a special blend of rich oils, minerals, nutrients and skin-nourishing elements from the Dead Sea. These ingredients are 100% natural and are highly recommended by foot doctors and skin experts from around the world. So simply put miracle sox on before you go to bed, heal, and restore your feet while you sleep.

The fabric of Miracle Socks penetrates deep into your skin to soften and moisturize it in a way you have never experienced before. Miracle Socks transforms feet from rough and cracked to soft and silky smooth skin overnight and it works miracles on ugly whitish toenails. Your feet will look and feel so good you will want to show them off with a new pair of sandals or open foot shoes.



What do I get?

  • 2 Pairs of Miracle Socks (Please note, color of socks may vary)
  • 5 Piece Manicure/Pedicure Set

Get 2 pairs of Miracle Socks and 5 Piece Manicure/Pedicure Set for just $10.00 plus $13.98 shipping and handling. Buy from the official Miracle Socks website – www.MiracleSox.com. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



Miracle Sox Video
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64 thoughts on “Miracle Sox Review

  1. Do not, I repeat do not order these sox on line or on the phone.
    I bought a kpair at the VA hospital BX store for $5.00. I am sure they can be bought through Amazon or e-Bay. I happen to like the damned things and had to buy L/XL , but they fit perfectly. However there are a number of companies putting out similar sox.

  2. I have a “special” debit card that is only used for online shopping. I put the correct amount of $$$ into this card and therefore am not ripped off.

  3. BEWARE this is a scam, if you purchase these socks you will be hounded for weeks on end with telemarketers pressuring you into other things DO NOT buy these sock on line. it will waste your time answering the million phone calls they make to your home.

  4. I ordered my socks in x-large. When I received them I noticed a ridiculous $27.96 handling and postage(they come in a tiny box). I tried to get them on but they are so narrow my 11 1/2 foot never got in them. I called customer service and they informed me that I got the largest size. I was told there was a handling charge to return them so they fit in my trashcan nicely. This is a scam as far as I am concerned. With shipping and handling my unusable and nonreturnable socks (it would be cost prohibitive) cost me $51.68. The miracle is getting them on a normal sized foot.

  5. Thank you guys for your feedback. This Miracle sox is also available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $9.99 less 20% if you have the coupon and you don’t have to pay for shipping. I almost order Miracle Socks online because BBB don’t have my size.

    Good Day

  6. You end up paying through the pocket book for two pairs of Miracle Socks one is free (Not ) as they charge you $29 for handling and shipping my total bill for one order and one free was $49.96, what kind of deal is that ?

    • Terry Blanche, what can I do. I called on the 1st of Dec to order, today they took out $172.00 from my credit card. I told them I didnt want them and if they came here I would send them right back. I called my bank, I only have a debit card & live on SSI. My bank gave me a phone number but they aren’t open. Only weekdays the robot talking just wouldn’t quit talking about walmart vacations all this other crap. Then I hung up and called them and cancelled the order. But they still took way too much money out of my debit card. I am so upset over this. I am due back every cent, no restocking fee nothing. I bookmarked this page and I will report them. They would make alot more money if they didnt try to scam everyone.

      • I agree they are too costly. $172. is too much. Why so much? Mine was around $49. They really made my legs and feet feel good. I have just come out of the hospital with defibrillator and had suffered from swelling and it would be worth but too tight. I have to call them because size incorrect but if I send bk I lose shipping and handling which is too much to start with $13.98 ridiculous. You should dispute the charges to your bank and tell them that you didn’t tell them to take that amount. My bank returns the money if you dispute and prove by stating the cause. Well credit union. Banks are different.

    • If you want to buy reasonable priced compression stockings which are comfortable, try Ames Walker. I have worn these for years…can get different strengths and are very affordable. Great service, good product and affordable.

  7. I would recommend writing the BBB. Also a major newspaper like the Chicago Sun Times, that has a consumer advocate who will help you to get your money back from these infomercial swindlers. I have been helped many times by writing these letters. Also the FTC can be helpful. The more people who complain about these crooks, the better chance of getting them put out of business.

    • I agree go all the way but start at bank first and dispute the charges and if you didn’t get the stockings definitely dispute the charges, call bank first and then if they don’t then follow what person is telling you. Take care.

  8. When are people going to learn not to order things from these cheesy TV commercials?..Every one of them is the same..Double the order..just pay separate processing…Even if they gave you the product free they would still make a big profit on what they charge for processing..

    Just say NO to crappy products shown on TV..Make these commercials go away.

    • I agree that the processing/handling charge was outrageous. The cost of the order was $39.99 and the P/H was $27.96. After giving the credit card number over the phone the ads went on and on and on until I gave up and hung up. The order still went through. I will never order another thing over the phone. I am calling the BBB in my area. The P/H was nearly as much as the order. However, they say no shipping charges. Wow!

