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If you have been trying to lose weight for some time now you know what a tough task it can be. You try several products, diet regimes and fitness plans to ensure that you lose weight. But nothing seems to work and part of the reason for that is the fact that your body metabolism starts to slow down with age. And it’s the part of a cycle, which makes it difficult for everyone to lose weight after a point. But thankfully now there’s a breakthrough product that comes from scientific research, which ensures that you get sensational results when it comes to losing weight. Metabolism Fuel is the product, which has changed the way many look at weight loss today.

Metabolism Fuel

For starters it’s heartening to know that there’s a product that’s formulated by doctors and is based on scientific research. In fact according to many it’s the most technologically advanced weight loss product that is available to us today. This supplement helps everyone who’s been struggling to lose weight because it works on three levels. For one, it helps supercharge your metabolism, which is one of the problems you face when trying to lose weight. It also helps curb your appetite and boosts your energy levels too.

This product works well because at the heart of it are three scientifically researched ingredients, which do their job to perfection. There’s Raspberry Ketone, which helps burn fat at a much faster rate. That’s the reason you start seeing weight loss results sooner rather than later. There’s also the Green Tea Extract, which helps you feel fuller for longer, thus you can avoid those unhealthy cravings for food. The Green Coffee Extract you find in this product on the other hand boosts your metabolism and also helps regulate sugar levels in your system.

Thus Metabolism Fuel has manifold impact on your body, making it a cut above the rest. Often these ingredients are sold individually in the market. But for the first time they and their great benefits are combined so that you can maximize your weight loss gains. Now you won’t be struggling with weight loss because of your slowed-down metabolism; Metabolism Fuel is the answer to your problems and the perfect solution for anyone wanting to lose weight.



What do I get?
You can get Metabolism Fuel on a 30 Day Free trial offer by simply paying S&H at


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27 thoughts on “Metabolism Fuel Review

  1. I ordered a bottle of metabolism fuel on May 24, 2013 and I haven’t received it as of today which is June 7, 2013. I tried calling the 855-met-fuel number and no one answers the phone. I don’t think this is a very good professional move on their part and not being able to contact anybody is certainly not a good move. Don’t tell me this is a scam. Has any body else ordered a bottle and not received it, if so will you let me know what to do next I”m not in the habit of just giving away money even if it is a small amount.

    • I too ordered the Metabolism Fuel and have not received it. I am going to my bank on Monday and make sure they do no release any automatic payments to these people. I have tried calling with no answer. I am very upset. every time I check the progress of my order it gives the date of today or whichever day I check it.

  2. is a complete rip off – they charge you a monthly charge and never ship the product. Calls are never answered, e:mails are never returned. Shout this company’s crooked practices from the rooftop. They deserve to go out of business.

  3. I really hope people see these reviews before giving any card # to these people they lead you to think you are getting a free trial and end up charging your card $89.95 or something around that when the trial says you will only be charged $4.95 this is crazy and has to stop!

  4. This is a scam, do not order this product. I can not get them to stop charging my account monthly even though I cancelled the order the day after I ordered it. They do not answer the phone at the number they provide and they do not respond to any emails. I have been trying since January to get them to stop charging my checking account.

  5. I was charged $89.98. I like how everyone is charged differently. I thought the pills would be $20. at the most never dreamed they would charge that much. I read but didnt see that. I too have tried to get a hold of someone no such luck, does anyone have the address to send the pills back. Thank you I am only working part-time so this is really hurting.


  6. To Whom It May Concern, I took the Metabolism Fuel trial offer for $4.95 on 2-13-13. For 30 days. Then you took $89.98 out of my checking account. Which I did not give you permission to take that out of my account. I only gave you permission to take out the trial offer of $ please put the $89.98 back in my account, because it doesn’t work for me. You took the $89.98 out my account on 3-4-13. I can’t get a hold of anyone in your co. I’m beginning to think you are a scam co.

  7. I got the free trial I was told it would be $5 something for shipping and handling and I was charged oh most $100 I see a lot of people have the same problem I also have called the # a million times no answer can some please email me and tell me what they did and if there is anyone of getting your money back or getting them in trouble for this spam i work hard for my money and people out there like this make me sick my email is someone please email me with more info please.

