Lo-Bak Trax Review

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About Lo-Bak Trax

Lo-Bak TRAX is a spinal traction device designed by a Doctor of Chiropractic who suffered with chronic low back pain for years. It is invented and made in the USA. This device features total control of the amount of traction force and direction of the force applied. It is a portable device and was designed using bio-mechanical principles. These principles define a new and easier way of applying traction to the spine in a comfortable, effective and safe manner. They decrease the force required to achieve traction and stretching of the spine and surrounding muscles and soft tissues for effective results.

Lo-Bak Trax CLAIMS

Lo-Bak TRAX allows a simple and comfortable way to traction the spine anywhere you want. You can also do it when you lie down. It weighs less than 4 pounds which makes it easily portable. It is also the perfect size to fit in a suitcase for travel, can be kept in a cubicle at work or even sit on your nightstand next to your bed.

Lo-Bak TRAX is made from metal tubing; hand welded at 5 different points, with solid stainless steel thigh contacts. It is powder coated with high gloss paint making it eye-catching and durable. It is also padded for comfort. It is lightweight, but almost indestructible.

Lo-Bak TRAX is cleared by the FDA and is listed on their website under the 510(k) identification number: K110858.

How does Lo-Bak Trax Work?

Lo-Bak TRAX traction the spine easier because of the posture it is performed in. This makes it the more comfortable and easier traction device to use for low back pain.

Our low back has a curve in the spine called the lumbar lordosis which is the main shock absorber. When you lie down to traction your low back, this curve in your spine requires greater force to separate the spine and stretch the muscles and soft tissues. This is the reason traction devices that traction your spine with this curve maintained, require substantially more force to achieve spinal traction.

To effectively produce the required force, you will have to be strapped onto a table by your ankles and turn upside down. Some other devices may also require you to lie down on a table top and attach a cable from an electric motor to your waist and give you an emergency release switch in case it’s too much force. However these methods are not ideal to perform on days when you have low back pain and spasm in your low back.

Lo-Bak TRAX makes use of a posture that flattens out the curve in your low back. This requires lesser force to traction the spine and surrounding muscles and soft tissues.

A spine that is straight and flat requires less force to traction than a curved one. Some devices attempt to traction with a variation of this posture; however, they all make the same mistake of trying to traction your spine, from below your waist. They attach belts, cables or straps from your waist area to a motorized device or a ratcheting crank to generate enough traction force to your spine. This method results in other muscles being involved and tightening which only increases the amount of force needed to traction the spine. These methods are uncomfortable and difficult to do on days when your low back is in pain.

Lo-Bak TRAX uses this simple bio-mechanical change in posture and combines it with a new approach to generate traction force to your spine. Unlike similar devices that traction from the bottom or leg side of the spine, Lo-Bak TRAX traction from above the waist and uses the upper body to generate the force. Lo-Bak TRAX utilizes two new bio-mechanical principles to spinal traction: the posture it is performed in and the revolutionary new approach to generate traction force.

This new and beneficial method of using the upper most thighs as the contact point and the upper body as the source for the traction force has never been used before.

When you use Lo-Bak TRAX you are the source of the traction force therefore you have complete control of the force used on a particular day. It also allows you to control exactly how you direct that traction force. So if you need a little more force on the left simply push a little harder on the left or vice versa.

The ability to control the force and adjust it according to your comfort is extremely beneficial and cannot be compared to using a crank, table or motor.

Lo-Bak TRAX allows you to control how much force should be generated making it ideal to use on sensitive days so you can traction with a mild, easy force which may be just enough to help relieve your back pain.

With Lo-Back TRAX spinal traction is easy and comfortable so more are more people are using it. Most scientific articles on spinal traction for back pain have stated that spinal traction is very effective but does not last long because the traction is stopped. Since most traction is done in a medical setting repetitive performance is not possible. Once you stop traction in this setting, the benefits disappear. Lo-Bak TRAX is comfortable and easy to use and requires as little as 10 minutes to perform. With Lo-Bak TRAX you can get the benefits of spinal traction at home for the rest of your life. Lo-Bak TRAX comes with a 90 day no questions asked return policy and a lifetime quality guarantee against breakage so it is definitely worth trying this new and effective revolutionary concept to spinal traction.

