Magic Mitt Review

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If you suffer from arthritis in your hands you know the pain it can cause you. It can be seriously debilitating and can hamper your normal functioning. The same is true if you have regular soreness in your hands or have pain because of carpal tunnel. Applying heat to your hand ensures that stiffness is reduced, muscles are relaxed and blood flow is enhanced. On the other hand cold therapy means burning muscles and aching joints get much needed relief. Now you can get the positive impact of them both on your hands with the help of Magic Mitt.

How does Magic Mitt Work

Magic Mitt ensures that you can apply heat or soothing cold to your hand without any hassle. Now you don’t need a different solution for hot and cold therapy for your hand because you have this smart alternative that fits you like a glove, quite literally. The secret of Magic Mitt lies in the therapeutic gel that is FDA approved. Thus you know it’s safe for use and it has many benefits for you too. It can retain both heat and cold, which lets you use it for multiple types of therapy.

Magic Mitt is very easy and convenient for use; you can simply put the glove in the microwave only for a few seconds to get the heat therapy you need. You can also put the gloves in the freezer so that you get the benefits of cold therapy. You will also be pleased to note that Magic Mitt can be reused hundreds of times; thus you have an option that will let you choose between hot and cold therapy as many times as you want.

You can find hot and cold packs in the market but they are difficult to use on your hands. But Magic Mitt works like gloves so that you have comfort all around your hand. Within minutes of heat therapy you will find your hand muscles have relaxed and blood flow is improved too. Cold therapy from Magic Mitt will let you cool off inflammations and other burning sensations you feel in your hand as well.



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