    • I agree Kris; once they get your credit card number sometimes you see on your bank acct something else. Or you order one thing that is all you want and then next month something else comes you didn’t order. Didn’t hear nor read where this was a serious and should have cancelled after you got your item you wanted, then 2nd item of series come in and they say on envelope Pd in full. So you think you have a free product. Look at your bank statement, you find they have taken the payment b4 you received the pkg. Lord Help. I disputed and bank’s protection credit union returned my money.

  9. I bought them for my husband who is in heart failure. They are like a rubber band I can not get them on and I ordered them through the phone, paid $27.00 for shipping and handling – outrages I am returning them and I loose my shipping of $27. Why did I think this would not be a scam. I paid more than I would be off if I bought them in a Drugstore so I am out the $27. But it taught me that the company is not to deal with Rose Deam, we are senior citizens and can not afford this. It is just not fare for older people to have to pay for your health needs that are this expensive.

    Rose Deam

  10. Hi,

    So I wanted to try these Miracle Socks but did not want to pay for the shipping, so I went looking in the stores and can not find them right now but I did a google search and a little research and they sound just like nurses compression socks. So I went on Amazon and found some to try… I know that all nursing supply stores and walmart either carries or used to carry them… I used to use the compression socks and loved them!! But I would not buy for this company when I called them they wanted a lot of money for shipping and handling.

  11. These are the same crooks that sold SNUGGIES online. Same scam and ripoff. Unfortunately people are falling for Miracle Socks as well. You have to write and complain to your State Attorney General. Hopefully, they will investigate and do something about this.

  12. I told my mom about these Miracle Socks due to her swollen feet, we went online eager for some kind of relief for her feet. Well after filling out the form for ordering A pair of sox there’s a bonus, a free pair of socks with two tubes of some special cream. After seeing the shipping price along with other taxes it went too $24 and some change, she decided against it.

    Well I went ahead and ordered them for her, only after your credit card info is entered, they tell you there’s a one time electronic filing fee, enrollment fee or some BS. The price went to $34.98 , WTH well they have my credit card info now, if I cancel 11 times out of 9 there gonna charge me some way, and if it will help her feet it will be worth it! Well the following day I received numerous calls telling me the sox are on back order, and they have a free $100 gas voucher and free food coupons for apple bees outback etc.

    And even if I decide not to use the food coupons they want me to keep the gas card. I’ll just need to call and decline the food coupons or I’ll be charged $24.95 a month it will be billed to credit card #____ is the last four digits all I need you to do is verify the first digits and we will get these in the mail to you. Well naturally I declined! Well this morning I went to put gas in my truck and had to call my bank because my card wouldn’t work, my account was minus $-100 my wife is working on getting money back.

    As seen on TV? How and why would tv stations allow such scams to be aired on there stations? The tv station that allowed this to be aired should be sued. Just my opinion! Do not order crap from these idiots!

    • Wow. I was with you up until the whole “faggot, gang rape, retard,” and violence and murder! What the hell is wrong with you? I understand being angry, but this takes it way too far, and is extremely offensive (and politically incorrect)… Not to mention all the spelling errors. Seems to me it is more people like you that are the problem!

    • Call your bank and dispute the charges and tell them you didn’t authorize them to take no money from your acct and no you didn’t get the service. start with your bank first. That is what I did.

  13. According to the dermatologist, our good old petroleum jelly and regular socks are the best. After shower, rubbed petroleum jelly and put on your comfy socks overnight. In the morning, your feet is nice and soft. If you are looking for massaging leg socks, buy compression socks. Treat your feet well, they do so much for you!

  14. I have ordered these miracle socks and never ever got a real person on the line they took my card # I and due to XL not really being XL but X small I am trying to find who this real person is to get my money back the miracle foot cream is the best but these socks are for the very skinny on the legs or you will never ever get these socks on your feet. Good Luck if you order anything from this company they like to take info then you end up going all the way around the world just to try to get another person in the meantime you wonder what all you have purchased due to push 1 now or push 2 now voice mail run around.

  15. Miracle socks is a scam. I placed the order in August and the website would not confirm my order, nor did I receive an email confirming the order. I called the company and the rep told me they were having problems with the website, so I needed to wait a few days to confirm the order. I didn’t hear anything, and I dropped it. Then three weeks later I receive an email saying the item is on back order; then I receive an email saying it was shipping. When I clicked on the line to track shipping, the item is still on back order. On Oct. 1 I received the two pairs of socks with a couple of small tubes of foot cream that I didn’t even want instead of the six pairs of socks the website claimed I would receive. BUYER BEWARE! I have never put in a complaint before, but this company is downright unethical.

  16. Dang it people!!!

    Thus far, all these reviews discuss crappy business practices and consumer gullibility.

