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What is Magic Ear by Atomic Beam?

It claims to be a powerful hearing aid that amplifies any sound to assist users with hearing problems. Its smart and sleek design is highly discreet as well.

Crystal clear hearing
Magic Ear by Atomic Beam alleges to be a sound enhancement system that can be used to amplify even the softest of sounds with crystal clear quality to easy hearing. People with hearing problems can use it to listen to sounds with up to 10 times amplification than the original. Magic Ear by Atomic Beam does seem to be an interesting hearing aid; user reviews will expose the truth.

Versatile design
Magic Ear by Atomic Beam promises to be extremely lightweight and small to fit into the ear for hours without straining it. Also, it states to have a discreet design that goes unnoticed easily. We will get a clearer idea of its functioning once users review it. Magic Ear by Atomic Beam further promises to have a convenient, single finger operation with simple switches to turn it on or adjust the volume. Currently, there are no user reviews available that will back or reject the claims made by this hearing aid.


Disadvantages of Atomic Beam Magic Ear

• Not intended for the Hearing-Impaired
• Not FDA approved
• No warranty
• No information about the battery
• Not an alternative to a “TRUE” Medical Grade Hearing Aid for hearing-impaired
• Creates a lot of STATIC
• Amplifies all the sounds not just the one you want to hear
• No filtration of sound
• Needs constant adjustment
• Too much echo
• Not very durable, will break down in a couple of months
• Expensive, similar branded products with the same features are available under $50 at


Advantages of Atomic Beam Magic Ear

When there is only a single sound source the Atomic Beam Magic Ear works fairly well, like watching late night TV where there are no other sound sources.


Atomic Beam Magic Ear REVIEW

There numerous Personal Sound Amplification devices similar to the Atomic Beam Magic Ear that are sold on TV under the pretext of Hearing Aids. It is important for people to understand that Personal Sound Amplifiers like the Atomic Beam Magic Ear are not HEARING AIDS. Any situation pertaining to hearing loss should be shown to physician who would examine their condition to determine if they are hearing-impaired and if they are, would prescribe them a HEARING AID (which is FDA approved).

Often it is the telemarketers who misguide people into believing that personal sound amplifiers like the Atomic Beam Magic Ear are true hearing aids (they also refer to them as “hearing aid” in the advertisement which is misleading), leading to the elderly falling prey to such false claims. In-fact FDA advises not to use Personal Sound Amplifiers like the Atomic Beam Magic Ear if you are hearing impaired because it could worsen the hearing problem.


Atomic Beam Magic Ear FAQs

Q. So who should buy the Atomic Beam Magic Ear?
A. Those who have a hearing issue and if the physician has validated that they are not hearing-impaired then they may use sound amplifier devices like the Atomic Beam Magic Ear.

Q. Is Atomic Beam Magic Ear a good Personal Sound Amplifier?
A. No, Atomic Beam Magic Ear makes it sound as if it is the only Personal Sound Amplifier available in the market. There are tons of devices that are FDA approved available all over the internet and local retail stores. It is recommended to buy the Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier over the Atomic Beam Magic Ear.

Q. Is the Atomic Beam Magic Ear the only Personal Sound Amplifier Device available?
A. No, there are numerous personal sound amplifiers available at

Q. How many frequency settings does the Atomic Beam Magic Ear have?
A. 4 Frequency Settings.

Q. Where is the Atomic Beam Magic Ear made?
A. China.

Does it have holes so that your ear can breathe?
A. No, it does not have holes.

Q. What batteries does the Atomic Beam Magic Ear use?
A. There is no information about the batteries.

Q. Can you replace the battery?
A. Yes, like any other personal sound amplifier. The Atomic Beam Magic Ear unit comes with 3 batteries.

Q. How long do the batteries last?
A. Probably up to 400 hours.

Q. Is there a better alternative to the Atomic Beam Magic Ear?
A. Yes, Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifier.


What do I get?
• 1 Atomic Beam Magic Ear Hearing AID
• 5 Ear tips
• 3 Additional batteries
Official website:

8 thoughts on “Magic Ear Hearing Amplifier by Atomic Beam | Atomic Busted

  1. Not as advertised. It picks up every sound instead of isolating the the one you want to hear. Crackles every time you turn volume up or down. Feedback is horrible when you talk or someone near you talks. Wish I would have read reviews before purchase. will never use it. Save your money.

  2. I ordered this last Saturday- I see that you quickly charged my card but cant seem to get any information about my order 659196334– can someone let me know the status of my order or I will stop the charge on the card as of today

  3. magic ear does not amplify hardly at all, it amps all sounds & is very annoying with back ground noise . do not waste your money

  4. If you are often trying harder to hear what the other person is telling you then what you need is the Atomic Beam Magic Ear. It is a discreet and slim “behind the ear” hearing device that claims to be a Personal Sound Amplification device. It is not a hearing aid and is designed only for people who are not hearing impaired.

    Atomic Beam Magic Ear claims that with this hearing amplifier air you would be able to hear all the sounds vividly much better than your natural hearing. It is integrated with features like HD Sound, 4-Sound Settings, 1-touch control, these features are usually found in subscription hearing aids that cost over $150. The Atomic Beam Magic Ear promises to fit either ear.

    Use the Atomic Beam Magic Ear to enjoy the vivid, High Definition, clear, pure hearing without the prescription. It emphasizes that you won’t miss a sound with this hearing aid and there will be no more muffled sound anymore.

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