  8. Yes, this company is a scam. No doubt. The brand is made by BodyTec Labs, of Chicago. No answer there either. The owner is a Michael Smith (fake name? could be), no answer there either. There is no way to get a RMA number. No one answers the phone or e-mails. And they will charge you $45.00 for returning a full unopened bottle for restocking. It goes on and on. The best thing to do is to fill out a fraud form from Illinois. It’s a beginning. Also call the BBB in Chicago. All this info is on line. BodyTec Labs address is 1 South Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill. 60603. The telephone number for that address belongs to the patent attorney for Mr. Smith. Metabolismfuel has never been patented. If there is a way to spread this info around, please do. I’m not a facebook fan. We are still trying to figure out to stop the automatic withdrawals. We used a debit, instead of credit.

  9. RE: free 30 day trial order # META 00003331

    I am CANCELING! MetabolismFuel didn’t produce the benefits as promished for me.

    CANCEL ANY & ALL BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS. I called Customer Service at 855-638-3835 almost continuously for 2 solid hours (9:AM- 11:AM), on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. I listened to your automated message, pressed 2 for customer service, & waited patiently for someone to answer the phone. It rang 6 minutes & then just quit. I called again, listened to the same automated message & pressed 0. The phone rang for another 6 or 7 minutes & then dropped me again. I don’t know what kind of a scam your running but I’m not going to waste any more time going in circles. I’m done.



    Mary Rogers

  10. I ordered a free bottle of your metabolism fuel and payed the shipping fee. I understood that if did not want this I just did not contact you. Now I have received a charge of $89.98 on my credit card bill. I have tried to call the number on the statement and cannot get through. I have contacted my credit card company Discover, and they have put a dispute on this and also a stop payment if you try to charge me again. I would appreciate you contacting me ASAP about this. Before I ordered this I could not find the list of ingredients and so after reviewing them after I got the bottle, I cannot take this because of my medication I am on and my allergies. I have read the reviews about you all and they are not good. Please do contact me.

    Shirley McCormick

  11. I ordered the Metabolism Fuel and received it 3 days later like everyone else has reported. After receiving the product, I tried to call the 855 number with some questions and have not gotten an answer. I have now been tirelessly trying to get a hold of someone in all three departments, sales, billing, and customer service, but have never gotten an answer. All I have gotten was a constant ring.

    I have been using the product as directed for a little over a week now, and have only lost 1.6 lbs; This minuscule weight loss could be attributed to spurious results like scale fluctuation, or changes in body fluids. I had always been on a strenuous cardio exercise program, and when I started taking Metabolism fuel, I really cleaned up my diet, only consuming fruits, vegetables, baked white meats, brown rice etc. I have kept my fats to a minimum, and have cut out all sodas and juices.

    I realize that only a week or so isn’t enough time to really evaluate a product fairly, however, I would like to speak to someone in customer service that could assist me. If anyone has a any other number or way I can reach these people as to get assistance, I would appreciate the input. I personally feel that I have a more deeply rooted problem with my weight, in that I have NOT been able to lose any significant weight no matter what I do. I am 46 ad I believe that I am experiencing some middle-age hormonal or thyroid problems. 20 years ago on a diet like this, I would have dropped weight like it was nothing. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t want to address these issues, but rather find excuses for patient error of why the diets are failing. If anyone has ever experienced this, I would also be interested in any input.

    Thank You,

  12. With metabolism fuel I have been able to lose 51 pounds. I used to HATE working out, but since I have seen such great results, I have integrated walking a couple times a week (I don’t always get to, I’m very busy). I have recommended this product to my family and friends, and all of them have lost weight. The key to this pill is consistency. If you only take it a few times a week, you WILL NOT see results. The pill gives me a little energy, however, it is not where I feel like my heart is going to pound out of my chest. I can still even drink coffee with it. The pill helps you control your appetite and increases your metabolism. I will never take anything else ever again! I could not have done it alone! Customer Service was friendly, helpful, and even gave me tips on small changes I could make to increase my results. I highly recommend metabolism fuel if you are serious about getting the pounds off.

