Lucidal Review

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Dr. Larry McCleary, a leading neurosurgeon and research scientist, finds that when patients who were suffering from tumors, acute brain injuries and traumas, were provided with crucial nutrients; they recovered faster and their brains worked better.


How does Lucidal work?
Based on these experiences, he developed Lucidal, which is a combination of fifty different natural and organic nutrients that impacts all different pathways and pushes them towards better health. The high amounts provided are to optimize brain functioning.

Along with these fifty, are thirty or more specific brain nutrients or neural protectors that are designed to work with basic nutrients to improve and reverse the changes associated with aging. Lucidal nourishes as well as protects the brain from oxidizing free radicals, improves the brain’s energy production, and strengthens weakened or defective pathways.

There are a number of nutrients that be supplied by food; but their amount is not enough. Even a correct Diet cannot give the right amount of nutrients required for the brain; Lucidal works as a supplement, effectively. It has been clinically tested and helps you to sharpen mental focus, attention, and concentration; it improves ability to remember and recall information.

Lucidal also helps in improving mood, reducing anxiety and feelings of sadness. A happy customer reports that with Lucidal helps her to think clearly, focus and stay on track and alert all day and evening. She found her mood swings to have lessened too. A gentleman whose wife was suffering from memory loss and being able to form sentences, found a huge difference within no time.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 6 Pack of Lucidal
  • 6 Pack of Omega-3

All this for just $259.95. Official Website – 60-day money-back guarantee.



Reviews and Complaints
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