Lo-Bak Trax FAQs

Lo-Bak TRAX is designed to stretch the sensitive, soft tissues surrounding and supporting your spine. You may be sore in the first 3 weeks of using Lo-Bak TRAX.

If you try and push too hard or hold the stretch too long, you will be sore. You may also feel a stretch/traction in your mid-back area and not in your low back area in the beginning. With regular use the soft tissues will stretch and relax and the traction will become more effective. When you are done, do not get up immediately. Always breathe normally during use and allow your body to rest for 1-2 minutes before getting up, to avoid spasm.

Question: I’m feeling the traction/stretch in my mid back, not my low back area!
Answer: This may happen if you suffer from chronic low back pain. This is because your low back is so over-tight that the middle back is the first area to start to move or stretch. When used regularly the low back area will begin to stretch and the traction force will be felt more in the low back after 3 weeks. Another reason could be that the user has the thigh contact located too high up on the thigh while applying the force. Ensure that the thigh contact is as close to the groin/trunk area as possible. The final problem could be the user has their wrists positioned higher than the hand grip. This will cause more force to the top of the thigh contact and cause a stretch higher up in the spine.

Question: The hand-grips seem to be rotating or slipping!?
Answer: The hand-grips are designed such that they are free. They are not glued because if they are stationary or still, they would deform quickly from the repetitive force applied. By rotating them the user can change the area pressed upon. Also, the user gets to customize the location of their hand grip. According to his preference the user can slide the grips towards the middle or edge. If you have your wrists flat with the grip as instructed, there should be no movement of the grips.

Question: The center point is pointing either up or down and is not flat!
Answer: if this happens then it means that your wrist position is wrong. Your wrists should be flat or positioned in-line with the handle grip. If your wrists are below the handle grip, the center point will tilt up. If your wrists are above the handle grip, the center point will tip down. You will not get a good stretch unless your wrists are flat and in line with the handle grips and the point is flat, especially when you first start using Lo-Bak TRAX. When you get accustomed to using Lo-Bak TRAX, you can move your wrists above or below the handle grip during use to change the spinal level you are targeting at that time. However this is an advanced move performed when using Lo-Bak TRAX to change the levels in your spine you are trying to target. This can be done without moving the device and while holding the traction force. This should only be done when you are comfortable using Lo-Bak TRAX.

Question: I’m just not feeling a good traction force where I want or need it!
Answer: Lo-Bak TRAX’s traction force should be aimed at the area in your lower back where you want it. This is a little difficult to find and may take some practice to find your “sweet spot”. The area of your back where you feel the traction force most depends on your wrist position, feet position, or thigh contact position.

Question: How do sizes differ?
Answer: It’s a one size fits all deal.

Question: Would you say this eliminates the need of an expensive inversion table?
Answer: No, but you need something to reach the inversion table.

Question: Can you use this if you have a hip replacement without doing damage to the replacement? I noticed comments made about improving hip pain.
Answer: First discuss it with your orthopedic doctor. If the hip pain is referred from the lumbar spine area, then the device might help, but remember that you will be pushing against your thigh bones, which are part of the hip joint, and you don’t want to damage the new joint. Please consult your physician first.

Question: Does this help sciatica?
Answer: The Lo-Bak Trax should definitely help with the pain, numbness, and nerve issues related to sciatica. By essentially giving yourself traction treatment and separating the vertebrae, it relives the compression of the discs pressing on the nerves which causes the numbness, pain, and discomfort. With regular use, sciatica should become less of an issue in your life.

Question: if i have a disc fusion can i use Lo-Bak Trax?
Answer: Only your doctor can tell you if spinal traction is ok for your particular condition. There are several different types of spinal fusion surgery. Some are ok to perform spinal traction after they are sufficiently healed and some cannot use spinal traction. Only your doctor can determine which type of scenario would be ok for you. Lo-Bak TRAX is a Class 1 medical device, defined under the category non-powered orthopedic traction. So please check with your doctor to see if spinal traction is ok for you?

Question: Does using this tire out your arms
Answer: You control the amount of pressure you apply with your arms. Nothing in the video or instructions suggests that you need to apply a maximal force to get results. So no, using the Lo-Bak TRAX doesn’t tire my arms.