  13. If you’re not losing weight with metabolism fuel you are obviously doing it wrong!! I Love this product and think it is the absolute best! Combined with exercise and eating healthier I’ve gone from 166 to 123 lbs and dropped 3 pants sizes in 3 months. To get maximum, long-term results you have to diet and exercise! No diet pill works entirely on it’s own, and I’ve tried them all! From hydroxycut, lipozene, lipo6, xenadrine, and oxy elite. Metabolism fuel is the best, and I don’t get those awful side effects like I did on the others. The appetite suppressant is so good I had no choice but to increase to smaller and 5-6 meals a day just to get my proper calorie intake. While taking this product my doctor recommenced I stop taking my thyroid medicine…which I did. To my and his amazement my tyroid blood results were perfect. While on thyroid meds for the past 3 years it still wasn’t where it should have been. TIPS: Combine Exercise (You don’t have to kill yourself) with Diet (Small meals, NO FATS), and I personally am also taking multi-vitamins to make up for what I might be losing from the dieting. Some food suggestions, Whole grains, salsa (10 calories per serving!) with small servings of chips, fish, big salads with light dressings, etc. WATER (Half the time your body mistakes hunger for thirst, drink a bottles worth of water). Salads are really the best for initial weight loss because they are water-based and don’t contribute a whole lot to gaining weight. You really just need the discipline. Trust me, I am not a fan of dieting in any respect, but stick it out for the first couple of weeks and you are going to want to keep it up after you look in the mirror. If you are not serious and committed to your weight loss journey then dont bother taking metabolism fuel or any diet pill. You have to be in a committed mental state to make the necessary changes to keep the weight off after you lose it, otherwise you will gain it all back once you stop taking the diet pill. This was my problem for 10 years! I would lose weight on a diet pill and gain it all back. I made a small lifestyle change by drinking only water, and was able to drop 10 pounds by that alone. I then started walking a mile every day in the morning before work, and lost even more weight. After a month of walking , I started jogging. Your lifestyle changes don’t have to be drastic. Start small, and increase over time.

    I read the review below about the person who had a bad experience with customer service. That story sounds very sketchy. I send mail all of the time and it never takes 2 weeks to send anything back. I live in California, and send mail across the country to Florida and it gets there within 3 days. I even have friends in Canada who I send christmas cards to and it gets to them in 10 days. So I am not buying your story about it taking two weeks to send a product back. Anyone with common sense knows that it does not take two weeks to mail a package thru the mail. I also noticed that she said she had “1.5 weeks to try the product”. When I ordered my trial, I received it within 2 days. I ordered at 1:35pm on a Sunday, and it was delivered to my house on Tuesday by noon. We have a weight loss contest going on at work and 14 of my coworkers also ordered trials of metabolism fuel. Everyone received it within 3 days of ordering. We have all been tracking our progress on metabolism fuel and everyone has lost weight. The weight loss contest at my job is for $1,000 so everyone is really serious about their weight loss to win the cash.

    I also think it’s very suspicious that she posted what the woman said to her, but never posted what she said to the woman. From the quotes she posted I can tell there was an exchange of dialogue that she purposely left out. If you are going to tell a story, then tell the full story. Allot of her story is missing and im not buying it. Why would someone from the company tell you: (according to her quotes)

    “You placed your own order. No one ordered for you sweetheart. So you have yourself to blame for not following the Terms and Conditions that you accepted! Your trial ended on October 26, 2012. Our records indicate that we received the product back on October 29, 2012. That is 3 days after your trial was over. You were charged because you did not return the product within your 30 day trial as instructed.”

    “I am sorry that you think you are so special that rules don’t apply to you. Well I have news for you, they do! Terms and Conditions are a legally binding agreement that you accepted. No one forced you to order our product. No one put a gun to your head and made you choose that package. YOU CHOOSE IT ON YOUR OWN! Take responsibility for your actions and your failure to follow instructions. We are not psychics, NOR DO WE READ MINDS. If you wanted to cancel you should have called in and cancel like you were told to.””

    If you followed the return instructions like you claimed you did. The above quotes tells me that you did not return the product within your 30 day trial time. The website says on the checkout page that the product must be received back before your 30 day trial is over, which is more than fair. It does not take 30 days to determinine if a product is right for you. The quote she posted above says it wasn’t received until 3 days after her trial was over. So why would you think that you would be exempt from being charged if you did not send it back in time? You could have sent it back on the 29th day, and used next day delivery to get it back to them by the 30th day. You have no excuse for not returning it on time. You have made yourself look like a complete fool by posting that quote, because it tells the story that you clearly left out. I hate when people feel like certain rules don’t apply to them when they apply to everyone else. Every company has return policies and if you don’t follow them then you should not get a credit. Fair is fair.