    So… do the socks work?!

  17. I ordered from a tv ad. I was supposed to get 2 pair for $10. I ordered on 7/31 and it took until 9/14 to get them. What a shock when I opened the box which weighted one pound, two ounces and saw the bill. $47.96. I did not get the second pair free, I was charged and then $27.96 shipping and handling. If I had known that I would never have ordered them.

  18. I buy all my “As seen on TV” items at Walgreens. They seem to have a larger selection than Walmart. Also if you can wait a bit, the item will most likely go on sale so we save even more!! Even better…….. If you need to return the item you can just bring it back to Walgreens with receipt and get your money back! So why bother with all these online scams and ridiculous shipping fees, just go to Walgreens!

  19. Oh do I agree with Gloria K I am having the same results as her. Can not Ontel the main company. They won’t answer there phones with a live person and just a big run a round. Where is the good guys to help when you need them I want to cancel my order.

  20. My son Roger Deyo ordered a pair of miracle sox two weeks ago and have not received them as of yet. Can you please see what is the holdup? He ordered from the Tv . He is in need of them badly.

    He lives at 14783 Candlewood Ct, Woodbridge, VA 22191 or can you please advise us on what to do?


    Daisey M. Deyo

  21. I don’t plan to order from this company due to the cost of shipping, but I would like to know if the socks are any good.


  22. This is an e-mail I sent to Ontel about the miracle socks order:

    I just ordered miracle socks online from the website advertised on your commercial http://www.getmiraclesocks.com Order # DR-4461664 . During the process, I was told that the Firm Compression Level Miracle Socks would come with an extra pair of socks and would cost $10 plus $13.98 shipping and handling. I then proceeded to purchase the Firm Compression Level Miracle Socks Value Pack which I was told would cost $19.99 but the shipping and handling would be free. I chose not to upgrade or purchase anything else. So the total plus the $1 for the electronic processing fee should come to $44.97. At no point in time was a list of items and totals shown to me before proceeding with check out. The website went straight to telling me that the transaction was complete and only then showed me this list, which was completely different than the prices quoted along the way. The list showed me that the Firm Compression Level Miracle Socks was $20, and the Firm Compression Level Miracle Socks Value Pack was $34.99. Only after saying that the transaction was complete did the site reveal that I had just spent $69.97!

    These are copied from your site:


    ^^^ I purchased this in black size S/M, and I understood that s/p&h would be $13.98

    Get your Miracle Socks Value Pack!
    Because you ordered today, you qualify for an amazing 30% percent discount on our value pack. Everyone needs multiple socks so we created our 3-pair Value Pack of Miracle Socks. You’ll want extras so you always have a clean pair ready to put on.

    Its just $19.99 a pack and well even pay for the shipping on your Value packs. Thats less than $7 a pair. This is a great time to pick up extras in either color so you can match virtually every outfit you own. You still get the 60 day Money Back Guarantee on your Value Pack Socks so pick them up now while supplies last.

    ^^^I chose 1 value pack in black in size S/M.

    This is what it went directly to after I chose to order Firm Compression Level Miracle Socks (that is supposed to come with an extra pair) and the Firm compression level miracle socks value pack: vvvv

    Thank you for your order! It is being processed and will be shipped promptly!
    Order Date: 9/10/2011 Order Number: DR-4461664

    Product Description Price Quantity Total
    FMSSMBTV Firm Compression Level Miracle Socks $20.00 1 $20.00
    FMSSMB3 Firm Compression Level Miracle Socks Value Pack $34.99 1 $34.99
    WF1100 Electronic Processing Fee $1.00 1 $1.00

    Subtotal $55.99
    Tax $0.00
    Processing & Handling $13.98
    Total $69.97

    Ontel Products Corporation
    21 Law Drive
    Fairfield, NJ 07004

    This is entirely fraudulent and I will be contacting the BBB, consumer reports, and various other review sites. If the product was actually good quality, then why would you feel the need to lie and conduct business in such a shady manor?

  23. I wait till they come into the store. Target, Bed/Bath & Beyond, Walmart have “as seen on TV ” end caps or isles. Most time they are price like on TV except you don’t pay for shipping. Of course, you don’t get double the quantity, but did you realize that you are also paying double the shipping cost!

  24. I don’t understand why all of you don’t forgo the shipping completely, and just buy these in one of the many stores that carries AS SEEN ON TV products. Most WALMART stores carry all of these products.

  25. Don’t do business with these people until they clean up their act and lower the shipping. I placed an order and the final invoice was not correct. It may have been my fault, but I don’t think so, as I order online all the time. It took many emails and phone calls and transfers — it seemed no one could cancel my order. After sending one last nasty email threatening to contact the NJ Attorney General did I get an email that my order was cancelled–and I will keep this email in-case they still try to charge my MC. I spent a lot of time dealing with them–what a waste of time! They sell other products, so expect grief if ordering items other than miracle socks. Many online business know how important it is to get the order right, shipped at a reasonable price and quickly.


