MediPendant Plus Review

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Are you often worried about your elderly loved ones at home? Do you wish you could somehow secure safety for your elderly parents or grandparents when you are away at work or just out of town? Would you like to have someone looking after them and notify you on time in case of a medical emergency? Many Medical Emergency Units are available for such purpose in the market but their size and immobility have been a concern especially if the elders are on the move. The MediPendant Plus provides the best tension relief solutions for the above problems.


MediPendant Plus
MediPendant Plus is a medical emergency alert system but unlike other systems it is completely portable. It comes in a small size and can be attached to any part of the clothing be it a pocket, belt or simply hung around the neck as a pendant. It is a wireless system and forms a direct communication line as people can talk directly into the pendant to contact the support staff and listen through it for their replies.  This facility provides a relief and a kind of overseeing effect on the folks until help arrives to them.

MediPendant Plus is completely monitored for the entire 24/7 time period by EMT certified support staff. These people are fully trained for emergency services and handling people via the pendant’s com link. The staff provides a guaranteed continuous online support till emergency services reach the place. In case of an emergency the pendant provides a 3-way communication by providing connection to the support staff and a loved one or a caretaker individual within reach.

The Medi-Pendant Plus is wireless and can be used within a whopping 600 foot range around the house to cover emergency services. This helps the elders move around the house or the garden without any worry. It also notifies with a beep if the device is going out of range limit.  In fact it can also be used by them during a shower as it is completely made out of waterproof material.

It also has a wallet card ID program for easy identification during the emergency services. With a battery backup of up to 30 hours’ time Medi-Pendant Plus is the best peace of mind that can be gifted to the loved ones who need care and comfort while being alone.

For a limited time purchase offer, Medi-Pendant Plus comes free with a month of monitoring and support subscription which is much cheaper and lower than any other available in the market.

MediPendant Plus Frequently Asked Questions

What is MediPendant Plus?
This pendant is the first monitored medical alert device that lets you speak and listen through it. With this pendant you can directly speak to the operator at a monitored call center.

What are the benefits of MediPendant Plus?
You don’t need to be close to a base station when you have MediPendant Plus. It has two-way speakerphone technology, brilliant battery life and amazing range so that you can speak from anywhere inside your house or outside it.

MediPendant Plus is easy to install?
Yes it’s very easy; you simply have to plug in power cord and phone jack. Its color coded for simple installation and doesn’t need additional tools.

How does it work?
In case of emergencies, you can press the button on the pendant to speak to an operator. There’s no need to rush to the phone anymore.

Who will answer the emergency call?
Emergency response call center operator will answer it and remain on the line till help arrives. Bilingual operators are available.

To use MediPendant Plus do I have to be close to a base station?
Unlike other such systems in the market, you don’t have to be close to a base station when you have MediPendant Plus. It gives you the freedom to move around your home.

How far away from the base station can I be?
You can be 600+ feet away from the base station and MediPendant Plus will still work properly.

What’s the battery used in MediPendant Plus?
Li123 battery is used in the pendant and you can get it at any pharmacy or hardware store.

What’s the battery life like?
You get 6+ hours of talk time and 1 year standby time.

What happens if there’s a power cut at home?
Up to 30 hours of backup battery time is provided by the battery station and the batteries recharge once the power is back.

What if I cannot speak for some reason?
If the button is pressed and connection established, call center becomes aware that there’s an emergency and help will be on its way.

Will it hike up my phone bill?
Not at all; a pre-programmed toll-free number is dialed by the system.



What do I get?
Official website $1.00 electronic processing fee (EPF). 30-Day Money back Guarantee (less sp&h).

Medi Pendant Customer Service
Customer Service Hours: 24 Hours a day, seven days a week
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-372-2453



MediPendant Plus Video


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