Question: I’m just not feeling a good traction force where I want or need it!
Answer: Lo-Bak TRAX traction force should be able to be targeted to the area in your lower back which you would like. HOWEVER, being able to target the force is tougher than it looks and takes some practice to find your “sweet spot”. The area of your back where you feel the traction force most depends on: WRIST POSITION, FEET POSITION, or THIGH CONTACT POSITION.

Question: The center point is pointing either up or down and is not flat!
Answer: This is a clear indicator your wrist position is wrong. Your wrists should be flat or straight in-line with the handle grip. If your wrists are BELOW the handle grip, the center point will tilt up. If your wrists are ABOVE the handle grip, the center point will tip down. Either way, you will not get a good stretch unless your wrists are flat and in line with the handle grips, and the point is flat, especially when you first start using Lo-Bak TRAX. Once comfortable using Lo-Bak TRAX, you can move your wrists above or below the handle grip during use to change the spinal level you are targeting at that time.


  • If your wrists are higher than the hand grips, the center point will tip down and you will feel the force more in the upper back area.
  • If your wrists are lower than the hand grips, the center point will tip up and you will feel the force more in the lower back area.
  • If your feet are closer to your buttocks, you will feel the force more in your lower back area.
  • If your feet are further away from your buttocks, you will feel the force more in your mid back area.
  • If the thigh contact is located closer to the groin/trunk area, you will feel the force more in the lower back area.
  • If the thigh contact is located higher up on the thigh, you will feel the force more in the upper back area.

Lo-Bak TRAX Review

Lo-Bak TRAX stretches the sensitive, soft tissues surrounding and supporting your spine. These soft tissues are not used to being stretched like this. Do not be surprised if you are sore after using Lo-Bak TRAX, especially in the first 3 weeks of use. If you try and push too hard or hold the stretch too long, you will be sore. Just like any new work out program, it is best to start slow and easy.

If you feel a stretch/traction in your mid-back area and not in your low back area in the beginning. With consistent use the soft tissues will stretch and relax and the traction will become more effective.

Do not get up immediately when done. Always breathe normally during use. Let your body rest for 1-2 minutes before getting up, to avoid spasm.

Janice Hersch a customer who purchased this product had to return it since the literature stated no to use if you have fusion and she had a condition of Laminectomy with fusion. It was disappointing as the warning of not using this device for such condition and many more was not mentioned before purchase of the product on any site. Similar incident happened with Bob WA who have aortic aneurysm and this device cannot be used for such conditions and thus had to return the product. Also, it advised not to use this device for someone with knee replacement who has lumbar issues by a verified purchaser who have same issue.

BE VERY CAREFUL. All back issues are not the same and you need to be sure that it is okay for your particular issue. You can potentially make your situation worse. While some get the same exact stretch by getting in the position and pushing thighs with hands and more comfortably and so can be too expensive for such a simple device.

What do I get?
For buying options see the Official website www.LoBakTrax.com

Lo-Bak Customer Service

NGC Industries, Inc.
20 Maple Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01103

Email: info@lobaktrax.com

Call, local: 413–734–BACK (2225)
Toll Free: 855-6-LOBACK (855-656-2225)

46 thoughts on “Lo-Bak Trax Review

  1. I was suffering from sciatica so bad I could hardly get out of bed or a chair. What I did was lay flat on a hard surface like the floor.I then brought the heels of my feet up to my butt as far as I could ,arms flat by my side.Then all I did was lift my butt up and down about 20 times .Worked like a miracle.No problems since

  2. I bought 2, 1 for my dad and 1 for me. Worst thing I ever did. I tore the labrum on my hip and needed surgery. Worst pain of my life. I threw them both in the trash. Hip will never be the same.

  3. Lori, from Sharks Tank, have you ever suffered day in and day out from
    sciatica? Have you actually tried one of the gadgets you are so feverishly promoting -or- has anybody dear to you tried it? Come now be truthful or are you just in for the huge load of money you are going to make from vulnerable peoples suffering? Sadly disappointed. MBC

  4. i just received my lo bak trax. i put it between my thighs and pushed gently once, Felt a sharp stabbing pain in my back, adjusted and pushed gently again. i felt another sharp pain, but worse this time. Now i have a constant stabbing nerve pain that i didn’t have before. I CAN NOT use this device. It has worsened my back pain and has set my recovery back and not i lay here in pain because i used this device. I WILL BE RETURNING THIS DEVICE. horrible choice to buy this device, i made a bad mistake. It made my back worse.