    I have never called customer service so I can’t leave a review on their customer service, but I can say that every time I have emailed them I have always received a response within an hour. Even outside of business hours

  14. Whenever I look into buying a new product, the FIRST thing I do is check the reviews. I really hope that my review helps someone out in determining whether they should try this product or not. I figured I would post a review on this product since I’ve completed a few bottles. Like many of us, I gained considerable amount of weight over the last couple of years mainly being inactive and working crazy hours behind a desk. I was an athlete in college so being overweight was a pretty new thing for me. I started taking the pills on September 24, 2012 . I also started running 4 times a week and did a reduced calorie diet. I started at 235 on September 24, 2012 and today I am down to 186. (49 pounds!) the pill did not work by itself but it really helped me in the support of my weight loss. I am trying to get down to 165. The pill definitely boosted my metabolism, gave me some extra energy for running and really curbed my appetite. I cut coffee and soda from my diet and limited the amount of sweets I eat such as cupcakes, ice cream, or doughnuts.(my weaknesses) I feel much better! I was wearing size 36 pants and now can wear 32/33 size. I am getting into clothes that I wore several years ago. Pretty neat feeling!!! I strongly urge anyone to read the directions. It says take 1 on an empty stomach and another 6-8 hours later. I took the second pill during my lunch at work. I think the reason for this is to keep your metabolism boosted through the day and to help with the cravings. This product is amazing and will really help support your goal. Keep in mind that you need to watch your diet and exercise while taking or it. You must always remember with these miracle pills of the moment that they are aids to be used in conjunction with exercise and healthy eating. (I love the people who post negative reviews while sitting on the couch snacking on potato chips expecting the pill to lose the weight for them. There is no magic pill folks!) I wanted to wait until I had finished a few bottles to do a full review. How can you give an honest evaluation of a product without having used it for at least two months? It takes at least a month for any diet pill to really get into your system. I highly recommend metabolism fuel if you are serious about weight loss and are ready to make the lifestyle changes to maintain your loss after you stop using the product. I Hope the review helps! Also, I am 31 year old male. (I know some people are curious about the gender/age of the person taking the product.

  15. I’m going to start this review by saying this: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “MAGIC WEIGHT LOSS PILL”. The only way any weight loss supplement will work is if you stay committed to a work out plan and diet. For those of you that rated this 1 star, are you serious? You expect to just take a pill and the weight just falls off? If your looking for that, Metabolism Fuel is not it. It still requires hard work and DIETING like every other “magic pill” of the moment. I say again, DIETING. You cant be a fat slob and pop a pill while in the McDonalds drive thru. The most important thing that Metabolism Fuel did for me was KILLED my appetite. My problem has always been over eating and eating bad stuff. As soon as I started Metabolism Fuel, my appetite disappeared. Not just lowered, but disappeared. I had to literally remind myself when it is time to eat.

    My story with Metabolism Fuel is going to sound farfetched and I could care less if half of you don’t believe me. The only important thing is that the RIGHT people read this and realize I’m being honest. The right people meaning people who have struggled with weight loss and diet pills that were supposed to work but had little effect. A little info about me: I’m 23 years old, 6’3″, 210lbs, exercise on a daily basis, and my diet is pretty much on point.

    I discovered Metabolism Fuel over three months ago, maybe even 4 now (I lost track), after trying out almost everything out there from Hydroxycut to no name knockoffs that had good reviews. I was overweight, weighing 280 pounds my sophomore year of college. I was always around 180lbs from high-school, I was a HS athlete. My college was in the city and all me and my friends ate was fast food since that was the only things around campus. Needless to say that took its toll on me GREATLY. The sad part is I didn’t even realize how grotesque I became. Anyway, long story short I got hit with a huge reality check and looked at myself and realized I needed to change myself.

