Miracle Slippers Reviews and Complaints

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Do your feet ache and hurt every time you walk or stand? Now there is Miracle Slippers to soothe, relieve, and energize your painful feet and aching body. Miracle Slippers are anti-fatigue gel slippers that can take away the pain from your feet, knees, and lower back caused by pressure from walking and standing.


Miracle Slippers
Miracle Slippers also eases the weight and strain off your feet and joints. Miracle Slippers feature true gel soles that acts like a shock absorber to help relive aches, soreness, and pains.

With Miracle Slippers you can now feel supported and relaxed all the time. It gives your feet the comfortable cushioning they need.

Regular slippers are thin and flat but Miracle Slippers cushioned gel soles support and contour your feet, and the soles never flatten out.

Miracle Slippers are made of ultra-soft microfiber and durable non-slip rubber soles. You can use Miracle Slippers anywhere you want, indoors and outdoors. They are available in two colors: black and tan.

Every time they get dirty simply put them in the machine and they are ready for use again. Miracle Slippers come with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not happy with them simply return them.

If you suffer from aching feet call now and get your pair of Miracle Slippers for just 19.99 plus P&H. You will also receive the Miracle Foot Repair Cream at no additional cost. Use it to relieve dry callus feet overnight.

Miracle Slippers also come with a lifetime guarantee so if they ever lose their support simply return them and get another pair at no additional cost.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
• Two Pairs of Miracle Slippers
• Two Miracle Foot Repair Creams
If you call right now you also get a 2nd pair of Miracle Slippers, that’s 2 Miracle Slippers and 2 Miracle Foot Repair Cream for just 19.99, just pay separate P&H. Official website www.MiracleSlippers.com


Miracle Slippers Video


41 thoughts on “Miracle Slippers Reviews and Complaints

  1. Thanks everyone for the information. I was going to place an order, but after reading all the reviews I put my credit card away.


  2. I purchased the miracle slippers and I am disappointed. They are comfortable and do soothe my feet! The problem is that they stretch sooo big I am unable to wear them. I wash them and they are OK for about 6 hours then they are too big again and they fall off my feet. This is very dangerous and causes falls!!!

    I am on the website to see what I can do about this.

    Thank you

  3. My slippers were falling apart after wearing them maybe TEN times!….Called for a replacement pair and they said they were not shipping any new product so therefore could not ship a replacement pair…….so much for their LIFETIME guarantee!……Can you say FRAUD!!

  4. Attention!!!! Beware!!! Complete garbage product!!!

    Slippers failed after two weeks of wearing !!!! Wore flat and now i had to pay return shipping and still 3 months later have not received my exchange. Government should put a stop to these t.v. fraud companies.

  5. I paid $19.9r + S&H for a pair of Miracle Slippers as advertized on TV. About 5 or 6 months later they were worn out. When I called to find out about the “lifetime guarantee” I was told that I didn’t buy the slippers that were guaranteed. The ad said $19.95 for a lifetime of slippers, but they ripped me off.

  6. I wish I had read this page before ordering Miracle Slipper. I ordered on 29-Nov-2012 and here I still sit barefooted. I sent message to customer service and no reply. I finally called and totally unapologetic I was told probably another 4-6 weeks. So much for the 48 hr promise. Stay away far far away from this company which sells numerous products — Ontel products should be taken down!!!

    • I am 65 yo with rheumatoid arthritis. The first time I ordered Miracle Slippers the order and product went fine. At first I had problems getting used to them, but in time all went very well, I couldn’t live without them. Then they simply wore through then began the falling apart stage…after about a year. I thought ok.. they held up this long & served me fairly well, maybe a year is all I should expect….. So… I ordered again, but this time.. MAJOR problem.

      There must be a change at the company because I ordered Sept. 4,2014, payment went through and I checked the site often to make sure the order was complete and the product shipped. Because I ordered two sets of two each and wdith addon charges I paid just over $86 dollars. I waited aand waited. After 3 weeks I called. The site’s info to track your order has ALWAYS said paymentoi received and order not shipped yet. When I called, the man who answered told me my order had not been shipped yet because they were waiting for the FOOT CREAM out of stock and that my order would be shipped in 6 to 8 weeks, specifically saying they could not ship an INCOMPLETE order. I asked couldn’t they just ship my slippers, that I cannot wear regular shoes and badly need the slippers. He told me the slippers could not be shipped without the foot cream.

