Mae by Damiva Review

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About Mae by Damiva

Mae by Damiva maintains to be a vaginal suppository that helps menopausal women deal with discomfort and pain caused by vaginal dryness related to the change in their bodies. Mae by Damiva promises that it does not contain alcohols, chemicals or hormones so it does not cause harmful side effects.


How does it work

Unlike traditional lubricants, Mae by Damiva proclaims to have nothing but 5 natural ingredients like Calendula, Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter, Witch Hazel, and Sugar (invert and sucrose) that optimize the pH level and molecular environment of the vagina. These ingredients of Mae by Damiva are assured to formulate into ovules that are greatly emollient and its pH is balanced and they promote the health of your vagina.

Youthfulness restored for women

When women enter menopause, they prefer avoiding intimate physical relationships because of the fear of discomfort, pain and friction caused by vaginal dryness. It’s believed that a staggering 85% of women suffer from vaginal dryness because of which they suffer in their personal lives but Mae by Damiva states to put their mind and ease and bring the moments of pleasure back into their lives. Mae by Damiva promises to be an effective solution for the issues of dryness and discomfort in women and it states to be 100% natural. Lack of intimacy can create a wedge between couples since they begin avoiding each other. Mae by Damiva convinces that by helping women deal with the pain and discomfort it will keep partners closer and make the women young like a teenager again.


Safe and no side effects

Most suppositories or traditional lubricants have chemicals that cause side effects especially to sensitive skin. Mae by Damiva alleges to be 100% natural and made from homeopathic formula, and thus extremely gentle on application even for women with sensitive skin. Mae by Damiva convinces that it does not contain any alcohol, hormones or harmful chemicals that not only fail to tackle the problem of vaginal discomfort but adds to the problem by causing side reactions. Since there is claimed to be no alcohol and water used in the solution, it assures to not interfere with the natural hydration of the vagina.

Long-lasting results

Even if some lubricants bring some relief, they either take a long time or are very short-lived but the plant ingredients of Mae by Damiva are assured to be sustainable and thus it maintains that you can use the suppository as often as every 2-3 days or when you need to. Mae by Damiva claims that you do not have to worry about applying it only when you are getting intimate. You can allegedly apply the solution a day before and its effect will still be present. Women who use Mae by Damiva are claimed to have found fast results even after years of using other methods. It convinces to make you feel more confident and change your outlook towards life to a more positive one. Mae by Damiva proclaims to make you feel like your youthful self again so that your relationship won’t turn for worse. Mae by Damiva declares that there are no chemical stabilizers present in it and it is also paraben-free. The suppository also promises that it does not contain plant waxes, paraffin, or animal waxes.

What do I get?

You get 30 day supply of Mae by Damiva for $29.99 Plus $9.99 P&H. Official website


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