    From that day on I cut all carbs and junk food out of my diet and hit the treadmill for an hour everyday. I felt like nothing was happening…THATS WHEN I FINALLY FOUND Metabolism Fuel. The first few weeks on Metabolism Fuel i lost 10 pounds. After two months being on it and working out like a madman on a mission I lost 53 pounds…yes I said 53 pounds! I went from 275 to 222. I felt like a God and everybody was in shock. I purposely went MIA for a while just so people would be amazed!

    I also paired my weight loss with a complete make over. I cut my hair shorter, changed the color, and was forced to buy some new clothes due to my dramatic weight loss. Thank god for H&M being so affordable, and thank god for college refund checks! lol. When I visited home for the holidays everyone commented on my huge weight loss and how great I looked. When you hear compliments from people after feeling so self-conscious about your body it motivates you to keep going. It is such a good feeling to look in the mirror and actually see results. I have another 40 pounds to lose and I plan to keep the weight off when I stop using metabolism fuel by continuing to eat healthy and continuing to exercise. I will not go back to the old me. That person is dead and I’m loving the new me. Anyway, Sorry for the story but Like i said in the beginning DIET PILLS ALONE WON’T GIVE YOU RESULTS, but they do give you that drive to keep going. Metabolism Fuel definitely helped me out a lot!

  16. I walked into the local GNC store and stood in awe of all the products for weight loss. I was hoping the salesman would NOT come over to help so I could just leave. But there he was, Jeff, eager to help me find what I was looking for. I said, well, I’m looking for the magic pill. After asking me a few questions about my age, weight loss goals, and activity level he recommended a product that they didn’t even carry! He told me that it was a pill his mother had saw on television and had lost over 42 pounds with. My eyes lit up like I had just won the lottery! 42 pounds?! How long did it take her? He told me she lost the weight over a 3-4 month period. According to him GNC would be carrying Metabolism Fuel soon, but I could probably find it online thru google. I rushed home and googled metabolism fuel and located the official site at the top of the results. I was excited when I saw that they offered a risk free 30 day trial. I placed my order that night, and received the product 3 days later. I guess this is why they charge a hefty $6.95 fee for shipping and handling. If you ask me that price could be lower, but I have saw shipping and handling prices as high as $9.95 while watching those god awful lipozene commercials.

    It sat on my desk for 5 days unopened. Finally I started. Day 1 – total appetite suppression and added energy. WOW! Not jittery, hyper energy. Day 2 – Lots of energy, appetite control and I notice my mood improve. I was happier, I felt more positive, like I could tackle anything (at home or in the office) By day 3, I realized that this extra energy really needed to be worked off so I started up the treadmill and rearranged the furniture. A brisk 4.8 mph walk for 30 min helped a great deal but even after that I was still perked up – but in a good way. After 55 days and proper eating, I have lost 39.4 pounds. I see a huge improvement in my stomach area. It’s not as flabby as it was before (still needs work though), and my waistline is much smaller.

    I do notice that by 8pm, I’m really looking forward to bed. But I generally wait till 9:30. I sleep very well, no side affects. I’m up by 5:30. I found that if I have my Metabolism Fuel right next to me in the AM and take it, within 15 min, I have NO TROUBLE getting up and out of bed to start my work out. This stuff is great! I love where this product is taking me, plus I have a 30 year class reunion in 7 weeks. I am hoping to lose 20 more pounds, so I have increased my workouts. I just want to say that a “Magic pill” really doesn’t exist. These pills are a weight loss aid, not a cure! If you sit home all day on the couch and eat donuts and bon bons then don’t expect to lose much. You have to be realistic with your weight loss goals, and get off your ass. What’s the purpose of losing all of the weight and then regaining it back when you stop taking the pills? I have yo-yo dieted for years and I was tired of it! I even did that “master clense” diet where I starved myself for a week. I felt so sick! I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital on the last day I was on that diet.

    I have been taking Metabolism Fuel daily along with eating healthier and walking/running when I can. I am pretty busy so I can’t exercise everyday. If you’re on the fence about this product, don’t be. If you are serious about losing weight, changing your lifestyle in conjunction with this product will get you to your goal.

    Totally worth it!!!

  17. This product is just like every other diet pill on the market.
    BUT, the company is HORRIBLE to deal with.

    They offer a “free” thirty day trial and if you like the product you have to pay the fee after you try it, and I agree with that. And it clearly states that in the terms and conditions, just like any other “free trials.”

    I went along with it, and paid the shipping and handling.