  5. I tried using a rugged cardboard box to achieve the sane result, and it definitely works. Works best when I place 2 layers of plastic under my solders so my upper torso can move an inch or so . Not as good as an inversion table but much much more portable.

  6. I had a stiff lower back sometimes in the morning, did this 10 minutes before bed time, and if I got up to use the washroom 10 more minutes. After about 3 days no more stiffness in my lower back. Sciatica would bother me once every 2 or 3 months , we will see it’s effect on that, can’t tell at this point, I need more time.

  7. I have become a believer in the Lo Bak- Trax….I did exactly what the video said to do and yes the first week I was a little sore( the video said that would possibly happen) by 2-3 weeks of religiously using and re-watching video to make sure I was still doing it properly I began to notice an improvement and more and more with time. It’s been over 2 months now and I really should be a spokesperson the way I tell everyone about LB-T…I was living on Ibuprofen every day and honestly now take very little now and then. I’m 64 yrs old I hike a lot and now I am not taking Ibuprofen before during and after a hike as I used to before. My sister gave me mine and gave one to my brother-in-law (her husband) and he said it was no good…but he is hard headed…impatient…and doesn’t follow directions ….AND… never watched the video. I stil spend about 6-10 minutes every every day with my LB-Trax…I’m afraid not to 🙂

  8. I have found that this product does work. After a couple of weeks of use I have already noticed a difference. I feel taller and more aligned. I have had chronic low back problems for three years now and I figured it was worth a shot. I over did it the first few times because I was excited to use it and see results. The bottom line is everyone is different, it might work for some and not others. I took me a few tries to figure out what worked best for me. I found that being on my heels with my legs bent gave a better stretch and allowed me to have a more solid position in which to push off instead of flat footed with my knees bent. I also experimented with different grip positions as well. As I started reading reviews and I noticed people making fun of each other, making derogatory comments, and correcting the Grammar and spelling of others. To those jerks get a life! I hope your back pain never heals you angry dregs of society. I’m sure you can find a better hobby rather than be mean as you dwell in anonymity. I doubt you walk around your neighborhood speaking to people in such ways. I do agree with one person who posted about yoga stretches. I have done some and I have started to take yoga classes as well. A life saver. Feel better than ever.

  9. This device is a joke..paid 55.00 and just paid 18.00 to send back..ridiculous..they seriously should have free return labels if they’re so certain about their product

    • they do have paid returns. you have to call the number to get approved for a paid return. you just didn’t know about it.


  11. Ever since I started using this product, I got sciatica so bad, I had to walk bent over. I’ve had a herniated disk and stenosis of the spine problem for quite some time, and thought I’d try this since my wife bought it for me from the hyped up advertising on QVC. It’s been 2 mos. plus, and still in pain, walking bent over, and seeing a orthopedic surgeon now because of it. I had pain before I used this walking distances (pain down the sides of hips), but never had to walk bent over in pain. Therapy didn’t help me and presently taking pain pills. The surgeon says I may need surgery now to straighten up and to relieve the pain. All I can say at this point is that it was a horrible experience using this contraption.

  12. I am all for whatever it takes for you to relieve pain, and I have been using chiropractors, and items I have purchased, since I was 13, when I dislocated my hip on a trampoline, so you know I believe in chiropractors, purchased item, not so much.

    Now I am in my 60s and still going to the same chiropractor, for the past 30 years.

    Though I have been to others, I always return to him. He’s much more personable and older, so he has little left to prove. If you know what I mean.

    My chiropractor has cured many of my ailments and set many of my problems right, including my last problem, which was a triple trauma, 6 years ago, to my sacrum and lower back area. Yes, 6 years I have suffered through what could only be described as something very similar to ALS. Right down to difficulty swallowing.

    I have only one complaint about chiropractors. Though they know and use the muscles and the tension in them, to pull your vertebrates back into their proper positions, they totally neglect, those others I have been to, giving their patients simple instructions on which muscles the patient could, and SHOULD, exercise, or, basically stretch, to HELP the chiropractor, HELP them.

    A simple Yoga move, that can be done anywhere, anytime, is all that is required to eliminate your small back pain, and loosen up your hips. Both are a MUST!!

