Migraine Hat REVIEW

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What is Migraine Hat?

It claims to be an excellent hands-free way to provide cooling relief from migraine headaches. It is completely adjustable and comfortable to wear on the head. Migraine Hat guarantees to be the number one solution that fits all to help relieve migraine headaches with its unique design and cooling features. Migraine Hat assures that it uses the age-old technique of compressing the head with ice with a twist. We cannot deny or accept Migraine Hat’s claims due to lack of user reviews.


Migraine Hat REVIEW

Not comfortable – Juan who used Migraine Hat complained in his review that when frozen, the little compartments with liquid get very hard and uncomfortable. It doesn’t work well till the ice begins to melt. Sadly it doesn’t get as cold as expected when you freeze it and the ice takes too long to melt. The only good thing according to him is that it blocks out the light.

Design issues cause problems – Alecia who bought Migraine Hat exposed in her review that she has a small head and the hat just doesn’t fit. The plastic that holds the cold mixture is too sharp and hurt her face. She tried it one more time when she didn’t have a headache but the design related issues persisted. That’s when she bought Elastogel, which is comfortable but doesn’t stay cold for long. She believes the cap could work well if it had materials from another better quality product.

Just not good enough – Neo who reviewed Migraine Hat revealed in his review that traditional ice packs should be held in place, don’t always provide enough coverage and are often bulky. Another issue is that these caps hamper fingertip compression. This cap claims to sidestep these problems through cooling and compression, but you have to remember that itself can cause migraines in some individuals in the first place.

Not what it claims – Olga who bought Migraine Hat exposed in her review that it’s not really a hat but a wrap around band. However it stays cold and gives her some relief from headaches. Individual ice cubes make the pack more flexible. But she had an issue with getting correct info on sizing. The ice cubes bug her, which probably wouldn’t have happened if it were looser. Overall she admits that she wouldn’t have bought it if she knew it was a band and not a hat.

Sizing is a problem – Loris who used Migraine Hat complained in his review that the hat wouldn’t have worked well if it wasn’t standard sizing and ice wasn’t in the form of cubes. He tried it when he had headaches but couldn’t wear it for long because it was too cold and painful. The top is open and doesn’t cover entire head. He also found it difficult to remove some of the ice cubes from the compartments. Another hassle is that you have to keep it in freezer for 5 hours. And for all the trouble he thinks it’s a bit pricey.

Our Verdict

We would give Migraine Hat a 2.5 star ratings out of 5. We believe that the issues reported in the Migraine Hat would persist with any other similar headache hat.

We would like to educate our readers that Migraine Hat is not an unique product. There is a similar hat available on Amazon.com that goes by the name – Headache Hat Wearable Ice Pack. It looks very similar to the Migraine Hat and has got over 150 reviews and 4 stars. We even think that Migraine Hat is copied version of the Headache Hat. We would recommend Headache Hat over the Migraine Hat.

We though caution our readers to check the Headache Hat reviews too, you need to check 1 2 and 3 star reviews to be disillusioned with the product which normally hide below the 4 and 5 star glaring reviews.

Migraine Hat Claims

Numerous benefits – Migraine Hat alleges its head-wrap design is comfortable to wear and completely adjustable. It can even be pulled over eyes and ears to relax and block lights and sounds. The tightness targets pressure points to provide soothing relief. Migraine Hat states to have removable and reusable cryo-gel ice packs that stay cold up to 4 hours. The completely portable and hands-free Migraine Hat does sound impressive; user reviews will expose the truth.


What do I get?

  • 1 Migraine Hat
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 2 Cryo-Gel Ice Packs

Price: $29.99 plus $4.99 p&h | Official website: MigraineHat.com

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