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Do you suffer from headache pain regularly? Is your existing headache therapy not giving you the relief you need? Then you need to try Dr. Mauskop’s Migralex. Migralex’s patented formula is designed to prevent and treat your headaches right when it starts. With Migralex you get instant relief from headaches and the pain gently fades away.With a combination of a proven effective pain reliever and a patented magnesium formula Migralex helps to soothe and ease your headache pain without upsetting your stomach.


Migralex was developed by world renowned neurologist and headache expert Dr. Alexander Mauskop for his own patients and is now recommended by other doctors.

Migralex is a highly effective treatment without any side-effects for different types of headaches namely sinus headaches, menstrual headaches, tension headaches, stress headaches, and exertion headaches.

Its fast relieving formula targets headaches on 5 fronts to relieve pain and reduce pain inflammation.

Simply keep Migralex with you when you are out of the house as you never know when you are going to get a headache.

Order Migralex today and try it risk-free for just $19.95 plus $4.49 S&H. If you do not get any relief from your headache pain then simply return your bottle and get your money back.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Place your order today and get one 20-caplet bottle of Migralex for only $19.95 plus $4.49 S&H. Official website www.BuyMigralexNow.com


Reviews and Complaints
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9 thoughts on “Migralex Review

  1. I think they are out of business. I have placed an order and they took my money but after 3 weeks nothing. There is no phone number to call and they do not answer emails or anything from their own website. I think they are gone and you cannot get the product from any of the retailers they used to sell through. Walgreens or CVS. CVS tells me they are not able to contact them????? They are ripping people off now.

  2. Why cant you just give a free sample? If it does actually work you know we would continue to buy it. But as a migraine sufferer I am very skeptical and dont wanna pay that much if I am not sure its gonna truly work

  3. I bought this Migralex and paid $17.99 for it and it does not work. I have tried it on two different occasions and does not help!

  4. I had been suffering from headaches and was looking for some quick relief. Migralex looked promising and effective from what I had seen in the infomercial. I thought searching for people who might have felt better using Migralex would help me to get a feedback. Thinking of it I searched the web for “Migralex Reviews” and was returned with a couple of links claiming to review it. These certain websites were clearly trying to fool me into purchasing the product quickly. They had heaps of praises about the working of Migralex and how it was the perfect drug to subside headaches. But apart from such exaggerated review the site had links that redirected to a manufacturers sales website for an easy purchase. I questioned why would an honest review site carry a banner of the product and links for its purchase? I was sure I wasn’t reading a real review and so quickly exited only to find this website. I am so glad that I found this website which carries honest review. Thanks a lot it was of great help.

    • With the invention of internet people are enlightened to search for reviews before purchasing any product. That’s why companies setup fake review sites to fool people into thinking the product is good. The problem lies with search engines which are incapable of judging sites if they are real or fake. This site has genuine reviews to keep honest opinions afloat.

  5. Migraines since I was 5 – paternal grandmother had them since age 6. Mine originally – inherited, stress and hormonal. Now at 46, mine are hormonal and not even the strongest narcotic pain killer can knock it out for about 2-3 days as my hormones spike. And what I can tell from the limited info on the ingredients of your product, your wonder drug is coated aspirin? Really? I am not paying $20 for aspirin but if you could relieve my pain with your wonder cure, I would buy your product and tell everyone I know that it is a cure for the most severe migraine since my family and friends have watched me suffer since childhood but I dont see how aspirin, feverfew and ginger for nausea is the cure that no one else has come up with in all the research.

    • After many years of work that led to two Migralex patents, we spent an additional year with a drug development company to produce a caplet that would dissolve very quickly in the stomach. Most headache sufferers know that if medicine does not work quickly, it may not work at all. If you buy magnesium and aspirin off the shelf in a pharmacy you will eventually get some magnesium and aspirin into your blood stream, but it may take hours for this to happen. Many magnesium supplements are poorly absorbed and can cause diarrhea. In addition, Migralex causes fewer upper gastro-intestinal side effects than most OTC pain killers because they are not buffered the way Migralex is. Please note we offer a 60 day full money back guarantee. Try it, if it does not work for you we will refund your money.”check out our reviews on amazon! or our website at http://www.migralex.com, http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Mauskops-Migralex-20-caplets/product-reviews/B002WEYAE4/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

  6. Does Migralex really work?

    Are they any side-effects?

    Does it work on all types of headaches?

    Is it easy on the stomach?

    What are the ingredients?

    Has anyone tried Migralex, is it any good?

    • I have used Migralex and I have suffered from Migraines since I was 17 and have used many OTC and prescription meds as well as natural and herbal remedies.

      Migralex does provide relief for some of my migraines. If it relieves even one, it is worth the money. I had no side effects (and I am pretty sensitive to medicines, there are many I cannot tolerate). There was no stomach upset either. It seems to work on most headaches, providing at least some relief.

      The ingredients are buffered aspirin and magnesium.

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