      It has now been 11 weeks since I ordered and PAID for the slippers. Yesterday I got a card from the company saying they will complete my order AFTER I PAY them. I got to the site, same place I’ve gone numerous times to see if my slippers have been shipped and… THEY HAVE NOW ALTERED IT TO SAY..THAT I ORDERED AND THEY WILL SHIP AFTER I PAY FOR THE SLIPPERS!!!

      I am just outraged by this company ripping me off of $86 which they CONFIRMED thmountey received and now want the same amount again. I live on my Social Security and cannot afford to pay them again. They won’t get one more penny for me. AND I am going to do all I can to let the world know this company HAS BECOME a SCAM. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!

  7. My slippers are defective. They fell a part, sole pulling away from the material; gel has gone flat. Not like I weigh 250 pounds! I only weigh 127#

    All I want is an exchange. So Miracle Slippers (MS) emails and says, sure, we can exchange, just call the Customer Service (CS) department and get R/A instructions. So I call CS and all I get is a bunch of crap from them. Can’t get ANY R/A instructions. Can’t get your address. I have to DEMAND EVERYTHING. Sorry, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. NOT ASKING FOR MONEY BACK, even though I should be! Only asking for an EXCHANGE.

    And worse, you’re making ME pay postage to return YOUR defective Miracle Slippers. Maybe it’ll be a miracle if I ever get an exchange, and a miracle if they last longer than a month!!!!

    Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau? Probably not, but I’m sure they’d like to hear about your BETTER BUSINESS relationship with your customers!

    I can’t BELIEVE I got nothing but crap on the other end of the phone just trying to exchange your defective product!!

    Order # 7868-29233

    Let’s see — my order was shipped on December 19, 2012. It is now Jan 3, 2013. The slippers lasted 16 days including shipping time!!! THAT IS MIRACULOUS IN ITSELF! What product have you ever bought that only lasts 16 days before it falls apart????

    And what product have you ever bought that you can’t even exchange? Where did I buy these? CHINA!!!!! They do that there, but NOT in the US of A!!!

    Pamela Kinann
    ANGRY and FRUSTRATED with your stupid miracle slippers!

    • P.S. I develop websites, digitaldesigndev.com, and it’ll be NO PROBLEM to badmouth MIRACLE SLIPPERS on the web so that whomever types in MIRACLE SLIPPERS my site will come up. I did it for a company once called Avid Hosting — look it up! avidhosting.org — and they went out of business for shafting people!

      In fact, it’s been UNDER 30 days for a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. So after reading the rest of these reviews, I decided I just want my MONEY BACK.

      What DUMP do you want me to send your slippers to? being you won’t even exchange them and being it looks as though I have to pay shipping — the shipping will cost me more than the slippers are worth.

      Pamela Kinann

  8. Ah yes…the scam starts, first pair the sole collapsed in 3 weeks. They replaced @ no charge (though I did have to pay freight there) Now second pair failed in another 4 weeks. Now they say I must pay freight both ways so much for a lifetime warranty. These $19.99 slippers now cost $57.96. As usual these TV sales are a bunch of crap. My suggestion is to PASS & buy a pair made in the USA from your local small business.

  9. I need some type of slippers to wear around house to keep my arthritis from hurting as much, my feet hurt after work with my slippers. HELP=(

    • QVC.com…>A228570 ..$54.96…> I just ordered these, and I also have a summer pair, takes a little time to get use to, but helps me, with my heal pail..> Plantar Fascitis/Heel Spurs..

      Orthaheel Shawn Orthotic Slipper.. w/Adj. Strap & Button Detail
      Comfort and joy. Step into the holiday season in complete comfort thanks to this cozy mule-style slipper. With helpful features like built-in arch support and an adjustable vamp, the Shawn slip-on has the same great orthotics you’ve come to know and love, with the added warmth of a plush slipper!

      Don’t walk around the house without them. The Orthaheel slipper aims to provide pain relief from the ground up with its patented four-degree arch support which helps to stabilize the instep and help prevent excess pronation. The innovative design helps to re-align feet to their natural position, helping to improve the body’s alignment. In turn, this can help alleviate pain in the foot, knee, and back caused by over-pronation from footwear that does not properly support your feet. What’s more, the footbed is treated with odor-resistant EcoFresh, which helps to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria–making these slippers perfect for everyday wear.

      Fashion and function. Get the comfort you desire–while maintaining your style–from the brand you trust for exceptional support. And, with several colors to choose from at a remarkable price, you may want to pick up a pair for yourself and someone you love!

      From Orthaheel.