  26. Thanks for the heads up on all the above reviews. Another scam, as I expected. ALWAYS READ REVIEWS PEOPLE. It won’t cost you an additional $14.00 to write or read reviews, ONLY TO HAVE IT SHIPPED….NUTS

    • Sorry…I meant to write just pay shipping for the other sliders…the sliders were $19.99 the shipping was $29.99!!

  27. I placed the order for Miracle Socks on Saturday and today, Tuesday they called me to let me know the order will take from 4 to 5 weeks because everyone is buying them as their so good!!! But he also mentioned some other offers..Now I want to cancel the order and after reading all your comments, I think will be impossible.

    • Hi, I just called and cancelled my Miracle Socks order here’s the # 1 973-439-9035. I spoke with a lady named Elizabeth she was very helpful no issues cancelling they offered me $5 off order if I. Kept the order but I said no Thank you I’d rather just cancel and she was very helpful! Hope its as easy for you as was for me if canceling is what you are planning on doing! Also don’t forget to ask for the Cancellation # so if it ever gets charged after you cancel you have the cancellation # to prove you cancelled! Hope this helps you! God Bless You! Have a Blessed Day!

      In Christ,

  28. $10.00/pair is a reasonable price. What is NOT reasonable and IS deceptive on its face is the OUTRAGEOUS “shipping and handling” charge of $14.00!!

    I mean, REALLY?!! You take an item that weighs MAYBE 6 ounces that can be sent in a MAILING envelope and say it costs $14 to pack it up and mail it is the HEIGHT of arrogance!!

    I will NEVER buy this product, just so I can deny this company ONE PENNY!

  29. We have experienced the same thing as the people in above comments, unable to contact any person willing to give us a status on the socks we purchased over six weeks ago. No answer to the several telephone number’s given in New Jersey etc, no possibility of satisfaction via e-mail. To whom can you report this company??, I cannot imagine they have not been checked out by some authority, consider the amount of money that is spent on T.V. adds?? (who’s money???. What protection can consumers expect in this country anymore?

    Spoke with another clerk, she assured me someone would call and take care of the problem, that was six hours ago, as yet nothing!!

    • Mr and Mrs. Bennett…deceptive trade issues, as suggested by another reviewer, are dealt with by your state’s Attorney General’s office. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL OF WHO HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED — PLEASE FILE OFFICIAL COMPLAINTS WITH YOUR STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL OFFICES.

      I have called mine in the past for help and was supported in filing the official complaint. I learned they need the numbers of complaints to warrant their action (because their role is to act in the public interest – #s bear out that many are harmed, sadly). PLEASE NOTE – I’m not a government employee; just was a victim seeking help.

      Finally, thank you you all for sharing the reviews as to their poor quality and the misery of ordering. You saved me wasting my hard-earned $ too. I’m with all who recommend reading the reviews before buying – this one effort has saved me a number of times.

      To all who have already ordered, a final suggestion is that you dispute the credit card charge. Yes, likely this company will “go the rounds” to fight it, but you do have a good cause to win with your CC company. If you’ve tried to cancel – and you tried to deal with the company first (that’s what the CC company wants you to do 1st), my experience is the CC will side with you following and credit you.

      Best of luck to you all! Thank you again.

  30. Thank you, everyone, for warning us about this Miracle Socks product, so we don’t have to make the same mistake. I hope all prospective customers will have the brains to actually look for reviews before ordering this product. One thing that alerted me when I went to look at their web page was that I didn’t see any evidence of security on their order page. Not a good sign!

  31. Ordered Miracle Socks (sox or whatever) over a week ago. Someone called me to tell me they were on back order 4 to 6 weeks. I was transferred 5 times before I actually spoke with someone which total took about 30 minutes. I cancelled the order. Very unfriendly representatives.

  32. Thank you for the post above, Gloria. When you have to pay$13+ in S&H for $10 product, that should ring the bell that this is a big SCAM.

    Thank you, I will not order it!!

    • Just ordered miracle socks and already regret it. These scam has only a machine and no live customer service people from whom you can ask any questions. They also don’t give you the amount that they are deducting or the total order amount. Have been trying to cancel, but can’t even manage to get someone on the line or when I revert to their online Ontel products for order status, it is impossible to access the info or talk to anyone. Furthermore, after you order the socks, the machine keeps you on the phone with tons of other offers- a waste of my time and a real scam. Today is Sunday, but you can bet that I am going to pursue this on Monday morning. This is a shame and a detriment to all other honest offers on TV.

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