    I received the product about a week and a half after I submitted the order (which only leaves you about 1.5 weeks to try the product for free before sending it back if you don’t like it) and I tried it out and didn’t really notice a difference so I didn’t feel it was worth the $50. So, I sent it back.

    Here is where the story gets good…

    I called to get an RMA number to send the product back and I definitely sent it back within 30 days but apparently since it takes two weeks to get to them they bill you the fee anyway!

    I saw a charge on my statement for $42.56 which made me really upset because just like many other Americans, I live paycheck to paycheck, so this was food for a week!

    I called their number and of course they were closed, so I sent an email explaining how upset I was.

    Someone from customer service emailed me back the NASTIEST email saying that they didn’t get the product back until two days after my thirty day trial and I “never called” to get an RMA number.

    This same person told me in her email that I have an “inability to follow instructions” and I am a “liar.” She then told me she cancelled my “membership.”
    (Apparently when you try the free trial you are automatically enrolled in this membership and they keep billing you even if you send the product back unsatisfied.)

    That being said, they recently charged me again $39.95 (I only knew this because I got to a store and was checking out and my card was declined because of insufficient funds) although I was told that my membership was cancelled and I clearly stated in my emails (that I have saved) that I did NOT want the product!!!

    I have never been treated so poorly by a company.
    I trusted them by giving them my debit card number and they have wrongfully taken money from me now two times.

    The customer service person named Jennifer Taylor was no help, she only called me names, and I have called them several times to try to work this out and no one ever calls me back and there is never a live person to answer calls.

    This whole ordeal is so upsetting to me because I have worked in customer service my whole life, and one of the first rules I learned was “No matter what, the customer is ALWAYS right.”

    Here are some of the things the woman said to me in the emails, and as the customer I have never been so upset.

    “Perhaps you need to learn how to read and comprehend before checking a box indicating that you have read and agreed to the terms!”

    “You placed your own order. No one ordered for you sweetheart. So you have yourself to blame for not following the Terms and Conditions that you accepted! Your trial ended on October 26, 2012. Our records indicate that we received the product back on October 29, 2012. That is 3 days after your trial was over. You were charged because you did not return the product within your 30 day trial as instructed.”

    “You need to learn how to take responsibility for your mistakes. You are trying to shift the blame elsewhere when you are the one who didn’t follow instructions!”

    “You are a complete liar.”

    “You choose not read it, and LIED when you checked the box to indicate that you read the terms. You are the only one to blame here sweetheart. Stop trying to shift the responsibility to someone else when you didn’t follow instructions.”

    “You were sent a product to try for FREE. The only thing you had to pay was shipping and handling. You couldn’t have possibly been under the impression that it was totally free, because you wouldn’t have sent it back if you thought that. That alone shows that you knew you would be charged if you did not return it.”

    “I am sorry that you think you are so special that rules don’t apply to you. Well I have news for you, they do! Terms and Conditions are a legally binding agreement that you accepted. No one forced you to order our product. No one put a gun to your head and made you choose that package. YOU CHOOSE IT ON YOUR OWN! Take responsibility for your actions and your failure to follow instructions. We are not psychics, NOR DO WE READ MINDS. If you wanted to cancel you should have called in and cancel like you were told to.”

    “People like you disgust me. You never want to take responsibility for your actions, and then attempt to LIE to avoid responsibility.”

    “Have a good day liar.

    I have proved that you are a liar without a shadow of a doubt.”

    This is from a customer service associate!! How could someone treat a customer like that!

    I don’t usually wish ill on people, but I hope this woman gets fired.

    Please, if you are someone like me who wants to lose a few pounds, do not order from this company.
    They will treat you poorly, wrongfully take your money by charging your credit/debit card and then they will accuse you of being a liar.

    -Amy Largess

    • I just wanted to let you know that the exact same thing happened to me. I’m still trying to get them to stop charging me. I’ve been charged three times already and the last time I didn’t even receive any product. They won’t call back or email me. Very bad company.


    • I am sorry that you were treated badly by this company but you are the first person that I have come across that actually got them to answer their phone! I have been trying since January to get them to stop charging my account and have never gotten anyone to answer the phone or emails! They are definitely a SCAM and we got taken. I just want them to stop charging my account!!

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