    No pulling, or stretching to separate the lower half of the body from the upper half. Simply work the hips and lower back.

    In the 6 years I have suffered, I have just recently done enough cruising the net and especially youtube, looking for relief, including help from my chiropractor.

    From what I have found on just youtube alone, I have developed my own Yoga type exercise that allows me to stay as flexible in the low back as possible and only takes me about 5 min or so each day to be able to walk and stand without pain, or aids of any kind. I have used both a crutch and a walker, for the last nine months, until just recently.

    If you’re suffering with low back, or hip pain, look on youtube for “lower back” and “hip exercises”. There are chiropractors there that will help you help yourself, and you don’t need do go through their entire regimen either. I only picked out one move that involves stretching the muscles of the lower back to keep them loose and tension free.

    Anything you find though, that COULD BE usable for you, consult with your doctor or chiropractor before beginning.

    Remember too, ‘working through’ tight muscles all day is also part of the fatigue or tiredness you fell so often. They also hinder the rest you might get when you sleep.

    • Some simple stretches and strengthening exercises pretty much ended my pain. Check out piriformis syndrome, stretches and exercises.

    • Actually, you can use a broomstick with a hand towel wrapped around it to get virtually the same effect and more…The broomstick will also allow you to do knees-to-chest and bicycle pumps pretty effectively which is more than the Trax can offer. If you find the broomstick actually works for you, you might want to try a simple product called the LumBar…Designed by an architect to relieve his own lower-back pain…lovemylumbar.com.

    • I have arthritis in my lower back that causes sciatica.
      I use a cane that I have and I just wrap a towel around it so it doesn’t hurt my upper thighs. It works. I do it every morning 10 times for a count of 5.
      I feel the stretch. It actually feels good. I think it’s helping with the sciatica because it isn’t as painful a stabbing pain as it was a week ago.

  13. I have been using this three times a day for about two days now and my back is hurting much worse. However, I do have a small case of scoliosis. It’s not server but they say I have a slight curve in my spine. Should I use this product of I have scoliosis?

  14. The Lo Bak Trax is an excellent and simple device to help relieve simple low back pain and promotes continued back maintenance. There is, however, an alternative, less expensive, and more practical device called the Lum-Bar that uses the same principal plus assists with other exercises such as “knees-to-chest”, “bicycle pumps”, and several other typical therapy treatments for low back pain and general back health…Check it out at: lovemylumbar.com. Totally made in the USA and assembled by Allied Services who assist those with physical and mental challenges.

    • A vote of confidence for this product, not a testimonial.

      One of the comments above asked wouldn’t a broomstick work as well. I replied OUCH! Though the lumbar is a larger diameter I would say OUCH! to that as well.

      This product at least has ‘pads’ to go up against your thighs, which spreads out the applied pressure.

      Try either one, the broomstick, (first and easiest) or the lumbar. My money would be is product, to avoid pain on the thighs.

      Though I have not purchased one or used one, common sense dictates my reply.

  15. This does not work….At-least not for a woman or older person. It is a waste of money and to expensive for what it is. Do not buy. No customer service or info to return it. Cannot return except in original box. Don’t Buy. beware….

    • Use your hands. That’s what I do several times a day when I’m away from my inversion table. Hands are always with you and are softer. Would not send them a penny for that contraption…

  16. It has some benefits
    You have to understand that it’s not a game changer when it comes to body decompression. The results might not be exceptional but you will be able to see them. You just can’t expect the Sun and the moon from it because it can’t deliver those kinds of results.

    It’s convenient
    Yes, you can easily pack it and take it with you when you are travelling. It offers you decent level of decompression as well.

    There are other alternatives
    You can get the results you want by using an inversion table at an angle of 45 degrees. The results with Lo Bak Trax might not be on par with that, which makes you wonder what is the point of spending money on it, when you can find cheaper alternatives.

    Not enough decompression
    You are told that you need to get 20 degrees to get modest level of decompression. But that amounts to 33 pounds of downward pressure for the equipment. If that much is not possible, then you have things to think about. Also to get enough decompression you might still have to do some weights training.

  17. Has anyone tried the Lo-Bak Portable Spinal Traction? Is it any good?

    Is it really effective?

    Does it really treat your back-pain?

    Is it easy and convenient to use?

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