      Button detail, contrast piping
      Built-in orthotic with four-degree arch support
      EcoFresh terry cloth footbed
      Textured outsole for traction and durability
      Adjustable vamp with hook-and-loop closure
      Podiatrist-designed orthotic footbed helps stabilize, support, and realign feet back to their natural position
      Helps to relieve common causes of heel pain and knee pain, related to over-pronation and flat feet
      An ideal complementary option for orthotic or arch support wearers, particularly on hard, flat floors
      Received APMA Seal of Acceptance
      Approximately 1″ sole
      Fit: true to size
      Medium whole sizes 5 thru 11
      Whole sizes order your true size; half sizes size down half a size for the best fit
      EVA midsole; rubber outsole
      Hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse clean, and allow to air dry
      Made in China

  10. I bought three pair and one failed. I have been calling and writing for 4 months for the “Guarantee with no questions” yet, I have not received any reply. Very disappointed in this so called guarantee.

  11. I guess I was lucky, tried to order online thru their website and all sizes and colors, I tried them all, were “out of stock. I should have read the complaints first and will from now on. I have been scammed before.

  12. There reviews are very helpful. I was very close to placing an order this morning when I saw a commercial for it.

    My heel on my right foot has been hurting me and when your home you just want to relax and want to take your shoes off. After awhile my feet start to hurt when standing or walking around barefoot. I thought ordering these slippers it would help ease the discomfort. What better way to relax at home then wearing slippers, especially if they have gel padding.

    But after reading all these reviews I can honestly say I’m glad I did not order them. I sounds like a real pain in the butt. I also don’t need the hassle of being scammed and having to cancel my credit card.

    thank everyone for your useful reviews =)

  13. Thanks for the many ratings. sounds like a big scam and a huge waste of time and money. I appreciate you all responding it definitely saved me time and money,

  14. So glad I googled this first and read all the reviews. Was looking for them in the stores cause I didn’t want to pay the outrageous shipping, so guess I won’t be buying them at all..Thanks everyone you save me $$$$$..

  15. Complete waste of money:

    1. Heel well WAY to shallow causing pronation (inward turning of the ankle that makes the heel slide outwards… out of the slipper).

    2. Tried really hard to get used to them, but due to #1 above, my knees ankles and foot pain are WORSE.

    Don’t think I can donate them in good conscience as I don’t want anyone else to suffer, so in the garbage they go!

  16. Very frustrated!! After waiting over 2 weeks I decided to call to inquire about where my order is.

    It went like this:
    Hold…15 minutes
    I’m calling about my order of 04/18…”O.K.” click
    Back on hold then automated enter your phone # (which I did)
    Automated voice…”We’re sorry, we are unable to assist you at this time, please call back later”.


  17. It is a scam and I am filing a class action suit with 4,000 plus clients thus far.

    • You can add me to that suit too, I really wanted these for my mom I seen the commercial and only after a half hour of them trying to sale me everything under the sun I finally ordered. 3 days later I called their customer service to check on my order and they said it didn’t go through. I asked the rep why and he said the charge didn’t go through. I asked him how much was the total and he said $46.00 I asked him how can that be when they were $19.99 plus $7 or $8 for shipping that’s $27 or $28 most and he tells me there is another $15 charge for nothing so I cancelled that and went straight to miracleslippers.com and ordered the total came to $31.00 but still have not received anything

    • I brought these and heel hurts and ankles I thought it was me but I knew it was the slippers after hearing reviews. And they didnt send the cream and sign you up for redbook automatically when you tell them no. This slippers last a week maybe and cushion gone. I filed a complaint with the business bureau already.

  18. Total scam. they said they would send me a package containing a $100 gas voucher in the mail “within a few days” which I could look over and call the toll free number included in the package to cancel any time. After 14 days they would deduct $29.95 evry month thereafter. Well, 13 days later, still no package. I had to go to the bank and cancel my debit card to prevent them from taking any money. The very next day, “day 14”, I got the package in the mail. Would have been too late to cancel at that point. DON’T FALL FOR THIS ONE FOLKS! Oh, I did get the slippers and the also SUCK!

  19. I bought the Miracle Slippers and within a couple days, I get a phone call telling me I will be getting some gas coupons for free and if I don’t cancel them before 30 days they will send more and start billing me. I told them no thanks. A couple days later I got an email saying the slippers were not available and being back ordered. Sounds like a scam to me.

  20. What in the world $15.98 to ship. That’s nuts, you know that the post office can do it for you cheaper. I would like to try them but I’ll wait till they hit the stores!

  21. SP&H fee of $13.98 is way too high. Also, they are adding an “Electronic Processing Fee” of $1.00. That’s a new one.

    Sorry, but you lost me.

  22. How long do Miracle Slippers last? are they worth buying? and do they give the support & padding that they say??


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